Captain Kel Kalandra

A respected Sable Company Marine


A respected officer in the Sable Company Marines, Kel has risen as high as her low birth and Varisian blood would typically allow in the prestigious force. She has a reputation for getting the job done even if it means taking additional personal risk.

Kel is on friendly terms with the Seneschal, the royal court, the Church of Iomedae, and the influential Orisini family who helped sponsor her admittance to the Company. She hasn’t attracted too much attention, however, as most believe her heritage will prevent her from advancing any further through the ranks.

A patrol of marines led by Kel encountered the Rune Wardens at Turtleback Ferry, where Kel passed on King Aquilos’ request that Lea return home. She promised to convey the information Lea provided her back to the king.

Captain Kel Kalandra

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