Nualia Tobyn

Father Ezakien's adopted daughter


An aasimar, Nualia was a foundling taken in by Father Ezakien Tobyn, who believed her to be blessed by Desna. She allegedly perished during the Great Fire five years ago which killed her father and destroyed the original Sandpoint Chapel along with several other buildings.

However, the adventurers have recently learned that she is alive and appears to be a driving force behind the recent goblin attack on Sandpoint, acting in the service of the demon goddess Lamashtu. She was romantically involved with Tsuto Kaijitsu.

The adventurers confronted Nualia in the ruins below Thistletop and managed to capture her alive, in keeping with their promise to Tsuto. Zavian eventually took over her care and rehabilitation, during which time she helped him perfect his vivicarum. She was also the source of his first vivicar, Vivi. Over the course of their interactions, the two ultimately fell into a somewhat awkward relationship.

Abandoned by Lamashtu for her failures, Nualia went through a long process of rekindling her connection to Desna. She left on a spiritual quest with Vivi and a celestial guide, Idun. The trio resurfaced in Turtleback Ferry during the flood to help protect the townsfolk from river predators, but since journeyed into the mysterious Sanos Forest following Nualia’s visions.

Nualia later reunited with the Rune Wardens in Turtleback Ferry while Vivi continued to travel with Idun. Unfortunately, on the trip back to Sandpoint her relationship with Zavian grew increasingly strange. Finally telling him to sort his shit out, she left for her own quests on behalf of Desna.

Zavian crossed paths with Nualia again in the fallen celestial Bastion in the Iron Peaks. She requested his help in trying to fulfill her quest, but he chose to leave her to her own devices while he pursued a different goal. Nualia failed to complete her sacred quest, and was nearly killed in the implosion of the bastion. This pretty much destroyed any last lingering shreds of a relationship with Zavian.

The Rune Wardens later encountered Nualia back at the Rusty Dragon Inn, where she had camped out in the common room to wait for someone. Her demon arm also seemed to be acting up, leaving her twitchy. Eventually it became clear that Nualia had been waiting for vivi to return, having come to see the vivicar as the only person who cared about her who hadn’t betrayed her.

After helping Vivi and the Rune Wardens rescue Idun, Nualia discovered that Lamashtu was still trying to spread the corruption from her arm and complete her transformation into a demon. Zavian gave Nualia a magic bracer to disguise her arm and hold the corruption at bay. For now, Nualia waits in Sandpoint with Vivi and Idun for the Rune Wardens’ return.

Nualia Tobyn

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