Tag: Halfling


  • Lady Kyra Loranth

    An old friend of [[:aquilos | King Aquilos]], Lady Kyra serves as the public face of the unusual House Loranth. She continues to tend bar once a week at her old haunt, the Sticky Mermaid, and is a frequent visitor at Castle Korvosa, where she serves as …

  • Elirie

    A halfling woman, she hired the bounty hunters who attempted to kidnap [[:lea | Lea]] in [[Magnimar]].

  • Becky Loranth

    The youngest of the three Loranth children, Irabecca is the odd one out with her adherence to the strict and selfless tenets of the goddess Iomedae. This has caused a growing rift with her mother [[:kyra]], Korvosa's Master of Whispers and Guildmaster of …