A vivicar with Nualia's likeness


The first construct created with Zavian’s vivicarum spell, it was generated using a blood sample from Nualia Tobyn. The construct has trace elements of Nualia’s personality, particularly her anger and her curiosity. It is made of a clay the texture of skin, and looks like Nualia as she was meant to be, including a set of vestigial wings. When the vivicar opens its mouth, a faint glow can be seen emanating from within.

Astrid and Nualia have taken to calling the construct “Vivi.” Zavian has equipped her with armor and a bastard sword.

Vivi left with Nualia on a vision quest guided by the azata Idun. She seems to be gradually developing more of a personality.

Her progress was so significant that Idun has taken her off to train elsewhere, away from Nualia.


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