Rise of the Runelords

Marcus About Town
The Skinsaw Murders Interlude

Starday, 18 Neth, 4733

At the Kaijitsu Villa, Marcus catches up with Duli and asks about her relationship with her estranged brother Brodi. The dwarven woman explains that she and her brother are from the Goddig family of the Wyrmbreaker Clan of Janderhoff, but as exiles they can no longer use those names.

A decade ago, her brother was accused of stealing the key to the Great Gate of Janderhoff, which connects the Dwarven Sky Citadel with the Underdark. Duli thought her brother was being railroaded and joined him in exile as a protest, only to realize he had stolen the key after all.

She describes the key as an adamantine object about the size of a mace, bearing the face of King Jander. Spells are woven into it to prevent scrying, which may be why her brother stole it. She suspects he was smuggling goods out of the Underdark, and has ties to the Korvosan underworld.

Duli has been striving for some way to restore her family’s honor, but she doesn’t have the fighting skill to go about the usual way—killing a shit ton of goblins, orcs, and giants—and she lacks the roguish talent to steal the key back. She’s been trying and failing to figure out a way to retrieve it. Marcus offers to help, though he admits his interest is driven in part by the presence of an adamantine magic item.

Their first stop is at Billivin’s Benevolent Balms and Effulgent Elixirs, the eclectic magic shop run by the absent-minded gnome Billiver Billivin. The gnome shopkeep forces Marcus to answer some riddles before suggesting that they think about how to acquire the key without magic, since it’s warded against spells. Marcus then asks about crafting a magic rod into a weapon. The gnome directs him to the Stone of Seers, Magnimar’s finest wizard’s academy.

At the school, all the professors are busy but a talking stone angel statue outside schedules an appointment with the headmaster. Marcus then moves on to the Founder’s Archive. He fails to impress the head librarian, but is nonetheless able to research the origins of the “snake lady” Xanesha.

His information suggests that she is of the lamia-kin, cursed beings who often take the form of comely women with the lower halves of lions. Xanesha is likely a more powerful form of such creatures, a so-called lamia matriarch. Lamias are spiteful and predatory, known to corrupt the innocent, defile sacred places, and lure in mortal lovers who they devour once they grow bored.

Lamias can breed with mortals, and it is likely that Xanesha’s “sister” is a genuine blood relation. Marcus’ research suggests that there is an unusually high prevalence of lamias in Varisia, with some scholars speculating they have ties to ancient Thassilon.

Marcus also researches the Janderhoff key and discovers a reference sketch of it. He has a plan to create a replica and startle Brodi into thinking it was stolen, in order to provoke the dwarf into rushing to check its hiding place. However, it will be a challenge to whip up a convincing replica.

Marcus then goes to meet with headmaster Leis Nivlandis at the Stone of Seers. The half-elf who believes that Marcus’ proposal of merging a magic rod into the shaft of a weapon is feasible, but faces challenges. He directs him to work with a halfling wizard, Ander, who has an interest in constructs.

The Paladin Who Came in from the Cold
The Skinsaw Murders, Part 2

Starday, 18 Neth, 4733

Lea and Ameiko return from the play, wondering how the paladin got caught up in this mess. Lea’s gown is soiled with blood and glitter. They decide not to do anything until the meeting with the “Princess” tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 Neth, 4733

Ameiko leads Lea down to the impressive Bazaar of Sails. Holding court at its center is Sabriyya Kalmeralm, the Princess of the Market. The Keleshite woman ensures that trade flows smoothly through the unpoliceable marketplace and hears every rumor that passes through. When Ameiko ran away to Magnimar as a teenager, Sabriyya took her under her wing and still thinks of her as a “niece.”

In recognition of that relationship, the Princess of the Markets offers to share what she knows with Lea. The paladin seeks information on who is after her. Sabriyya explains that there is a “war party” in Magnimar that wants to attack Korvosa before the rival city grows too strong to challenge. She suspects that Lady Leroung, one of the most vocal members of this faction, hoped that kidnapping a princess of Korvosa could force a conflict. Sabriyya, like the Lord-Mayor, believes that such a war would be disastrous for both cities.

Sabriyya also tells Lea that she is being watched by the Rushlight Society, a bandits guild that is almost certainly being funded out of Korvosa. Lea avoids sharing her suspicions about the actress Mira Ortani.

After the audience with the Princess of the Market, Lea and Ameiko return to the Kaijitsu villa. Ameiko gets to work preparing lunch for them and the servants and laborers restoring the place. Shalelu checks in with the young paladin, who is unsure whether she should simply leave Magnimar or stay indoors the entire time to avoid accidentally provoking a conflict.

Lea asks Ameiko for advice and the bard says that she should play to her strengths: confront problems head on, instead of trying to play someone else’s intrigue game.

With that in mind, Lea decides to see Mira. She brings Ameiko, while Shalelu stealthily tails them to keep an eye out for trouble. They are able to meet up with Mira in her dressing room. But once the paladin reveals that she recognizes Mira from the rooftop encounter at the Jester and Cask, the redheaded actress asks to speak with Lea alone.

Once Ameiko has stepped out of the room, Mira acknowledges that it was her on the rooftop and that she serves Korvosan interests. She also admits that Mira isn’t her real name. Lea asks if she works for her father King Aquilos, but Mira says that she is a member of “a certain Society” instead. She admits to keeping an eye on Lea and Amelia so that they don’t get caught up in the political standoff between the two cities.

Lea asks what she should do and Mira suggests that she keep her head down, avoid confronting Lady Leroung and avoid the Lord-Mayor’s celebratory feast. That will allow Mira and her agents to clean up the situation and avoid any further escalation. Her orders are to weaken Magnimar, not to start a war.

Lea says that she will of course arrest any bandits she encounters, but won’t hunt down the Rushlight Society. Mira promises to keep her paths clear. She also provides some directions on what areas of the Mushfens to avoid. Lea also informs her that Zavian suspects a connection between the Rushlight Society and Korosa.

Mira believes that as long as they can maintain plausible deniability, they will be okay. Besides, it’s not as if Magnimar’s hands are clean. She accuses Magnimar of fomenting unrest among the Varisians in Korvosa and cites Sabriyya Kalmeralm as playing the same role here that Lady Kyra Loranth plays for Korvosa.

Lea asks about news from the city. She learns that giant activity in the Mindspin Mountains has tied down the Hellknights, while the Korvosan Army has been redeployed to the borders. The Shoanti are distracted by the giants and won’t join an attack during the winter, so it’s not the first step for an invasion. However, King Aquilos has been seen in public less and less, and the word “Thassilon” has been heard with growing frequency in Castle Korvosa.

After giving the flirty redhead a farewell hug, Lea rejoins Ameiko. She asks her girlfriend to attend the Lord-Mayor’s feast in her stead—but then inquires about the possibility of attending the feast in disguise, which immediately piques Ameiko’s interest.

The Golden Bolt
The Skinsaw Murders, Part 10

Starday, 18 Neth, 4733

The Rune Wardens regroup at the Kaijitsu Villa, where Zavian brings them up to speed on his efforts to track Xanesha. They dispatch Ash to keep watch on the Jester and Cask Inn where she is staying, while they grab a quick lunch at a place called The Hungry Wench.

Though Marcus and Zavian are weary from the morning’s fight, the adventurers decide to confront the monster now before she has a chance to flee the city. They march down to the Jester and Cask, where they note it only has one entrance.

Stepping inside, they introduce themselves to the owner as deputies searching for a suspect. Lea also keeps her eyes out for the halfling Elirie, who hired her attempted kidnappers here.

Zavian questions the owner about the guest in the attached tower and learns that she has rented the tower for several years under the name Madame X. She is absent for long periods of time, but will periodically return with a gentleman caller. Madame X is in the tower at this moment. The owner also tells them that there are two access points to the tower, one on the ground floor and one upstairs.

Lea finally spies a halfling woman in a shadowy corner. The paladin confronts her and confirms that she is the Elirie that hired the bounty hunters who tried to kidnap Lea. Elirie says that her client simply wanted to meet with Lea or Amelia. The halfling claims to be acting as a simple broker on behalf of a client, whose identity she can’t disclose without hurting her reputation.

Lea senses that Elirie is no disinterested freelancer and is loyally trying to protect whoever she is working for. The paladin asks why Elirie would be involved in actions against her, since her family are known to be friends to the small folk. The halfling woman denounces Korvosa as a “bully” and notes that Lea is marching around like she owns the place with an earthbreaker on her shoulder. Elirie claims that she is unarmed, like a civilized person, and raises her hands.

As she does so, she swigs a potion bottle hidden in her left hand. Lea makes no move to interrupt her as the halfling turns invisible. Her footsteps patter up the side of the wall to the ceiling, where her giant gecko was waiting amid the rafters. With its invisible rider, the lizard charges across the roof to the stairwell and up to the second floor.

All hell breaks loose at this point. The Rune Wardens are fearful that Elirie will warn Xanesha, while the rest of the tavern panics as if this were a police raid. Astrid notes that one woman at the bar doesn’t panic with the rest, but doesn’t have time to press the case. Lea and Marcus run up after the stairs chasing the gecko, while Amelia, Zavian, and the vivicar go to the ground floor entrance to the tower.

Upstairs, Lea and Marcus realize that the invisible halfling and her gecko have burst out a window onto the roof across the alley. Her escape is interrupted, however, by the arrival of a red haired woman it a wide-brimmed hat with a scarf wrapped around her face. She dispels Elirie’s invisibility and trips her gecko with a twirl of her whip before tipping her hat at Lea.

Down below, Zavian unlocks the tower door and enters only to be fired on by an archer perched on the stairs, a plain faced human man. He retreats up the stairs as Amelia and the vivicar advance.

Upstairs, the red haired woman tips her hat at Lea and the paladin nods back before moving up to try battering down the upstairs door. Ultimately it is Astrid who hacks through it. The archer turns to fire on her before retreating into the shadows.

The party presses on into the tower from the second floor entry and up from below. Zavian is attacked by Tsuto, who emerges from the shadows. The half-elf monk then retreats upstairs, where Xanesha guards the entry with her spear. Meanwhile, Amelia is ambushed on the staircase by the unperturbed woman from the tavern. Like the archer, she is a faceless stalker.

Zavian leads the way up to the top floor of the tower. He confronts Tsuto, mocking him for the fact that Nualia ignored the half-elf’s escape attempt to stick with the aasimar cleric instead. Tsuto accuses Zavian of betraying their agreement in order to poison Nualia against him.

Lea, meanwhile, focuses her fury on Xanesha, hammering her with a blazing earthbreaker. The snakewoman weathers the devastating blows and then charges forward to shove Lea off the tower balcony, which creaks worryingly under her tremendous weight. The paladin manages to seize hold of the balcony railing.

Amelia emerges from below, surveys the scene, and shivs the wounded Xanesha in the back with her rapier. The monstress topples forward and the balcony collapses under the weight. Amelia casts feather fall on Lea, so that the paladin drifts gently to the ground.

Upstairs, Zavian paralyzes Tsuto with hold person. He sentences the half-elf to death and commands the Nualia vivicar to drive the golden bolt into the man’s heart. But the construct refuses to obey, and Zavian is forced to take the bolt from her and kill Tsuto himself.

As the half-elf’s body crumples to the floor, the adventurers remember that Zavian had promised Tsuto’s father Justice Ironbriar that they would spare the kid. Zavian realizes he may have gone too far.

Searching Xanesha’s body, the adventurers discover that, like Nualia, she wore a Sihedron medallion around her neck. Amelia won’t touch the thing, so Zavian claims it as his own.

The adventurers return to the Kaijitsu villa to break the news to Ameiko, who is saddened that her brother was killed. She tells Zavian that he’s not welcome in her home. Marcus follows Zavian out. The cleric heads to the Hells, the prison beneath the Pediment Building, to deliver the golden bolt to Justice Ironbriar. Zavian promises to continue his investigation of the Rushlight Society and defend Magnimar’s interests.

The party then returns to Captain Acacia Urania to report on the defeat of Xanesha, the leader of the Skinsaw murder cult. Acacia commends them on their efforts and lets them know that the Lord-Mayor is also grateful for their work. he has invited them to a feast in two days time at his palace in Defiant’s Garden. The captain also asks them to turn in their badges now that the investigation is over.

The adventurers haven’t traveled far from the Arvensoar before they are approached by Captain Kasadei of the Magnimarian Guard. She explains that the Star Killer affair had overshadowed another string of murders in the Underbridge. Someone has been murdering followers of Sarenrae while they perform a ritual dawnwalk, stabbing them from behind and cutting out their hearts. The victims never saw the killer, but they did glimpse a symbol on the dagger: a curved white feather dipping into a pool of blood. Zavian and Lea recognize that as the unholy symbol of Shax, the demon lord of lies and murder.

Kasadei says that Guard has a plan to lure the killer into an ambush, but they need someone to play bait. Zavian volunteers to assist, since he should be able to disguise himself as a Sarenrite priest, but he will need time to prepare.

Zavian also informs Lea of Justice Ironbriar’s suspicions that Korvosa is supporting the bandit guild known as the Rushlight Society. Lea insists that her father couldn’t be involved.

Marcus works with Zavian to find a buyer for his aberrant armor. They learn that a wealthy dwarf named Kunarv is interested in collecting planar artifacts. Kunarv’s townhouse is decorated with all manor of strange arms, armor, and artwork bearing unmistakable marks of the plane of fire, the plane of shadow, and more, yet Marcus notes that none seem to be touched by the Far Realm.

Kurnarv, dressed in flowing red robes with a gold medallion hanging down onto his bare chest, is intrigued by the armor, but cautious. Marcus works to sell him on it. Finally, the dwarf lays a hand on it and is taken hold with a desire to possess it. He immediately agrees to Marcus’ price of 8,000gp and sends his earth elemental to fetch the payment. The elemental melds into the stone floor and emerges moments later, disgorging a chest from which Kunarv retrieves the gold. The adventurers promise to see him if they come across any other planar finds.

That evening, Lea, Ameiko, Astrid, Amelia, and Shalelu dress in their finest gowns and head out to the Triodea to see The Inconstant Nymph. The actress Mira got them box seats with a great view of the theater.

The play is apparently one that has been performed regularly at the Triodea for many years, and some have come to view it as a hackneyed old chestnut, while others insist it’s a classic. The story is set in the Verduran Forest on the border between Taldor and Andoren. It involves an elaborate love triangle featuring this nymph, Pareia, who is being wooed by a Taldane prince, a dwarven warlord, and a young merchant’s son. The nymph can’t make up her mind between their offers, as the tensions between the suitors ramp up dramatically over the course of the play.

The lead male role is played by Kassiel, the resident bard, while Mira plays the nymph. There are substantial song and dance elements, which both leads perform admirably. The sets are magnificent and the costumes exquisite. There is a really convincing illusion of a centaur at one point. There are also some rather dated jokes about halfling servants, which irks Lea.

During intermission, Lea slowly realizes that the couple in the booth next door, and old noblewoman and her son, are members of the exiled Leroung family from Korvosa. The Leroungs are giving her some side eye, but seem surprised to see her there.

Lea also spots a halfling skulking in the scaffolding above the audience, who seems to be positioning herself to snipe at the box seats. It is Elirie, the kidnappers’ employer. When Lea informs Ameiko, the latter gets up onto the railing and calls out the halfling, telling her to stop threatening her girlfriend.

After a visit from the theater staff, the play resumes. But as it building towards a climactic point, Lea spots Elirie again. This time the halfling is creeping up behind Lady Leroung with a dagger in her hand, moving as if in a daze. Lea vaults across into the Leroung’s box, but isn’t able to stop Elirie before she cuts the old woman with her dagger. Then Lea and Shalelu wrestle the halfling to the ground.

The interruption brings the play to a halt, and Mira makes her way up to the box seats. Lady Leroung reveals that Elirie is a trusted servant and assumes that someone bewitched the halfling into attacking her. Lea wants to keep Elirie prisoner until the guards show up, but Lady Leroung is insisting that isn’t necessary.

Lea observes Mira as she suggests that Lady Leroung go home and leave Elirie to the guards. The actress dips her head at Lea, in just the same fashion as the redhead on the roof did hours ago.

Zavian Alone
The Skinsaw Murders Interlude

Toilday, 14 Neth – Fireday, 17 Neth, 4733

With his new ring of sustenance allowing him to sleep for only two hours in order to refresh himself, Zavian finds himself frequently alone in the early hours of the morning. He quickly notices that late at night, the Nualia vivicar will step out onto the balcony of his room at the King and Axe in order to gaze up at the stars. She points at a particular constellation, which he explains is associated with the goddess Desna.

Zavian also finds himself being drawn out to the balcony every morning as the rosy fingers of dawn begin to creep over the eastern horizon. He feels an impulse to walk the streets and pray. He tells the Nualia vivicar that he has always been drawn to the warmth and light of the sun and the new day each dawn heralds.

Zavian takes to talking to her when they are alone, sharing personal stories. He tells a story he’d heard of a solar who committed ritual suicide to spread its celestial essence among Magnimar, which he suspects is his origin.

Continuing to interact with the construct, Zavian recognizes flashes of Nualia’s personality in the vivicar, including her temper but also her curiosity. He is impressed with the work he and Nualia accomplished in crafting the creature.

Starday, 18 Neth, 4733

Having cast locate object on the mask worn by Xanesha, Zavian carefully tracks her as she flees invisible through the streets of the Underbridge district. The cleric tries to hang back far enough not to be noticed and wraps his Star Cloak around himself as a disguise. But he cannot be too distant, lest she slip out of the spell’s range.

He follows Xanesha through crowded streets and over fences, pressing past a rough and tumble street wizards’ duel celebrating Evoking Day. The monstress stops suddenly and the cleric creeps close, perhaps too close, thinking she had gone to ground. Instead, she was merely being beset by a vicious swarm of dire rats.

Once free of them, Xanesha continues on to the Jester and Cask, an impressive inn and tavern. Thanks to his spell, Zavian senses that she has made her way to the upper floor of the inn’s adjoining tower. But the cleric features that his pursuit was detected.

Well aware that he cannot confront her alone, Zavian begins retracing his steps back to the rest of the party. A young lad come running by, shouting that the Shadow Clock had collapsed. It appears that half the denizens of Underbridge had been wagering on when the decrepit tower would topple.

As coins change hands, Zavian strides towards the settling cloud of dust where his friends are waiting.

The Wrecking Crew
The Skinsaw Murders, Part 9

Toilday, 14 Neth, 4733

The party gathers their four prisoners—Arthur, the near-death elf, and the two unconscious cultists, on the third floor. Using detect magic, Marcus is able to recognize that the elf appears to be under a charm monster spell.

While Zavian begins preparing a dispel magic spell, Marcus heads up to the elf’s office. He learns more from Ash about the location of the “snake lady tower” gleaned from the messenger ravens. Marcus then digs into a footlocker in the room, which has strange baubles, oddments, and papers, including a gilded book of stories about the Tane, sinister fey creatures. At the very bottom of the chest is a ledger and journal, which appears to be written in a cipher of Elven, Draconic, and a third language Marcus doesn’t recognize.

In a hidden compartment in the desk is a list with a dozen names, all but four of which are crossed out. One of the four names is that of Haldmeer Grobaras, Lord-Mayor of Magnimar.

Marcus returns downstairs in time to hear Lea and the rest of the party interrogate the blind cultist Arthur. He explains how the cult operates the sawmill as a front. Every Oathday at midnight they’d gather for a sermon, names of targets would be announced and assignments handed out to take their lies.

Arthur himself had never been assigned to such a mission, and complains about never getting to do anything while in the cult, which he decries as the worst one he ever joined. He promises to turn over a new leaf in his sight is restored.

Arthur also reveals that the elf, the cult leader, is none other than Justice Ironbriar of the Magnimar Justice Court.

With this information, the party wakes Ironbriar and questions him. He is less than forthcoming until Zavian casts dispel magic on him to remove the charm. His demeanor immediately changes and he blames everything on Xanesha. He claims that she turned the Brotherhood of the Seven from a quasi-secret society into a murder cult. However, the party soon realizes that he is lying and that the Seven were murderous followers of the dark god Norgorber long before Xanesha hijacked the cult for her own ends.

Ironbriar describes her as a shapeshifter who initially appeared in the form of a beautiful Varisian woman but whose true nature takes the shape of a snake below her torso. None of the Rune Wardens are able to identify what kind of creature she might be.

Zavian questions him about Tsuto and Ironbriar reveals that the half-elf is his son, the product of a liaison with Lady Kaijitsu. He tried to protect the boy from punishment, but Tsuto remains obsessed with Nualia. The half-elf is in Magnimar after a failed trip to Sandpoint.

Ironbriar tries to trade information about Xanesha’s hideout and defenses for a chance at escape, but they aren’t buying. Instead, they argue that he should divulge the information to ensure leniency for his son. The elf thinks on this and ultimately caves, explaining that Xanesha has faceless stalker minions and an awakened flesh golem called the Scarecrow guarding her base of operations—a notorious landmark in the Underbridge district called the Shadow Clock.

Zavian asks about Ironbriar’s knowledge of the Rushlight Society and the elf insists on speaking to the cleric alone. Ironbriar explains that the Rushlight Society is a sort of highwayman’s guild that he believes is being funded by Korvosa to hurt Magnimar’s economy. The Society recruits individual gangs, most of whose members don’t even know that their actions are being guided by a hidden hand. Ironbriar suspects the Society’s headquarters is in the Mushfens. Zavian, thinking on how the bandit raids had been hurting his parents’ business, promises to keep the information secret.

The party completes their search of the sawmill, but finds little else of note. Outside, the Nualia vivicar has slain a cultist coming up from below the mill, but has suffered significant damage. Eerie golden light seeps out of the rends in her clay form, but Marcus makes extensive use of the mend spell to repair her.

The adventurers then haul their four captives back up to the Summit, where they deliver them at the Arvensoar. Captain Acacia Urania, roused from bed, is impressed at their quick results, though they warn her that they are still following up on one of the remaining Star Killer conspirators. They ask for an extension of their authority as deputies and she grants them another week. Marcus and Zavian plan to use some of that time to decipher Ironbriar’s journal, which is written in a combination of Elven, Draconic and Infernal.

Wealday, 15 Neth – Fireday, Neth 17, 4733

Astrid seeks out the smith that Viorian Dekanti recommended, a Kellid woman named Neshka who hails from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. The barbarian woman remarks on Astrid’s double-bladed sword, Echo, and the half-elf reveals that she is questing after her brother and the giants who destroyed her village. Neshka says that her tribe was also destroyed by giants, forcing her to flee south, where she ended up in Magnimar.

The Kellid woman says that the ancestors spoke to her in a vision the night before and told her of Astrid, that the warrior woman would avenge her tribe against the giants who wronged them. When Astrid asks after a glove of storing to carry Echo more conveniently, Neshka sells it to her barely above cost. Astrid promises to return, should she need more tool to fight giants.

Marcus and Lea, meanwhile, visit the dwarven blacksmith Urlin to see about renting a workshop to do armor crafting. Marcus then dredges up a story he’d heard while selling his wares about an obscure magic shop in town.

He and Lea make their way down to the Ordellia District, the most cosmopolitan region in Magnimar, to a nondescript shop called Billivin’s Benevolent Balms and Effulgent Elixirs.

The interior is a tangled maze of sagging shelves and teetering display cases cluttered with a diverse array of magical products and ingredients. The shopkeeper, an absent-minded gnome named Billiver Billivin cheerily purchases the book of fairy tales about the Tane they looted from the sawmill. He manages to remember to sell them two scrolls of major creation.

Marcus uses the first scroll to conjure into being liquid mithral, which he then shapes into a suit of plate for Lea. But Marcus’ attempt to craft armor for himself goes wrong. The end result is tainted by the Far Realm, with gaping maws, twisting tentacles, and unblinking eyes. Marcus also discerns that whoever touches the item suffers an intense compulsion to possess it. He boxes the mess up, hope to find some way to fix this expensive mistake.

Over the intervening days, Zavian and Marcus also complete the decryption of Ironbriar’s combination journal and ledger. The journal contains damning evidence about Ironbriar’s involvement directing the murders of the Skinsaw Cult going back decades. The ledger also contains a disturbing revelation: Ironbriar’s cult procured a sample of Vorel’s Phage once before, 25 years ago, which they sold to the Red Mantis Assassins to assist with their “blood veil” project.

Starday, Neth 18, 4733

After several days of rest, study, and shopping, the Rune Wardens prepare to confront the monstress Xanesha. They journey into the Shadows, also known as Underbridge, the impoverished district shrouded by the enormous expanse of the Irespan. They make their way to Xanesha’s hideout in the decrepit clock tower known as the Shadow Clock. Gazing up at the teetering structure rising almost 180 feet above, they note several holes in the side of the building, surrounded by wooden scaffolding.

The party is aware that Xanesha has a flesh golem ally, and likely faceless stalkers as well. Naturally, they decide to split up. Zavian uses a fly spell to carry himself and the Nualia vivicar aloft, while Marcus uses spiderclimb to scale the wall. Shortly after begin ascending, Lea grows impatient and kicks down the door on the ground floor. The interior of the tower is hollow for much of its height, with an interior scaffolding and staircase circling its interior before reaching the belfry high above.

The ladies then stalk into the open floor, and Astrid quickly spots the flesh golem lurking in the corner. Lea moves in to join the fray, while Amelia realizes her spells are useless against the creature and resorts to urging her allies along. The flesh golem, known as the Scarecrow, wears a wide-brimmed straw hat and wields an enormous scythe, a gray cloaking hanging from his shoulders.

Marcus peers through a hole in the tower wall and spies several figures lurking in the belfry. Assuming them to be enemies, the wizard cheerfully tests out his new fireball spell. The ensuing explosion destroys the scaffolding around the belfry, sending the burning faceless stalkers plunging to the ground—and with them, four giant bronze bells.

One bell nearly crushes Amelia. Another almost lands on the golem. Lea instinctively ducks out of the way of the third bell as it crashes down, while the final bell smashes into a wagon sending piercing splinters into Astrid and Amelia. Over the ringing in their ears, the ladies hurl curses up at Marcus.

Zavian and the vivicar land at the rookery in the tower, just above the belfry. They batter down a door leading deeper into the tower, only to discover that it leads to the rusted and dust-coated inner workings of the great clock. The cleric waits for Marcus to catch up.

Below, the flesh golem tries to tip one of the giant bells over onto Lea. She manages to dodge this attempt, and instead smashes the construct against the bell. The creature slumps over dead.

Far up above, Zavian, Marcus, and the vivicar ascend to the highest room in the tower, located just beneath the giant, grime-encrusted statue of the angel. They send the vivicar inside the shadowy room. Outside, a winged demon appears in a puff of smoke and whirls around the tower.

Marcus ignores the creature and enlarges himself before entering the room—where he is ambushed by Xanesha. The snake woman is clad in a vest of snakeskin, wearing a strange golden mask with writhing snakes stretching out from it, a vicious spear in her hand.

On the ground floors, the women realize that they are 170 feet away from the main battle and begin racing up the interior stairs.

Zavian ignores the winged demon as well and follows Marcus into the room. The giant-sized wizard hurls another fireball at Xanesha, blowing out a corner of the room and setting the floor on fire. The snake woman retreats out of the flames towards the pile of silken cushions in the opposite corner and casts a spell that sends Zavian into a deep slumber. The half-elven Marcus is unaffected.

Down below, the women find that the huge bronze bells destroyed sections of the interior walkway during their plunge. Astrid and Amelia leap across, while Lea uses her climbing kit to slowly cross the gap.

Up above, Marcus uses telekinetic fist to slap Zavian awake. Xanesha then fixes Marcus with her baleful gaze, the mask flaring with green light. The half-elf feels his body start to grow rigid and sees his fingers start to turn to stone. Within moments, a giant-sized, petrified half-elf stands in the center of the room, the floor straining under his weight, together with the six illusory doubles created by his mirror image spell.

Zavian realizes that it is just him and the vivicar trapped in a burning room facing a superior foe, with a winged demon outside. Noting that Xanesha is standing by the opposite wall of the room, the aasimar does some quick calculations and then unleashes a carefully targeted shape stone spell. His magic peels away the stone wall supporting the floor posts. Half the wooden floor crumples, sending Xanesha toppling out into the open air.

Unfortunately, however, she casts a spell and begins falling much more slowly, turning invisible moments later.

Unable to help Marcus, Zavian goes after the winged demon, but it is revealed to be a mere illusion.

The floor gives way underneath the giant-sized petrified Marcus and his six mirror images, sending them plunging down through the tower. Zavian calls out to Amelia to help the stone wizard. She draws upon a feather fall spell, but is unsure which of the seven falling Marcuses is the real one. she ultimately casts the spell on six of them, managing to include the real Marcus. The seven stone giants begin gently floating down, while the women rush downstairs.

Zavian takes stock of the damage to the tower, drawing on his civil engineering training from the church of Abadar to realize that the tower is moments from collapse. he hollers another warning to the others and then quickly concocts a scheme to retrieve all seven of the locked chests in Xanesha’s quarters, risking his life to make a second trip.

Down below, Lea, Astrid, and Amelia manage to lasso the floating Marcus and gently steer him towards the exit like a balloon on a string, aware that once he touches the ground the spell will end and he will regain his full weight. They barely manage to pull him clear before the building implodes, while up above, Zavian dodges the falling angel statue to fly off with the last of the loot.

Depositing the last chest on the ground outside, he reveals to the others that he had the wherewithal to cast locate object on Xanesha’s strange mask and swiftly sets out on his own to track the invisible snake woman as she flees through the city.!

The Seven's Sawmill
The Skinsaw Murders, Part 8

Moonday, 13 Neth, 4733

Having survived an ambush, Lea cleans up and then helps Ameiko continue fixing up the Kaijitsu villa. By the time the rest of the party shows up, their efforts have begun to devolve into a soapy sponge fight.

Zavian and Marcus decipher the hidden messages in the fake deeds to the Blue Bunyip. The more recent of the two documents, found at the Foxglove Manor—the Misgivings—includes an alert to pass on word about Lea and Amelia, but to otherwise leave them alone. The older message, hidden in the Foxglove townhouse, details a dead drop outside the Blue Bunyip, as well as instructions on how to meet up with someone called Miior in the Mushfens.

Lea, Amelia and Astrid go to investigate the dead drop. It’s located under a waste crate in a narrow alley behind the tavern. Amelia checks it for traps, and then Lea reaches down to pull it out, setting off the trap. Amelia is hit with a poisoned dart, but makes use of antitoxin.

Lea inspects the dead drop, finding a collection of scrolls but up with different colored ribbons. They scoop up the scrolls just before Brodi emerges from the Bunyip’s back door. Astrid ducks into the shadows, while Lea sweeps Amelia up in a kiss to hide the half-elf’s face. They pose as bubbly teenage lovers Aware that she is the only one who hasn’t met the dwarf, Lea does the talking, pretending to be a love struck teenager looking for a quiet place to make out with her girlfriend. She’s compelling enough that the dwarf tells them to get a room (and suggests the Blue Bunyip).

Lea, Amelia, and (stealthily) Astrid retreat from the alley. Lea makes Amelia promise never to tell Ameiko about this incident. They hear Brodi suddenly shout in anger and quickly make themselves scarce.

On their way back to the Kaijitsu villa, they pass by a display of unusual creatures from the Lord-Mayor’s Menagerie. The beasts include a peryton from the Kodar Mountains, which looks like a cross between a deer, a wolf, and a vulture. Amelia thinks it’s cute, but the other two women are grossed out.

After returning to the Kaijitsu villa, the ladies turn the dead drop scrolls over to Zavian for inspection. Meanwhile, Lea and Amelia go shopping with Ameiko, Astrid, and Shalelu. Amelia and Astrid pressure Lea in buying expensive clothes. Shalelu and Astrid commiserate about the overwhelming nature of the big city. They also discuss the Isandari, who Shalelu describes as snooty and standoffish even by elven standards.

With the girls out shopping for clothes and Marcus off to buy spells, Zavian stays at the villa to inspect the scrolls using the cipher for the deed. They are reports from informants for the Rushlight Society, focused mostly on merchant traffic and security movements, but also reporting on sightings of Lea and Amelia.

Once the party regroups at the villa, Marcus suggests they visit a new restaurant he saw. As they travel through the city streets, however, they spy the peryton flapping loose over the city streets while guards and the beastmaster chase ineffectually after it. Lea casually tosses a pebble at the peryton and manages to bounce the rock off its antlers.

The creature whirls around and gives her the evil eye before flying off. Lea feels a strange sensation and realizes that the peryton has stolen her shadow, marking her as prey. The furious paladin gives chase, letting nothing get in her way. She dodges past a spooked horse and charging through a manure spill. Scooping some shit off her armor and tosses it in the peryton’s eyes, causing it to blindly crash into a brick wall.

Ameiko soothes the creature with a song long enough for Lea and Shalelu to bind it up. Arriving a few minutes later, the beastmaster thanks them and is ultimately persuaded to pay Lea a 200gp reward for catching “Vincent.” He forces the peryton to release Lea’s shadow and apologize to her.

After Ameiko cleans Lea up with prestidigitation, Marcus leads them to the newly opened restaurant the Cursed Sword. The stone building has a martial theme, structured like a barracks mess hall with damaged weapons and armor hanging from the walls.

There, the party encounters the mercenary captain Viorian Dekanti. Lea and Zavian confront her about Tsuto, the prisoner she’d escorted to Magnimar who seems to be out on the loose. Viorian insists she handed him over to Justice Ironbriar’s people, and seems to be telling the truth. She demands that they retract this insult to her character, and offers her company’s assistance in catching or killing the fugitive. Lea offers to cover Viorian’s dinner in recompense for the insult, which the mercenary heartily takes advantage of. “More wine!”

Viorian also asks about Astrid’s sword, as she likes collecting them. Astrid learns that Viorian encountered Eldrin and his elven rangers a couple months ago. The mercenary managed to discover the location of their camp in the Mushfens. She also directs Amelia to the smith who made her armor, after Marcus determines that it is the genuine article under all the golden gilding.

Tired from their escapades at the Foxglove townhouse and elsewhere, the party takes an early rest, especially so that Zavian could recover and replenish his divine energies.

Toilday, 14 Neth, 4733

A few hours after midnight, the party sets out to investigate the Seven’s Sawmill, an impressive wooden structure along the shore of Kyvet Isle in the southern part of the city. Marcus spiderclimbs up the side of the building and finds a mysterious elf in a red robe fussing about in an office on the fourth floor. Marcus doesn’t recognize the elf, but notes that he has a family resemblance to Tsuto. After setting the Nualia vivicar to guard the exit to the undermill, the rest of the party bashes down the door in a police raid.

Finding no one downstairs, they head up to the second level where they find mill workers inspecting piles of finished lumber project. Zavian and Lea demand to see the mill’s records. The mill workers seem friendly, but they start to move to flank the party. Lea and Astrid challenge them, and a fight breaks out as the workers produce large war razors from up their sleeves.

On the fourth floor, the elf hears the sound of the door being bashed open. He checks out the window, but doesn’t see Marcus, and then leaves the room. Marcus bashes open the window, which startles some ravens roosted somewhere overhead. He calls his familiar Ash up to question them. Ash says that they are messenger ravens who carry information to the “snake lady tower.” Marcus tells Ash to ask them about the tower’s location and then follows after the elf.

On the second floor, the mill workers lay into the party, but though their razors are fearfully sharp they have trouble getting through Lea, Zavian, and Astrid’s armor. Amelia hangs back and hurls glitterdust, blinding one of the attackers.

Outside of the elf’s office, the fourth floor is a workshop littered with sawdust. Seeing no one there, Marcus heads downstairs to the third floor. This chamber features two chutes for logs to be drawn up from below and two other chutes leading to the saw blades.

In the shadowy far corner of the room, Marcus spies a human man in a red robe fumbling to pull on a strange mask showing a deformed face with a single bulbous eye. He is armed with a war razor. Marcus holds up his Magnimar City Watch badge and tells man to drop his weapons and surrender. When the man fails to comply, Marcus inflicts blindness on him.

But the lone cultist is not so alone after all. Two more cultists emerge from the shadows by the door to try to seize hold of the wizard, but he fights them off. Another cultist reveals himself from across the room and fires a hand crossbow at Marcus, but the bolt is deflected by the half-elf’s shield spell.

Finally, the elf himself reappears, wearing a different mask that looks as if it is made from a single strip of skin bound together in a spiral shape. He casts a spell and Marcus feels his muscles tightening with paralysis, but flexes his limbs and shakes it off.

“All the important people are up here!” Marcus calls out.

On the second floor, Astrid and Lea bring down three of the mill workers. A fourth one makes a break for the stairs but is caught with a hold person spell from Zavian. The blind worker, meanwhile charges at Lea but runs into a pile of lumber and falls over. While the others rush upstairs, Lea lingers to knock the man unconscious.

Upstairs, the cultists continue to have difficulty penetrating the party’s armor and then attempt to fade back into the shadows. Amelia uses more glitterdust to try to expose them, in the process blinding a cultist and the elf. The Rune Wardens advance into the room, where Zavian is ambushed by two more hidden cultists. The blinded cultist tries to force Astrid into the saw blade chute.

The elf, meanwhile, frees himself of the blindness effect and falls back towards the cultist that was blinded by Marcus. Amelia hits him with more glitterdust, but doesn’t blind him again.

One of the cultists tries to command Astrid to drop her weapons, but she resists his compulsion. Lea arrives and bull rushes another cultist into the saw blade chute, but the masked man braces himself inside the chute above the spinning blades. Zavian tries to kick him in, but the man seizes hold of Zavian’s boot. The boot comes off and the man falls in, leaving the aasimar with a bare foot.

Another wave of cultists comes up from below, attacking Amelia. She casts grease and Lea rushes to her aid. Zavian, meanwhile, races downstairs before his hold person spell wears off on the mill worker below.

Marcus and Astrid close in on the elf, who proves to be skilled with his gleaming short sword and is protected by so many layers of magic he seems nearly impossible to hit. He babbles to Marcus: “I know why you’re here! You’ll not take her from me! She is mine, and you are merely food for Father Skinsaw!”

The remaining blind cultist attempts to assist, but can’’t hit a damn thing. The elf starts lecturing him. “Once we’ve slain these intruders, you are out of the cult, Arthur!”

“Hey, man, I’m blind here,” Arthur protests, taking another swing.

“Bit more to your left,” Marcus says helpfully, moving to Arthur’s right.

“Thanks, man!”

Over by the stairs, Lea strikes down one of the two cultists. Amelia warns her to get out of the grease spell, then ignites the oil on the floor. The second cultist catches fire and Amelia finishes him off.

Downstairs, Zavian knocks out the mill worker who was caught in his hold person spell, but is attacked by another cultist. Lea goes to his assistance and together they bring down the zealot.

Unable to get through the elf’s magical armor, Marcus switches to magic missile, while Astrid looks for an opening. Finally, she seizes one and runs through the elf, leaving him bleeding on the floor. Arthur surrenders, while Lea hastily patches up the elf and the Rune wardens take stock of their victory.

City of Secrets
The Skinsaw Murders, Part 7

Sunday, 12 Neth, 4733

Having captured some of the bandits who ambushed them, the party questions the leader of this gang, which call themselves the “Wrecking Maggots.” Lea demands to know how he knew her her. The bandit leader says that he’d been warned off attacking a Iomedaean paladin with violet eyes and a penchant for dressing in black.

He explains that there’s a whole information network that bandits rely on for tips on which caravans to hit and which to avoid. That was also where they got the tip to chain up the dryad tree. He isn’t able to name names, but says the best info can be found at the Blue Bunyip tavern. Zavian and Marcus recognize it as the one the party found a deed for in Foxglove Manor.

After forcing the Wrecking Maggots to tell the poor merchant they waylaid where they dumped his cheaper items, the bandits are chained up and marched down towards Magnimar. The party meets a patrol of Magnimarian guards led by Captain Kassadei, who go off to hunt down the bandits who escaped. The guards tell them to take the prisoners to the Arvensoar.

The adventurers arrive at the Free City of Magnimar around midday, impressed with its splendor. They drop the bandits off at the great fortress tower of the Arvensoar and offer their assistance in dealing with the “Star Killer.” An appointment with the Watch Captain is set for later in the day. Marcus sells the bandits’ armor to pay for the waylaid merchants’ losses, while Zavian equips the Nualia vivicar with the bandit leader’s masterwork bastard sword.

Zavian then leads the party to one of the nicer restaurants in the Naos District, the Ruby Arrow, for lunch. They manage to find a table at the busy but refined restaurant and settle in to a fine meal. Marcus covers Duli’s tab.

Midway through lunch, however, the manager informs Zavian that he must leave the restaurant because he is on the list of unwanted customers. Zavian departs, saying that he had been acting charitably in visiting a Leonte establishment. Marcus, Duli, and Astrid leave with him, while Lea, Amelia, Ameiko, and Shalelu remain.

Zavian takes his group down to the Lowcleft District to visit his family’s restaurant, the King and Axe, whose sign features a smiling monarch being beheaded. The place is rowdier, with a lively band, dancing girls, and a clientele ranging from working class folks to bohemian types. Zavian is attended to by a busty barmaid named Iriel, who quickly clears out his favorite booth. While the others order the simpler fare available, Zavian asks for Iriel to retrieve his expensive wine from its hiding place.

At the Ruby Arrow, Lea and Ameiko make small talk and discuss their plans for the rest of the day. Ameiko is going to investigate the Kaijitsu villa, which her father left vacant for a number of years, and begin making inquiries about hiring new glassworkers. Ameiko admits that she isn’t eager to take on the responsibilities of being “Lady Kaijitsu,” but not doing so would tip the balance of power among the Four Families of Sandpoint towards the hated House Scarnetti. She’s not about to let that happen. Shalelu, meanwhile, is discomfited by the city environment, but she has business there and plans to stick by Ameiko’s side to ensure the bard doesn’t get into any more trouble.

Back at the King and Axe, Zavian finally goes to check in with his father Avos, who is hard at work in the kitchen. Avos is overjoyed to see his lad and summons his wife Rina so that they can catch up. The two Desante parents are impressed at Zavian’s accomplishments with the vivicarum spell and suggest that if the whole Abadar thing doesn’t work out, he could turn to the Golemworks.

Rina also asks about the Nualia girl he mentioned, noting that the two aasimars seem to have a lot in common. Zavian awkwardly agrees and shows off the Nualia vivicar. He also asks if they have any clue as to why he was kicked out of the Ruby Arrow. Avos says that Arikon Leonte still has hard feelings after the marriage proposal between Zavian and Jula fell through. Zavian also suspects that Arikon might still have sour grapes about the land deal the two families disputed. The cleric introduces his parents to his friends and secures rooms for the party that night.

After lunch, the Rune Wardens reunite at the Arvensoar, where they meet with Captain Acacia Urania. Lea relays that they dealt with a similar killer in Sandpoint and believe there is a connection with the “Star Killer.” Sheriff Belor had praised the Rune Wardens highly, so Captain Acacia is willing to deputize them for a week to investigate the killings. The City Watch is stretched thin by the bandit raids and the military tensions with Korvosa, so she needs all the help she can get. The adventurers also offer to help with the bandit problem, since they have a tip that information is being traded at the Blue Bunyip.

Captain Acacia reminds them that as deputies, they represent the City of Magnimar and must take care to faithfully uphold the city’s laws. While Zavian, with his knowledge of the law, can advise the party, the Captain suggests that they consult Justice Ironbriar and the Justice Court for more complex cases. Lea recalls that Ironbriar sent the mercenary Viorian Dekanti to escort Tsuto Kaijitsu down to stand trial and asks if the half-elf arrived safely. Acacia admits she had not heard of his arrival, which she finds disconcerting. The captain promises to check the records.

After receiving their badges as deputy constables, the Rune Wardens split up to take care of business in town. Marcus tracks down the dwarven smith, Urin, who forged the masterwork bastard sword they recovered from the leader of the Wrecking Maggots. The half-elf chats with Urin about dwarven smithing techniques and where to find the best metalworkers in the city.

Lea pays a visit to the Temple of Iomedae, where she updates Chaplain Tira Ronnova on the events in Sandpoint and her request that Ser Chammady of Korvosa come to cleanse the Foxglove manor. The chaplain is impressed with what Lea has accomplished and believes its clear the goddess has plans in store for her.

After that, Lea visits with Ameiko and Shalelu at the Kaijitsu villa, which has fallen in disrepair after years of neglect. Lea brings them up to speed on events, and worries about the fact that the guard captain had recognized her as a Korvosan. Ameiko suggests going shopping later to get her a whole new look. After helping them clean up the place a bit, Lea bunks down on the floor with Ameiko while Shalelu trances on the roof.

The rest of the Rune Wardens take advantage of the free rooms at the King and Axe, although the rowdiness of the common room does make it a little hard to sleep.

Moonday, 13 Neth, 4733

The next morning, the Rune Wardens reassemble at the Kaijitsu manor and take breakfast. Ameiko explains that her business in Magnimar is going well so far. She’s not excited to be “Lady Kaijitsu,” but she won’t walk away from her responsibilities because that will tip the balance of power towards the Scarnetti family.

While Ameiko and Shalelu go off to continue their errands, the adventurers proceed to investigate the Foxglove townhouse in the Naos District. The windows on the bottom floor of the townhouse are boarded over. Marcus casts spiderclimb on himself and ascends to the third floor balcony. Inside, he finds the master bedroom with a bed covered in a thin film of dust, suggesting it hadn’t been used in weeks. He casts invisibility on himself and continues investigating.

Down below, Lea knocks on the front door. A serving man asks them what their business is at Lord Foxglove’s home, they tell him that Aldern is dead. He insists that this is not the case and heads upstairs to fetch Lord and Lady Foxglove.

Upstairs, Marcus finds a trapdoor in the bedroom, and pries it open. Down below, he sees the seemingly very much alive Aldern and Iesha Foxglove standing in a room, staring blankly. The servant enters and summons them to meet their old friends below. The couple suddenly brighten and dead downstairs. Once they are gone, Marcus drops down into what appears to be a study of some kind.

Below, the party is shocked to see the two Foxgloves alive. The nobles invite them to a homemade breakfast. When questioned, Aldern says that after the boar hunt, he returned to Magnimar to wait for Iesha to return from her trip to Absalom. The adventurers offer more probing questions to try to suss out what is going on.

Finally, Amelia simply accuses them of being impostors. She hurls a blast of glitterdust at them, blinding Iesha. Aldern draws his sword and rushes towards her, but Astrid and Zavian bar the way.

The servant, meanwhile, rushes towards Lea and seizes hold of her with fearsome strength. Her spiked armor pierces the man’s flesh, but the wounds heal almor immediately. The servant leans in and his face warps, his lips stretching into a sharpened proboscis that jabs into her and begins draining her blood. “Aldern” seizes hold of Zavian and does the same.

The blinded “Iesha” runs into the wall and falls over.

Lea recognizes the monsters as blood-drinking shapeshifters called faceless stalkers. The adventurers counterattack, but the creatures prove resilient to attacks from swords. While tangled up with the “servant,” Lea has trouble using her earthbreaker and struggles to break free.

Marcus, meanwhile, rushes down to perch at the height of the staircase and unleashes burning hands. The scorched and blinded “Iesha” rushes up the stairs, pushing past his ranseur. Downstairs, Lea frees herself and brings down one of the attackers, while Zavian and Astrid kill another of the monsters.

“Iesha” rushes over to the front window on the second floor and deftly lands on the ground. This provokes a startled squawk from Ash: “What the hell is that!”

This prompts Astrid to burst outside and hurl her double-bladed sword Echo at the monster, cutting it in half.

The adventurers proceed to scour the house. Using a key they recovered from the Foxglove manor, they are able to access a hidden cache of platinum coins that also contains the deed to the manor house. The deed reveals that the “Brothers of the Seven” funded 1/3 of the cost of the manor, with the Seven Sawmill as collateral. A ledger, meanwhile, shows that starting several months ago, Aldern began paying large sums of money to “B7” to pay for “Iesha’s trip to Absalom.” Peering closer, they find another cache behind the first one, which has Korvosan platinum coins and another deed to the Blue Bunyip, this one with somewhat different details.

The Rune Wardens turn the crime scene over to the City Watch, who explain that faceless stalkers will occasionally slink out of the Mushfens to infiltrate the city. But it’s rare for them to strike in the Naos District.

The party’s next stop is to investigate the Blue Bunyip, a single story stone building with a thatch roof. Despite being located in the Naos district, there’s a seedy air to the tavern. They learn that the bar is allegedly owned by a dwarf named Brodi. Learning that the dwarf will be coming by for lunch, the Rune Wardens decide to hang around to meet him. Except for Lea, who decides to return to the Kaijitsu Manor.

At the tavern, Zavian and Amelia ask around. Amelia learns that Brodi owns several properties around the city, and travels from one to the other, holding court. The Blue Bunyip is frequented by adventurers and other, shadier types. It’s likely a front of some kind. Brodi’s owned the place for a couple years. Zavian also learns about the Seven’s Sawmill, that it is located on Kyver’s Isle, a major industrial area of the city in the Ordellia District. Amelia also asks about a good seamstress and is directed to the Bazaar of Sails.

When Brodi finally makes an entrance, accompanied by three Varisian bodyguards, the adventurers realize the dwarf shares some family resemblance to Duli. Amelia blurts this out, which immediately puts Brodi on edge. Marcus explains that he is employing Duli as a guard.

The party confronts Brodi about the tavern deed, which he insists is a fake. He also points out that deeds aren’t bearer bonds, and points out that the document they have states that Aldern foxglove is the tavern owner. Brodi brushes off claims about his tavern being a meeting place for bandits, saying that he doesn’t eavesdrop on his clientele. They eventually head down to the Hall of Lords to settle the dispute over the deed with the city clerks. On the way, Marcus has Ash fly off to ask Duli about her brother. The raven reports back that she said he was a “bad seed” and the party shouldn’t trust him.

At the Hall of Lords, the clerk confirms that the party’s deeds are fakes. Brodi tells them that they are all banned from the Blue Bunyip—with one exception. He recognizes Amelia and tells her that she is welcome. Zavian begins examining the two fake deeds, noting that there are differences between them and begins to suspect they might contain coded messages.

Meanwhile, Lea makes her way towards the Kaijitsu villa with a spring in her step. However, she soon realizes that she is being trailed by a trio of men. She leads them into a dead end alleyway and confronts them. They use bolas and halberds to knock her on her feet and soon she is grappling with them on the muddy ground while they try to club her into unconsciousness.

A door in the alleyway opens and a beautiful, well-dressed red haired woman steps out and immediately begins shrieking for the guards while throwing mud at the attackers. Lea gets to her feet and bashes two of them into unconsciousness. Hefting her earthbreaker, she glares at the third man.

“Don’t make me chase you,” she says.

He looks down at his companions on the ground, then says “I’m going to make you chase me.”

Lea pursues him through the city and spies a shortcut that lets her get cut off his escape. After tackling him, she halls him back to the alley where the guards are taking the others into custody. The kidnapper explains that they were bounty hunters hired to capture either her or Amelia. They were employed by a halfing named Elirie down at the Jester and Cask by the docks.

Lea thanks the red-haired woman for intervening. She introduces herself as Mira Ortani, an actress from the distant land of Brevoy. She invites Lea to come see her show at the Triodea, The Inconstant Nymph. She also warns the paladin to be wary traveling the streets from here on out.

A little worse for wear, Lea arrives at the Kaijitsu villa, which Ameiko is still getting into order.

Runewell Reckoning
The Skinsaw Murders, Part 6

Sunday, 29 Lamashan – Wealday, 8 Neth, 4733

Astrid asks Dace about her father and about the land of Isandria. He tells her how Isandria is located in what Magnimar calls the Churlwood. The capital is hidden under layers of illusion, causing the realm to be known as the hidden kingdom. Humans have increasingly encroached on the territory. Astrid’s father, King Thalion, has taken a tolerant approach but a faction called the Highborn wants to purge the land of humans.

Dace asks Astrid about her life in the village, trying to discern her standing. Astrid explains that she lived a simple life with her mother. She knew Prince Eldrin as a friend and only learned he was her half-brother from her dying mother after the giant attack. Dace explains that he and a war band of Ranger Guard under the Prince’s command were hunting the giants. They were in the Sandpoint area when Dace was attacked by the Sandpoint Devil. Astrid promises him that they will destroy the beast, but for now he should be safe at the Rusty Dragon. He admits that while his flesh has healed, his mind is still scarred.

In his spare time, Marcus continues to chaperon Shayliss Vinder as she visits people in town, shops, and pulls him into a quiet corner for some discreet private time. One day, Shayliss asks Marcus if he could train her to be better at defending herself. She doesn’t want to end up like Katrine, who had an ax but couldn’t overcome the ghast.

Testing her abilities, he learns that she can turn pretty much anything into a weapon and throw things with unerring accuracy. Marcus begins to train her with throwing daggers. He also takes the time to continue bonding with her father Ven Vinder, who shares stories of his days in the underground fighting rings of Varisia.

Zavian researches deep into spellcrafting, and enlists Nualia’s aid in his experiments as he finalizes the vivicarum spell.

Meanwhile, Gorvi’s streetsweeps join in the efforts to takein the harvest, as do Lt. Belvar’s soldiers. Working together, the fields are harvested.

Oathday, 9 Neth, 4733

On Market Door day, Amelia takes everyone out for hot buns. Mayor Deverin delivers a speech celebrating the town’s perseverance during the recent troubles.

Wanting to wrap up a loose end, the Rune Wardens investigate the runewell beneath Sandpoint. Zavian brings Nualia with them, hoping the experience could be beneficial. Nualia reveals that she was inducted into Lamashtu’s faith in the ruins by the quasit demon Quasit. Hoping to trigger more visions, Zavian and Nualia jointly lower Marcus’ ranseur into the runewell.

They see a strange Thassilonian man talking with Erylium. He speaks in Abyssal, which Nualia translates. Over the course of his ranting he curses both Alaznist and Karzoug, pledges his true loyalty to Lamashtu, bemoans the doom of Thassilon and expresses hope that he can ride out the disaster. He marches out of the room, glowing runes trailing his footsteps.

The vision shifts time and place. They see young Nualia confronting her lover with her pregnancy. He shoves to the ground, calls her a slut, and says he is skipping town.

The vision shifts again. They see an ash-smeared, wild-eyed Nualia return to the caverns to knock down the walled up entrance to the catacomb in a frenzy.

The vision shifts again. They see a composed and zealous Nualia emerge with a symbol of Lamashtu and the goddess’ mark on her belly.

The vision brings them back to the chamber, Nualia is compelled to try to reach into the runewell with her demonic hand. Zavian tries to stop her and they both fall into the freezing water.

Back in the real world, Nualia’s eyes glow with the runewell’s light and she goes berzerk, attacking everyone in reach except for Zavian with her demonic hand, until knocked unconscious.

Zavian carries her away from the well, manacles her, and then draws blood from her demon arm. Casting the blood into the well summons forth one of the pale-skinned monstrosities, which the party quickly kills. They repeat this process, draining the well down until it is empty.

Zavian tries to use magic to penetrate the deeper chambers, but the preservative spells on the stones resist his attempts. So instead, he draws stone from the sea cave to serve as a plug to fill up the runewell.

Zavian speaks with Nualia after she is returned to her cell. He’s disappointed that she hasn’t let go of Lamashtu, but apologizes for placing her in a difficult situation. He tells her the party will be leaving for a short trip to Magnimar.

Zavian then returns to the Valdemar estate, where he uses the remainder of Nualia’s blood to create the first vivicar. The entity resembles Nualia, but with a more angelic appearance (including ornamental wings), and a curious attitude. Seeing that goodness remains in Nualia is heartening to the aasimar.

Fireday, 10 Neth, 4733

Coming down for breakfast, Lea receives a sending from Knight-Captain Laori Vaus, who congratulates her on the haunted house escapades and says that Ser Chammady of Korvosa will be arriving within a week to help cleanse Foxglove Manor. This puts the paladin’s mind at ease.

Marcus bids Shayliss farewell for the time being, and suggests she show her new skills to her father in hopes of getting more freedom to move around.

They set out south with Shalelu and Ameiko. Shalelu rides out ahead, scouting and commenting on local landmarks, while Ameiko rides with Lea. That night, they arrive at an old Varisian camp, where they encounter a grizzled old man named Berwin.

He told them he was traveling north from Magnimar to go stay with his niece in Galduria. Amelia noticed he was wearing a pair of battered Korvosan army boots, and Lea struck up a conversation with him about the old city.

Berwin warned that tensions were mounting between Magnimar and Korvosa, that there was talk of giants on the move in the wilderness, and that the mysterious “Star-Killer” was terrorizing Magnimar. He feared that something very bad was coming, likely a war, and wanted to steer clear of the major targets.

Berwin refused any help from the party and was gone the next morning.

Lea was surprised to hear that the situation between Magnimar and Korvosa had deteriorated so badly. Ameiko expressed hope that the old man was exaggerating, but neither of them was convinced.

After a light meal, the party bedded down in their tents: Lea and Ameiko sharing one, Amelia and Marcus each claiming an individual tent, and the rest sharing the large tent, while Shalelu tranced out under the stars.

Starday, 11 Neth, 4733

The next morning is cold and windy, and they travel south with their spirits dampened. Shalelu is increasingly concerned by the lack of traffic on the road. She finds tracks in the woods that seem like those of multiple bandit bands. When the elf takes them to a sacred glade to spend the night, they find the guardian dryad tree bound in cold iron chains.

Once freed, the dryad explains that she was trapped by the bandits. The different raiding groups seem to be guided by a hidden hand, since they aren’t fighting each other. the dryad also reveals that a group of giants and a band of Isandrian elves passed by, too, a few weeks ago.

The party camps by the tree that night and the tents are lashed with rain throughout the night.

Sunday, 12 Neth, 4733

The next morning, the sodden party returns to the road. In a forested area a few hours from Magnimar, they come across a distress merchant. One of his horses is dead, his cart axle is broken, and he was robbed of his entire cargo of pewter dinnerware.

Marcus and Lea dismount to help repair the cart, but Shalelu grows antsy, warning that this might be another bandit trap. Shalelu, Ameiko, Zavian, and Astrid notice figures moving through the trees on either side of the road. Zavian rides over to the merchant and demands to know if this is a trap. The man is shocked and terrified as the bandits attack.

Arrows streak out of the trees, one of them piercing Lea and another grazing Zavian. Astrid replies with an arrow of her own, striking true. Amelia moves to the edge of the forest and hurls glitterdust into the midst of one group of bandits, blinding three of them. Four ruffians emerge from the trees and try to pull Ameiko off of Prince. She fends them off and then tumbles free of the horse to flee to Lea’s side.

Lea imbues her earthbreaker with the divine fire of Iomedae, places herself in front of Ameiko and threatens the bandits to flee. Zavian uses stoneshape to warp the ground beneath the feet of three of the ruffians on the road, and Marcus kills two with burning hands. The vivicar moves to engage them.

The bandits recognize Lea and insist that this is all a misunderstanding. “You shot me with an arrow!” “You killed like three of our guys. That makes us even!”

The bandits attempt to flee, but Astrid and Lea give chase. Astrid heads of the group of bandits trying to help their blind fellows escape, while Lea rides down the bandit leader. The five captives are hauled back to the road for interrogation.

Stories, Songs and Secrets
The Skinsaw Murders, Part 5

Toilday, 24 Lamashan, 4733

The party battles the hundreds of undead ravens that have gathered in the charred ruins outside Foxglove Manor. Amelia begins the battle by glitter-bombing the birds, blinding one entire flock, while Marcus follows up with a devastating lightning bolt. Zavian’s holy fury, Lea’s divinely charged earthbreaker, and Astrid’s whirling blades make short work of the rest, but not before Dace suffers a psychotic episode and attacks Amelia. The bard is forced to charm him into calming down.

That night, a will-o’-wisp nearly lures Astrid into a patch of quicksand, but she evades trap long enough for Amelia to find her in the fog and convince her to return to camp.

Wealday, 25 Lamashan, 4733

The next morning, Marcus is cheered by the return of his familiar, Ash, and the adventurers march back up the Lost Coast Road to Sandpoint, arriving as the sun is setting.

They deliver Iesha’s body to the cathedral and check up on the status of the ghoul fever victims, who Father Zantus is tending to with help from other local clerics. Zavian consults with Zantus about putting the dead to rest.

Marcus, meanwhile, checks up on Duli, paying her for her services. He asks if she is willing to continue as a retainer. From there, he goes to visit Shayliss, catching her as she is closing up the family’s general store. She is holding up well, but isn’t allowed to leave the shop without a chaperon.

Marcus then clumsily asks if she thinks of him as another fling, or if her feelings run deeper. Shayliss takes a moment mull this over, before ultimately giving a “what the hell” shrug and agreeing that this is more than a simple affair. Marcus then promises to chat with her father. She tells him he’s gone to see Das Korvut and warns Marcus that her father has a strong right, but is slow on his feet.

The young half-elf finds Das Korvut and Ven Vinder commiserating over a bottle of homemade grog. Ven is still grieving his daughter Katrine Vinder and Das is bemoaning the fate of his son Simon, who he claims to have glimpsed in his dreams. Marcus puts the old blacksmith to bed and then speaks with Ven, who was visiting to commission a set of bars for the doors and windows of the general store.

Marcus tells Ven that his daughter has been avenged, and then offers to be a chaperon for Shayliss so that she can get out more. Ven agrees, on the condition that he bring the girl back before sundown.

While Marcus sorts out his personal life, the rest of the party meets with Sheriff Belor and Mayor Kendra Deverin to bring them up to speed on events. Lea informs them that a paladin from Korvosa should be on her way to cleanse the Foxglove Manor, but that still leaves the problem of bringing in the harvest after so many farmers died. Zavian suggests hiring Gorvi and his dung sweepers to lend a hand.

After the meeting is over, Zavian takes up an offer to stay with House Valdemar as an honored guest at their manor. He has a late dinner with the family, who ask about his adventures as well as the finer points of Abadarian faith.

The remaining Rune Wardens retire to the Rusty Dragon Inn, where Ameiko greets Lea with a peck on the cheek. Astrid gets Dace set up in a room and convinces him to stay there and rest.

Oathday, 26 Lamashan, 4733

The following morning, the town is awoken by the blaring of trumpets as Lt. Belvar Korrinas and his soldiers return, accompanied by Shalelu Andosana. Belvar brags about raiding all of the outlying goblin settlements to send a message to the little monsters to never bother Sandpoint again.

Lea, irked at being awakened by this grandstanding, tells Belvar to visit some of the farms in the hinterlands and maybe get a clue. Belvar is flustered at having missed out on something important. Shalelu rolls her eyes and follows Lea back into the Rusty Dragon—after collecting her payment.

The elf catches up with the adventurers about recent events. Shalelu is impressed by their tangling with the Sandpoint Devil and warns of its dangerous fire breath which does not heal. She offers to ask around for information about the creature.

Lea confesses that the recent experience with the ghouls has left her feeling like a leaf caught in a windstorm. Ameiko says that sometimes all one can do is ride the storm out and then see where they land. The innkeeper says that she is still working on putting the Glassworks’ finances in order, and will be making a trip down to Magnimar to attend to matters there.

Since the party is planning to head that way as well, Lea offers to serve as an escort and Ameiko admits she could never turn down an offer from such a gallant knight and her skilled companions. Amelia acknowledges that it would be great to do a duet once in a while, “if only you could sing” she adds obliviously.

Ameiko sharply suggests that the half-elf bard take her talents to Cyrdak Drokkus at the sandpoint Theater. Lea arranges with Ameiko to arrange for a letter to be discreetly conveyed to Knight-Captain Laori Vaus in Korvosa.

Over at Das Korvut’s house, the blacksmith convinces Marcus to investigate Chopper’s Isle, though only on the condition that Das lay off the bottle. Before he settles into the smithy, Das also gives Marcus a letter that arrived for him. It’s from his mother, Clairian Arrowsong, letting him know that she and his father will be returning by Winter Week, after doing a job at Hollow Mountain.

Meanwhile, Zavian makes his way to the Sandpoint Garrison to speak with Nualia, who is still locked up in a straitjacket in the jail. Zavian explains that she has a great deal of importance to him as a fellow aasimar. He tries to persuade her that Lamashtu simply sought to use and control her. He insists that her true destiny lies beyond the jail cell.

Nualia perks up at that and asks how Zavian intends to get her out. He insists that she was not in her right mind when attacking the town and plans to ask the Mayor and Sheriff belor to place her under his care.

At this, Nualia rises and reveals that she has shorn herself free of the straitjacket. With her demonic left hand, she produces a key that was buried in her food, once which would unlock her cell door. She says it has all the traces of one of Tsuto’s half-cocked plans—she has a key, but no other means of escape and no information on where to escape to. She’d rather put her trust in Zavian’s ability to release her than in Tsuto’s schemes. She hands the key to Zavian.

After leaving the jail, Zavian officially requests that Nualia be placed under his stewardship. For now, though, she will remain in her cell.

Starday, 28 Lamashan, 4733

A few days after the conversation with Das Korvut, Marcus convinces the party to help him investigate Chopper’s Isle. Amelia scales the cliff face of the tidal island to affix a rope. The party ascends to the island and make their way to the burned out shell of the cabin once occupied by the Chopper. Astrid notice’s some week-old hoof prints seared into the ground—traces of the Sandpoint Devil.

Picking through the ash-strewn hut, the party finds a stone slab serving as a trapdoor to Thassilonian ruins below. In the dungeon, they find a wooden statue of the demon lord Pazuzu, who name must not be spoken. They also hear a faint whimpering from the shadows, but can find no one there.

Searching the ruins, they encounter a grim specter of the Chopper, which Lea sears away with holy light. They also find a grisly trophy room where they come across the Chopper’s journal, revealing that he had been having visions compelling him to act on his deep-rooted grudges. In the very bottom of the ruins, they find the bones of Simon Korvut.

Zavian uses speak with dead to interrogate the bones, learning that the Chopper had tried to make Simon his apprentice, but went to far in his lessons. The party returns the bones of Simon to Das Korvut and the boy is laid to rest.

Sunday, 29 Lamashan – Oathday, 9 Neth, 4733

In the intervening two weeks, Zavian successfully arranges the sale of loot from the party’s recent adventures. Amelia, meanwhile, gets in touch with Cyrdak Drokkus, who is eager to stage a performance of her three songs of Thistletop with visual accompaniment. He invites Zavian, Astrid, and Lea to reenact their battles on stage, but the adventurers demure.

Lea also avoids the performance in order to placate Ameiko, who has some sort of grudge against Cyrdak (“He knows what he did.”) Nonetheless, the performance is a grand success.

The Skinsaw Murders, Part 4

Toilday, 24 Lamashan, 4733

The Rune Wardens arrive at Foxglove Manor, a crooked, sagging building that looks as if it wants to hurl itself off the seaside cliff on which it is perched. A short distance from the manor is the burned out shell of another building, near a large crumbling well. As the adventurers pass by the ruins, a couple sickly-looking ravens clumsily fly off. Otherwise, the landscape around the manor is devoid of anything other than twisted nettles and other weeds.

The party marches up to the front door and Zavian peers inside the grime-encrusted windows. He spies a hulking feline shape crouched down in the central foyer and warns the others. Amelia attempts to pick the lock on the door, but her fumbling only makes it worse—especially after Dace reminds her that they retrieved the groundskeeper’s key back at the Hambley Farm.

Lea batters down the door to reveal a room lined with moldering trophies of boars, bears, stags, and other creatures. The centerpiece is a monster that Marcus recognizes as one of the fabled manticores. Intrigued, he walks inside to inspect it and catches whiff of burning flesh.


Seeing no immediate danger, the adventurers begin to fan out inside the first floor of the house. Zavian and Marcus follow a side door to a dance hall with a ruined piano. When Marcus touches the keys, he is swept into a vision of dancing with a beautiful Varisian woman whose throat bruises and skin rots away in his arms. He emerges from the vision worn and fatigued. Zavian destroys the piano, while Lea suspects that Marcus is exaggerating the experience.

Elsewhere, Amelia and Astrid notice a strange moldy stain half-hidden by a throw rug. Peeling the rug back, Amelia sees that the stain is in the shape of a spiral staircase leading down—a staircase made of hundred of tiny bones.

As Marcus passes back through the foyer, the smell of burning flesh returns and the manticore appears to burst into flames. Now bearing a woman’s face, it lunges at him, singeing the wizard. Lea witnesses the attack and the party now proceeds more cautiously.

Beyond the trophy room is a dining area with what would have been a beautiful view of the Lost Coast, which is spoiled by three floor to ceiling stained glass windows depicting a treant, a roc, a kraken, and a sphinx, all being drawn into a smoking, seven-sided box.

Lea investigates the adjacent library, accompanied by a wary Marcus. The paladin spies evidence of a struggle: a knocked over chair, a loose scarf, and a bloodstained, heavy bookend. The scarf flickers to life as Lea inspects it, leaping from her hands to start strangling Marcus. The wizard is afflicted with another vision, this time of Aldern Foxglove strangling him with the scarf. After a moment, the cloth falls to the floor inert.

The party continues to explore the first floor. They avoid a room where the dust on the floor is mysteriously stirring. Zavian discovers a diseased rat in a bath tub, and kills it. Finding little else of interest, they decide to head upstairs.

There, they come across a gallery full of portraits of several generations of Foxgloves. The room quickly goes cold, however, and the various portraits quickly change to depict their subjects in various forms of death (except for Aldern’s two sisters). The portrait of Vorel Foxglove erupts with fungus that sweeps across the room before vanishing a moment later.

Elsewhere, the party comes across a portrait that was turned to face the wall, depicting a Varisian woman named Iesha Foxglove. Looking at the portrait, Astrid is suddenly filled with hatred of other women and rounds on Lea, but the rage fades a moment later.

The adventurers continue up to the third floor, where they overhear a woman sobbing. They rush towards the noise and burst in on an attic loft where the undead Iesha is paralyzed with horror in front of a reflection of herself. She ignores their inquiries and they decide to block her few of the mirror. This frees her from her reverie, and she loudly swears vengeance on Aldern before charging past the party.

The Rune Wardens race after her as she descends to the ground floor, reveals the spiral stain on the floor, and then tears open the floor with her bare hands. She leaps into the darkness and the adventurers follow.

They land in a tiled basement, where a huge hole has been hacked in the floor. Amelia has a vision of Aldern chipping away at the floor with a pick axe, muttering “For you. All for you.”

The hole has revealed a set of stairs carved into the bedrock, leading down to a cave complex. As the adventurers struggle to keep up with Iesha’s revenant, they are set upon by a pack of ghouls. The ghouls manage to slow them down, but can’t defeat the party.

The cave complex opens onto a large, funnel shaped chamber that slopes down into a chasm that drops 50 feet to the sea below. At the far end of the chamber is a reinforced door which Iesha is pounding on, but reaching her across the slick, slanted stone could be difficult.

Zavian flies across to affix a guide rope for the others, but is set upon by a band of goblin ghasts who were lurking on the ceiling. Zavian manages to slip away from them, swooping back to the rest of the party to grab Lea and then carries her over to the ghasts. Lea calls upon Iomedae’s grace to sear the undead.

The adventurers slowly thin out the ghasts’ ranks. Marcus slips trying to move closer, but is grabbed by Zavian with his free hand. Lea hurls the last of the goblin ghasts into the chasm.

The party regroups in time for Iesha to burst through the door into the room beyond. Aldern, now transformed into a powerful ghoul, awaits them. He falls to his knees and begs for forgiveness as his wife approaches, but she isn’t having it.

As the two undead Foxgloves begin to spar, the adventurers rush to join in. Astrid charges forward, followed by Lea. Zavian, meanwhile, spies a disturbing human outline in the cancerous fungus growing on the far wall. He has a sudden vision of Vorel Foxglove drinking a potion in triumph only to be wracked with pain and collapse into a mass of fungal tumors.

Aldern, having dubbed himself the Skinsaw Man, puts on a mask made of human flesh and takes the appearance of Amelia. Marcus casts enlarge person on himself, hoping to reach over the battle. Iesha ultimately seizes hold of the ghoul lord and Astrid drives her sword through his head.

Moments later, Marcus’ enlarge spell takes effect, overlapping with his mirror image spell to fill the room with three giant, frustrated wizards protected by floating shields.

After Aldern dies for a second time, Iesha begins to fade fast. The party questions her, learning that Aldern killed her in a fit of jealousy while she was chatting with a carpenter. She asks that they take her body from the cursed house. She blames the curse on the human shape in the fungus.

Investigating the infestation, the adventurers conclude it will take powerful divine magic to permanently cleanse the house of the necromantic taint, the last residue of Vorel Foxglove’s failed ascent to lichdom. Lea intends to reach out to contacts in Korvosa to get the job done. In the meantime, Marcus hits the fungal figure with burning hands.

Searching the room, they find Aldern’s obsessive collection of disturbing drawings of Amelia, as well as small personal effects stolen from her. Mixed in with the mess is a letter from Xanesha, “Mistress of the Seven,” instructing Aldern on the Sihedron ritual to perform on a select list of victims. The letter is addressed to Aldern’s Magnimar townhouse.

Carrying Iesha’s body with them, the party loots the remaining unexplored rooms of the house and then exits into the dusk. Outside, they discover that hundreds, perhaps thousands of sickly-looking ravens have perched on the ruined out building, their eyes fixed on the party.

Marcus is pretty sure none of them are Ash.


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