Sandpoint Watch



Sandpoint’s town watch consists of a dozen full-time constables, under the command of Sheriff Belor Hemlock. Constables patrol the city alone—there’s generally not much trouble beyond the odd drunk for them to handle.

Sandpoint also maintains a militia of approximately 60 members who train regularly and can be mobilized within just a few hours.

The Watch is headquartered in the Sandpoint Garrison in Uptown, which serves as both barracks and, below ground, as the town jail. In addition to the constables, two dozen servants and support staff also reside in the barracks. The jail is generally empty save for a few drunks or Sczarni doing time for some minor crime. Murderers and other hardened criminals generally stay for only a few days before an escort from Magnimar arrives to bring them to trial in the big city.

Members of the Watch

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Sandpoint Watch

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