Viorian Dekanti

Captain of the Black Talon Mercenaries


The captain of the Black Talon mercenaries, she and her company were contracted by Justice Irionbriar to escort Tsuto Kaijitsu from Sandpoint to Magnimar to stand trial.

She was more than happy to make Tsuto’s journey a pleasant one—so long as Lea paid extra.

Viorian’s armor is especially gaudy and appears to be covered in gold leaf. When the Rune Wardens get a closer look, they are able to judge that beneath the gold is all perfectly functional and perhaps even magical.

The party encountered Viorian again at the Cursed Sword restaurant in Magnimar. She insisted that she handed over Tsuto to Ironbriar’s men when they arrived in Magnimar, and knows nothing about the half-elf’s escape. She offered her mercenaries’ services in catching or killing him.

She also inquired about Astrid’s double-bladed sword, explaining that she likes to collect weapons. For a price, she shared information about where Prince Eldrin and the elves were heading.

Weeks later, Viorian and her mercenaries arrived in Sandpoint to help defend the town from the impending raid by Teraktinus and Longtooth. She participated in the defense planning and then led a squad of her mercenaries in holding Tanner’s Bridge. However, she quietly sent her best troops out of the city to protect the Scarnetti manor.

Per the lamia Seleval, a woman matching Viorian’s description passed through Jorgenfist on her way to Xin-Shalast. She had become possessed by Chellan, the Sword of Greed, and was being called back to serve as Karzoug’s champion.

Viorian Dekanti

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