House Scarnetti



One of the Four Families of Sandpoint, the Scarnettis hail from a distinguished house in Magnimar. The branch of the family that colonized the Lost Coast have invested heavily in the lumber industry and control the towns only sawmill.

Despite their wealth, the Scarnettis have never had the best reputation in Sandpoint. During the early days of the settlement, the late Alamon Scarnetti almost provoked a war with the local Varisian population. And Alamon’s son Titus, the current head of the Sandpoint branch, is viewed as a humorless moral scold. There are even dark rumors that he may have ties to the Sczarni. The recent rash of fires that destroyed all the competing lumber mills in the region has done little to dispel this suspicion.

The Scarnettis are easily Sandpoint’s most traditional family, who cling to old Chelish values that are, in many cases, outdated today.

Family Members in Sandpoint

  • Lord Titus: Head of the Sandpoint branch of the Scarnettis
  • Lady Melina: Wife to Titus, she hails from a Magnamarian noble house
  • Simon: Titus’ son and heir
  • Tricia: Titus’ daughter

Scarnettis in Magnimar

The main branch of the Scarnetti family remains in Magnimar, where they are heavily involved in the shipbuilding trade. The family has a long-simmering feud with the local Shoanti population.

  • Lord Gradon: Patriach of House Scarnetti
  • Lady Urtilia Mendion: Mother of Gradon, rumored to be the true ruler of the House

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House Scarnetti

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