The largest and most bustling city in Varisia, Korvosa has stood for over 300 years, making it the oldest Chelish settlement in the region. A colony of Cheliax, the city has grown increasingly autonomous over the past 126 years since the death of Aroden and breaking of the old empire.

For seventy years, a string of monarchs from the Arabasti dynasty reigned uneasily over the city, each succumbing to calamities that Korvosans came to call the Curse of the Crimson Throne. Matters came to a head under the brief reign of Queen Ileosa Arabasti, who had been possessed by a relic of Zon-Kuthon’s champion Kazavon. Tyranny, plague and rebellion followed, but a band of heroes known as the Crimson Blades were able to cut through the madness and save the city from Hell itself.

Their actions seem to have dispelled whatever curse their was over the monarchy, and the city has seen 25 years of relative stability and growth under the joint rule of King Aquilos Nox and Queen Cressida Kroft.

Relations with Magnimar, which split from Korvosa over a hundred years ago, remain quite strained as the two cities continue to compete for influence over Varisia.

Points of Interest

Below are some significant locations in Korvosa.

  • Acadamae: Varisia’s foremost wizarding university, it specializes in enchantment and elemental conjuration.
  • Castle Korvosa: The seat of the monarchy, situated on the imposing Grand Mastaba.
  • Castle Kyra: Located across the mouth of the Jeggare River from Old Korvosa, this fortress serves as the seat of the Loranth family of halfling nobles.
  • Cathedral of Iomedae: Located in Old Korvosa, it is the center for the Iomedaean faith in the city.
  • Fort Korvosa: The seat of House Farima in Old Korvosa.
  • The Greenway: Korvosa’s distinctive natural park.
  • The Sticky Mermaid: A popular tavern in Old Korvosa.

Notable Individuals

Below are some of the more significant figures in Korvosa.

  • Lady Kyra Loranth: The public face of House Loranth and one of the king’s counselors.
  • Blackjack: The self-appointed protector of the city, a mysterious woman in black who acts under cover of darkness.

Shopping in Korvosa

Items, including magic items, valued at 12,800 gp or lower can usually be found (75% chance for magic items) somewhere in Korvosa. In addition, some rarer items of magical origin are available, with stocks changing every month or so.

As the largest city in Varisia, the resources of Korvosa’s merchants are substantial. As a general rule, merchants are unwilling to purchase an item whose sell price is higher than 85,000 gp. Those seeking to pay for spellcasting services can find professionals who can cast spells up to 9th Level.

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