Tag: Turtleback Ferry


  • Razmus

    A surprisingly intelligent hill giant, Razmus has taken up residence in the Valley of Broken Trees near Hook Mountain. He told the [[Rune Wardens]] that he is lying low from [[:mokmurian | Mokmurian]] and the coming war between giants and "smallfolk." …

  • Lucrecia

    An flame-haired entrepreneur from Magnimar, she establish the controversial _Paradise_ pleasure barge in [[Turtleback Ferry]] several years ago. She was believed to have perished with the rest of the passengers and crew when the barge sank over a month …

  • Rotibar

    A trapper working in the Wyvern Mountains, he stumbled across the [[Rune Wardens]] on his way back to [[Turtleback Ferry]] and alerted them to the presence of an old hill giant in the Valley of Broken Trees.

  • Veska

    A girl of about nine, she and her family are the only [[Varisian | Varisians]] in [[Turtleback Ferry]]. As a result, she is often picked on. [[:nualia | Nualia]] urged her to beat up her tormentors.