Proprietress of the Paradise pleasure barge


An flame-haired entrepreneur from Magnimar, she establish the controversial Paradise pleasure barge in Turtleback Ferry several years ago. She was believed to have perished with the rest of the passengers and crew when the barge sank over a month ago.

However, the party suspects she may survive and is likely connected to the Sihedron rune related killings. She also appears to have been involved in the ogre attack on Fort Rannick, having plied the ranger Kaven Windstrike for information. And she may even be sister to Xanesha, given that she is reported to have a Sihedron necklace.

The party subsequently confirmed that Lucrecia is indeed another lamia matriarch. She fled Fort Rannick after the ogres surrendered. The adventurers found her in the Kreeg Clanhold, at the side of Barl Breakbones. Lea defeated her in single combat and the lamia was taken prisoner.

Questioning revealed that while she was allied with the giant lord Mokmurian, her ultimate master is one of the Runelords—but she is magically compelled from directly discussing them. Her task in Turtleback Ferry was to mark people with the Sihedron rune, so the greed in their souls would be sent to her master upon their deaths.

After using divination to ascertain whether releasing her would result in the deaths of more innocent people, they decide to let her on the promise that she will steer clear of civilization. She insisted that she would find the deepest, darkest rock to hide under.


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