Princess Ryah Cressida Kroft-Nox

Eldest daughter of King Aquilos and Queen Cressida


Daughter of King Aquilos Nox and Queen Cressida Kroft of Korvosa, she is majoring in Enchantment magic at the Acadamae, where she is proving to be something of a prodigy. She is twin sister to Prince Tyrus Allaster Kroft-Nox.

She has long, raven colored hair and sapphire blue eyes, traits she shares with her twin. Her beauty is quite renown within Varisia, and coupled with her sweet and charming demeanor in public have made her quite popular with noble and commoner alike. This has lead to referring to the twins as the “Twin Roses of Korvosa”. While many a noble house from within the city and abroad have offered up a king’s ransom for her hand in marriage, the Crown’s official position is to decline entertaining any offers at least until she graduates from the Acadamae.

She has a close relationship with Lea and her twin Tyrus, acting as a second mother to Lea when their parents are away on official state visits and the like.

Along with her magical talents, she’s also quite adept at archery and horseback riding. She’s also quite good at baking, something she picked up from the Knight-Captain.

Along with being a devout believer in Iomedae, she also has a strong connection to the Goddess Shelyn.

Princess Ryah Cressida Kroft-Nox

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