There are many groups, guilds, and conspiracies active in Varisia. Below is a list of some of the more notable factions.

  • Order of the Black Arrow: An order of rangers based out of Fort Rannick who patrol the wilds around the frontier settlement of Turtleback Ferry.
  • Hellknight Order of the Nail: The only Hellknight order active in Varisia, it is based in Citadel Vraid near Korvosa, with an outpost in Magnimar.
  • Highborne: A political faction in the hidden kingdom of Isandria dedicated to keeping power in elvish hands.
  • Rushlight Society: A highwayman’s guild focused on disrupting trade with Magnimar, secretly supported by Korvosa.
  • Sandpoint Watch: The local constables who keep the streets of Sandpoint safe.

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