Tag: Magnimar


  • Cyrdak Drokkus

    A larger-than-life character, Cyrdak left [[Magnimar]] for mysterious reasons and settled into [[Sandpoint]], where he has built one of the finest [[Sandpoint Theater | theaters]] in western [[Varisia]]. He continues to rely on his contacts in the big …

  • Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras

    The corpulent leader of [[Magnimar]], Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras hosted a feast honoring the Rune Wardens after they foiled the murderous Skinsaw Cult. The Lord-Mayor has turned up again in the town of Melfesh, where is is trying to forge an …

  • Justice Ironbriar

    A member of [[Magnimar | Magnimar's]] Justice Court, he dispatched [[:viorian | Viorian Dekanti]] to retrieve [[:tsuto | Tsuto Kaijitsu]] for trial. The party discovered that Ironbriar was one of the leaders of the Skinsaw Cult. They arrested him and …

  • Lt. Belvar Korrinas

    Commander of the [[Magnimar | Magnimarian]] troops sent to reinforce [[Sandpoint]]. Belvar arrived too late to defend Sandpoint from [[:nualia | Nualia]], but launched punitive raids against the surrounding goblin tribes and worked with the captured …

  • Xanesha

    A mysterious person with agents in [[Magnimar]], who was apparently directing the ritual murders being carried out by [[:aldern]]. Able to take the form of a beautiful Varisian woman, in truth she is a monster who is half-woman, half-snake. Se wears a …

  • Captain Kasadei

    A [[Magnimar | Magnimarian]] captain, Kasadei encountered [[Rune Wardens | the party]] while returning from patrol outside the city. She took her patrol to chase after the remaining Wrecking Maggots who escaped the failed ambush.

  • Zadendi

    Lover to [[:avalexi | Avalexi]], Zadendi was a follower of the demon lord Shax. She helped harvest the hearts of the [[Sarenrae]] clerics, returning to Avalexi's defiled shrine with her prizes. [[:lea | Lea]] splattered her against the wall with a …

  • Lady Eliasia Leroung

    The head of House Leroung, a noble family exiled from [[Korvosa]] 25 years ago. She crossed paths with [[:lea | Lea]] at the Triodea theater, where the paladin saved her from an assassination attempt by the halfling [[:elirie]]. Lady Leroung revealed …

  • Mira Ortani

    An actress and dancer in [[Magnimar]], she helped interrupt the attempted kidnapping of Lea. She also invited Lea to the next showing of _The Inconstant Nymph_ at the Triodea theater.

  • Elirie

    A halfling woman, she hired the bounty hunters who attempted to kidnap [[:lea | Lea]] in [[Magnimar]].

  • Iriel

    A beautiful barmaid at the Desante family's main restaurant, the King and Axe, she knows where [[:zavian | Zavian]] hides his wine.

  • Avos Desante

    Zavian's father, a portly man in his early fifties. Despite owning several restaurants and inns around Magnimar, he still likes to get his hands dirty in the kitchens at the King and Axe. He is married to Rina.

  • Arthur Pycey

    A bumbling junior member of the Skinsaw Cult, he was _blinded_ by Marcus during the skirmish at the Seven's Sawmill. The last cultist standing, Arthur surrendered and provided helpful information to the Rune Wardens. He promised to turn over a new leaf if …

  • Neshka

    A [[Kellid]] barbarian from the [[Realm of the Mammoth Lords]], her tribe was killed by [[Giants | stone giants]]. She made her way south to [[Magnimar]], where she plies her trade as a blacksmith in the Bazaar of sails. Neshka struck up a strange …

  • Billiver Billivin

    An absent-minded gnome, Billiver operates Billivin’s Benevolent Balms and Effulgent Elixirs in [[Magnimar | Magnimar's]] cosmopolitan Ordellia District.

  • Julia Leonte

    Daughter of the merchant [[:arikon | Arikon Leonte]], Julia was something of a party girl as a teenager. She and her partner in crime, [[:zavian | Zavian Desante]], were the "King and Queen of Lowcleft" for several years, before the aasimar felt the call …

  • Sabriyya Kalmeralm

    The Princess of the Markets is the unofficial ruler of [[Magnimar | Magnimar's]] Bazaar of Sails, the largest free market in [[Varisia]]. She ensures that trade flows smoothly and without danger in the otherwise unpoliceable marketplace. She also hears …

  • Adalas Dorasaer

    An [[Isandria | Isandari]] merchant, he provided [[:astrid | Astrid]] with her first real background information on the secretive Elvish kingdom. A vassal of [[:blacktree]], Adalas later helped the [[Rune Wardens]] infiltrate Isandria.

  • Captain Merrey Erwer

    The captain of the river galley _Maiden's Folly_, she carries cargo up and down the waterways that link to the Yondabakari River. She carried the [[Rune Wardens]] on their journey from [[Magnimar]] to [[Turtleback Ferry]], and was grateful when they saved …

  • Hadeem

    A servant of the goddess [[Sarenrae]], he gave [[:zavian]] a copy of his holy book as part of a reward for thwarting [[:avalexi | Avalexi's]] plot to consecrate a shrine to the [[Demon Lords | demon lord Shax]] with the hearts of Sarenrite worshipers.

  • Viorian Dekanti

    The captain of the Black Talon mercenaries, she and her company were contracted by [[:ironbriar | Justice Irionbriar]] to escort [[:tsuto | Tsuto Kaijitsu]] from [[Sandpoint]] to [[Magnimar]] to stand trial. She was more than happy to make Tsuto's …