Turtleback Ferry


A relatively quiet frontier hamlet located on the banks of the Skull River in central Varisia, watched over by rangers of the Order of the Black Arrows. It owes allegiance to Magnimar, being that city-state’s most distant holding. It sits in the shadow of the ominous Hook Mountain, which is inhabited by vicious ogres.

Points of Interest

Below are some significant locations in Turtleback Ferry.

  • The Turtle’s Parlor: The village’s only inn, overseen by Cesten Orlandi. It’s a large single storey timber framed building, with a heather-thatched roof and dwarf-wrought iron tables and chairs.
  • Bottoms Up: This tavern is owned by a halfling couple, Yads and Berthany Kesker and is patronized by hunters, fishermen, and trappers. The single story wooden building has a single salvaged stone wall.
  • Irontooth’s Metal Goods: Turtleback Ferry’s only smithy.
  • Church of Erastil: The largest building in town, it serves as both Turtleback Ferry’s religious center and its town hall, and its pastor is both its spiritual and its political leader.

Notable Individuals

Below are some of the more significant figures in Turtleback Ferry.

  • Mayor Maelin Shreed: The town’s mayor and a cleric of Erastil.
  • Irontooth Jorveni: The town’s no-nonsense blacksmith, a veteran from Isger.

Shopping in Turtleback Ferry

Items, including magic items, valued at 550 gp or lower can usually be found (75% chance for magic items) somewhere in Turtleback Ferry. In addition, some rarer items of magical origin are available, with stocks changing every month or so.

As an isolated frontier settlement, the resources of Turtleback Ferry’s merchants are limited. As a general rule, merchants are unwilling to purchase an item whose sell price is higher than 2,500 gp. Those seeking to pay for spellcasting services can find professionals who can cast spells up to 3rd Level.

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Turtleback Ferry

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