Commander Lamatar Bayden

Former Commander of the Black Arrows


The commander of the Order of the Black Arrows, Lamatar Bayden was on one of his monthly communes to the Shimmerglens when the Kreeg ogres descended upon Fort Rannick. He remains missing.

The Rune Wardens have discovered evidence that he is pursuing a secret romance with a nymph named Myriana, meeting with her in a region of the Shimmerglens called Whitewillow. The surviving Black Arrows hold out home that Commander Bayden is hiding out in the Shimmerglens, plotting a counterattack against the ogres.

According to Myriana’s ghost, Lamatar was taken by the ogres and is believed to be dead, yet her magic cannot reincarnate him.

The Rune Wardens found him in the Kreeg Clanhold, guarding an abandoned shrine to Lamashtu as some sort of frost wight. After Zavian and Amelia disabled him with magic, Lea shattered the abomination with her earthbreaker. The party returned his frozen heart to Myriana, who reincarnated him as a half-elf.

The revived Lamatar has pledged to take up Myriana’s role as guardian of the Shimmerglens and its portal to the First World.

Commander Lamatar Bayden

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