Tag: Sarenrae


  • Sandpoint Cathedral

    Easily the largest building in Sandpoint, this freshly completed cathedral is located at the end of Church Street, in [[Uptown]]. Sandpoint Cathedral is not dedicated to the worship of a single deity. Rather, it gathers under its eaves the six most …

  • Hadeem

    A servant of the goddess [[Sarenrae]], he gave [[:zavian]] a copy of his holy book as part of a reward for thwarting [[:avalexi | Avalexi's]] plot to consecrate a shrine to the [[Demon Lords | demon lord Shax]] with the hearts of Sarenrite worshipers.

  • Hound Archon

    A hound archon with great knowledge of [[:zavian | Zavian's]] past as a celestial. He had followed Zavian for several weeks before confronting him at Skull's Crossing.

  • Father Padrich

    The priest overseeing St. Caspieran's Mission in Riddleport, he was unaware that a minor crimelord was running a crime ring out of his almshouse. Zavian was able to expose the crooks and sentence them to community service.