Ser Lea Kroft-Nox

A young paladin of Iomedae from Korvosa


A Chelish Paladin of 16 with light brown hair and strange amethyst-colored eyes, her sense of justice is only matched by her sense of destiny. Curiously, rather than the colors of her order, she prefers to color her armor black and red with gold accents, a nod to one of the famed Crimson Blades of Korvosa. She wields Aztalnok, a magic-infused earth breaker that shares its name in Shoanti legend.

Lea revealed to her companions that she is in fact Princess Ecclesia Ionomia Kroft-Nox, fourth child of King Aquilos Nox and Queen Cressida Kroft.

Ser Lea Kroft-Nox

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