A red dragon aligned with Mokmurian


A red dragon in league with Mokmurian, Longtooth participated in Teraktinus’ raid on Sandpoint. The dragon breathed flame on the Sandpoint Garrison and set the Cathedral on fire. Longtooth arrived too late to save Teraktinus, and had the tip of his left horn bashed off by Lea before he departed, swearing vengeance.

The dragon reemerged at Jorgenfist, where he and Mokmurian had a falling out that turned violent when the dragon attacked the giant army. After stirring up chaos, Longtooth retreated to his lair.

It was there that Marcus, Lea and the knightly lamia Seleval cornered Longtooth and his kobold minions. The fierce battle concluded with the paladin beating the dragon to death while Marcus incinerated the kobolds. Lea detached and preserved Longtooth’s head, with its broken horn, as a gift for her girlfriend Ameiko.


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