Tag: Fiend


  • Malfeshnekor

    A creature trapped in the ruins below [[Thistletop]], which [[:nualia | Nualia]] was trying to release before the main attack on [[Sandpoint]]. The adventurers stumbled into Malfeshnekor's lair and were nearly devoured by the enormous barghest before …

  • Quasit

    A tiny demon who dwelt in the ruins below [[Sandpoint]], she allegedly inducted [[:nualia]] into the priesthood of [[Lamashtu]]. She appeared able to create and command the pale-skinned creatures emerging from the glowing well. She was [[Catacombs of …

  • Belawara

    This unique contract devil struck a bargain with [[:zavian]] in his previous life, the effects of which persist to this day. She currently holds the amended contract for [[:elszevina]], which established that the archon would take Zavian's place in …

  • Delvahine

    A succubus, she rules over the Iron Cages of Lust in the pocket dimension of Runeforge. [[:lea | Lea]] successfully "bargained" with Delvahine for items to use in the Runeforge ritual and the release of [[:nelevetu]], the captive known as Mr. Mutt.