Rune Wardens



A goblin attack at a festival brought together a band of disparate strangers. Together, they successfully defended Sandpoint from the goblin menace. Now working as a team, they continue to shield the town from threats, which keep involving the Sihedron rune for some reason . . .

Meet the Rune Wardens

  • Amelia Orisini: Half-elf bard from Korvosa, heir to one of the city’s Great Houses
  • Astrid Sylvari: Half-elf fighter from the hinterlands, half-sister to Prince Eldrin of Isandria
  • Zavian Desante: Aasimar cleric of Abadar, raised in Magnimar by adoptive parents.

Friends and Followers

  • Ash: Marcus’ raven familiar, always angling for some food
  • Dace: A traumatized elven warrior, companion to Astrid’s brother
  • Duli Wyrmbreaker: A dwarven mercenary hired by Marcus to guard his cart. Has left his service to return to Janderhoff
  • Captain Galodar: An injury-prone elven warrior, companion to Astrid’s brother
  • Nualia Tobyn: An aasimar cleric of Lamashtu, she has been placed under Zavian’s care for her rehabilitation
  • Prince Shadowmist: A beautiful white destrier owned by Lea
  • Shayliss Vinder: A shopkeeper’s daughter and Marcus’ sort-of girlfriend

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Rune Wardens

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