Brodert Quink’s Account

According to Sandpoint’s resident sage Brodert Quink, Thassilon was an ancient civilization that inhabited Varisia as much as ten thousand years ago (not the six thousand years favored by the Founder’s Archive of Magnimar). It was ruled over by seven wizard-kings called Runelords, who each governed one portion of the empire. Quink believes that each Runelord focused on one school of magic and drew their power from a particular source using the lost art of “rune magic.” The seven-pointed star symbol known as the Sihedron Rune symbolized their power and their empire.

Brodert Quink also insists that the broken tower that most Sandpoint residents call the Old Light was no lighthouse, but instead a watchtower between two Runelord kingdoms—Shalast to the east and the now-sunken real of Bakrakhan to the west. Quink believes that the tower was capable of hurling blasts of fire for miles.

Quink believes that there is more information on Thassilon sealed away in Korvosa and is bitter about being denied access to it.

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