Crown Prince Telus Ionas Kroft-Nox

Heir to the Crimson Throne


Eldest son of King Aquilos and Queen Cressida of Korvosa and heir to the Crimson Throne. Brother to Lea. As the eldest of the Kroft-Nox children, he bears the responsibility of carrying on his parent’s proud martial tradition, and serves as an officer within the Korvosan Army.

He has dark hair and icy blue eyes like his father, so much in fact that he looks exactly like a younger version the King during his days as an adventurer. Although he’s very much his father’s son and has grown into the responsibility of being the heir to the Crimson Throne, in his earlier days he had a bit of a wild streak, much like his namesake. In recent years he’s settled down and has grown very close with his father, which leads many to speculate on what may have caused the 180 on the once wild prince. Rumors from mind control to an official body double run rampant among some social circles, but they’re largely dismissed as just that.

As the eldest child, he has a colder relationship with Lea whom he sees an embarrassment to the family name. On the other hand, he is known to dote on his youngest sister, something that irks Lea to no end.

Prince Telus wields the family heirloom Arma Solari which is comprised of the Bastard Sword Vigil and shield Ovis. In addition, he wears his father’s armor, which has lead to the nickname “Young Nox” by his father’s old comrades.

Crown Prince Telus Ionas Kroft-Nox

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