Shayliss Vinder

A pretty shopkeeper's daughter


Shayliss and her sister Katrine Vinder are two of the most beautiful young women in Sandpoint, and a constant source of frustration for their father, general store owner Ven Vinder.

Most recently, Shayliss attempted to seduce Marcus, seemingly drawn to him after his role in defending Sandpoint from the goblins. The pair had gotten past second base when they were interrupted by the return of Shayliss’ father. Marcus was able to hide using magic, and afterwards the pair agreed to arrange another rendezvous at Marcus’ place.

It took a little while, but Shayliss managed to conclude her tryst with Marcus at the Rusty Dragon, to mutual satisfaction. The two have been seeing each other discretely for more romantic rendezvous over the past few weeks.

Marcus gave Shayliss his quarterstaff for her protection when he left for Thistletop and she continues to carry it with her.

Shayliss begged Marcus to help her family after her sister was murdered in the Scarnetti lumber mill. She subsequently asked him to give her some combat training, so that she could avoid her sister’s fate. She’s subsequently gotten some pointers from Ameiko.

Marcus and Shayliss are now going steady, and their relationship has garnered the blessing of their parents. Marcus has given Shayliss a bracelet of friends should she ever need his aid.

Shayliss continues to be fascinated with magic and has learned how to use some simple wands and scrolls. She’s also gotten rather good with knives.

Shayliss Vinder

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