Sandpoint is a bustling little town known primarily for its excellent theater and exquisite glassblowing, and is the only settlement of note on the Lost Coast in southwest Varisia. Founded 40 years ago by the Four Families of the Sandpoint Mercantile League, the town now boasts a population of 1,240, mostly humans.

The town sits on a rise overlooking a natural harbor created by the mouth of the Turandarok River as it spills into the Varisian Gulf.

Sandpoint is a bustling community, with a healthier economy than you’d expect. As a result, all Craft checks performed in Sandpoint to earn money get a +1 economy bonus. The presence of ancient ruins has also attracted numerous scholars, while the friendly townsfolk are particularly chatty. Because of this, Diplomacy checks in Sandpoint to Gather Information and Knowledge checks made using the town’s resources get a +2 lore bonus.

Points of Interest

Sandpoint residents consider the town to be divided into two districts, Uptown and Downtown, with a few outlying areas also considered part of the town.

  • Uptown: Located on a level bluff overlooking the downtown, the buildings in this district are relatively new and the streets are open and less crowded.
  • Downtown: Home to most of Sandpoint’s buildings, Downtown is built on a gentle slope leading down to the harbor.
  • The Bluffs: Located on a peninsula across the harbor from the rest of Sandpoint, this ridge is the site of the manors of the Four Families who founded the town.
  • Old Light: Sandpoint’s most striking feature, this ruined tower rises more than 50 feet above the seacliff at the northwest side of town. Ancient even before the Varisians settled here, its true purpose is unknown—though most figure it was once a grand lighthouse.
  • Chopper’s Isle: Only a few hundred feet north of town rises an upthrust spur of rocky land topped with a few trees, it is accessible only by flight or by a skilled climber.

Notable Individuals

  • Ameiko Kaijitsu: Proprietor of the Rusty Dragon Inn, bard, former adventurer, and scion of House Kaijitsu, she is a beloved local figure.


As the Old Light attests, Sandpoint has long been a site of habitation. The current settlement, however, traces its origin back only 40 years, when four noble families of Magnimar founded the Sandpoint Mercantile League to establish the town. The League’s plans were somewhat complicated by the presence of a sizable Varisian camp, but eventually an agreement was reached and the colony was permitted to go forward.

Shopping in Sandpoint

Items, including magic items, valued at 1,300 gp or lower can usually be found (75% chance for magic items) somewhere in Sandpoint. In addition, some rarer items of magical origin are available, with stocks changing every month or so.

As a small town, the resources of its merchants are not infinite. As a general rule, merchants are unwilling to purchase an item whose sell price is higher than 7,500 gp. Those seeking to pay for spellcasting services will have trouble finding one who can cast spells higher than the 4th Level.

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