The world of Golarion contains eight continents amid immense seas, including the continent of Avistan that hosts Varisia.

Golarion’s crater-scarred moon, Somal, fills its night sky, and its nearest planetary neighbors, Castrovel the Green World and Akiton the Red Planet (second and fourth from the sun, respectively), are easily visible as colored stars.


  • Arcadia: A lush but little-known continent that lies west from Avistan and Garund across the Arcadian Ocean, it is the site of infrequent trade and colonization efforts from Avistan.
  • Avistan: A large peninsular continent that expands westward from Casmaron, bordered by the World’s Edge Mountains. Avistan plays host to a number of civilizations built upon the ruins of great past empires, such as Thassilon and the colonies of Azlant.
  • Azlant: A once-great island-continent a thousand miles to the west, all that remains today is a series of jutting crags and narrow, twisted channels.
  • Casmaron: The largest continent, spanning much of the world’s northern hemisphere and containing the two largest and most powerful empires in the world: Kelesh and Vudra.
  • Crown of the World: An immense frozen desert that spans the northern pole of the planet, it is an invaluable trade route between Avistan and Tian Xia.
  • Garund: A largely unexplored continent that lies southeast of Avistan, across the Inner Sea.
  • Sarusan: The smallest and least traveled of Golarion’s continents.
  • Tian Xia: A great supercontinent across the ocean east from Casmaron and west from Arcadia. Like Avistan, it is home to many ancient and powerful empires. Its merchant are known to travel the world.

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