Dotted with the monolithic relics of an empire long since crumbled, Varisia is a rough but majestic land, its misty forests and rolling plains bordered by sharp peaks and bountiful seas. Its people, recently released from colonialism, are hardy frontier folk and new-money nobles, all eager to carve names for themselves from Varisia’s stern landscape. Yet beyond their village borders, beasts and giants unused to civilization’s encroachment stalk the hills and woods, making short work of both the unwary and the bold.

Notable Locations

  • Ilsurian: A freehold situated on the northern banks of Lake Syrantula at the mouth of the Skull River, perched between Manimarian and Korvosan territory.
  • Iron Peaks: An isolated range of mountain peaks in central Varisia,
  • Isandria: A small kingdom in the vicinity of the Churlwood, it is ruled by elves but has seen an influx of Chelish settlers seeking to escape the rule of Magnimar and Riddleport.
  • Janderhoff: A Dwarven Sky Citadel nestled in the Mindspin Mountains of eastern Varisia, it is a major center for industry.
  • Jorgenfist: The Valley of the Black Tower and its fortress of Jorgenfist are located in the Iron Peaks.
  • Kaer Maga: The City of Strangers, it is perched on the lip of the Storval Plateau, just beyond Korvosa’s reach.
  • Kodar Mountains: Tall and forbidding, the jagged snow-capped peaks of the Kodar Mountains are among the highest in the world.
  • Korvosa: The so-called Jewel of Varisia, it is the region’s largest city. Located in the southeast, it has recently emerged from a period of turmoil.
  • The Lost Coast: A stretch of lightly-settled land on the southwest shore of Varisia, it is claimed by Magnimar.
  • Magnimar: Founded by Korvosan dissidents, the renowned City of Monuments lies at the southern tip of the Varisian Gulf.
  • Mierani Forest: Located in northwest Varisia, it is one of the ancestral home of the elves in Avistan and the major elvish population center in the region.
  • Mindspin Mountains: Filled with giants, ogres, and trolls, the Mindspin Mountains are considered a deathtrap for all but the most experienced travelers.
  • Mushfens: A sweating tangle of boggy marshes and impenetrable mangroves, endless meres and fens capable of swallowing men without a trace
  • Riddleport: Varisia’s northernmost port, the infamous city of Riddleport is renowned as a haven for scoundrels, outcasts, and worse
  • Sandpoint: A bustling little town, it is the only settlement of note on the Lost Coast. Its allegiance is to Magnimar.
  • Storval Plateau: The land of Varisia is split in half by the Storval Rise, a thousand-foot-tall cliff that separates the fertile lowlands from the harsh, arid lands of the eastern plateau.
  • Turtleback Ferry: A relatively quiet frontier hamlet located on the banks of the Skull River in central Varisia, watched over by rangers of the Order of the Black Arrows.
  • Windsong Abbey: This isolated religious community was built as a pacifist refuge for followers of all religions to come and peacefully resolve their doctrinal and political differences.

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