Tag: Stone Giant


  • Barl Breakbones

    A stone giant who took over the Kreegs' Hook Mountain clanhold after killing Old Man Grolki. He bears a Sihedron medallion and rules like the Dread Kings of old--yet he answers to another, greater giant lord named [[:mokmurian]]. Another stone giant, …

  • Teraktinus

    Teraktinus took [[:eldrin]] captive and delivered him to [[:barl]] at Hook Mountain. Teraktinus later led a band of stone giants and the red dragon [[:longtooth]] on a raid of [[Sandpoint]], but was slain by [[:lea | Lea]].

  • Mokmurian

    A young stone giant who has broken with tradition to study the taboo magics of the [[Thassilon | Runelords]] and use their power to restore the empire of the giants. He is rallying giants from across [[Varisia]] into an army. [[:barl]] was his apprentice, …

  • Sarktus

    A stone giant warrior, he was one of [[:barl | Barl Breakbones']] bodyguards. After his master was slain, Sarktus offered his surrender. He provided information about the stone giant wizard and his master, [[:mokmurian]]. He has pledged to retreat into …

  • Conna the Wise

    An older stone giant woman, she was one of the elders of [[:mokmurian | Mokmurian's]] tribe. He murdered her husband and twisted her tribe against her. Now Conna has struck an alliance with the Rune Wardens to help them slay Mokmurian.

  • Galenmir

    Lord [[:mokmurian | Mokmurian's]] top general, Galenmir led the raid on [[:astrid | Astrid's]] home village. He is currently with Mokmurian's massing armies at [[Jorgenfist]]. Galenmir came into possession of the demonic sword Shaduzohn the Carver of …

  • Kayalithica

    A jotunblooded stone giant far larger than most of her kin, Kayalithica served as [[:mokmurian | Mokmurian's]] ambassador to [[Isandria]].