Rise of the Runelords

A Hands Off Approach

The Spires of Xin-Shalast, Part 25

Oathday, 2 Arodus, 4734

The Rune Wardens have entered a lavishly decorated throne room. At the far end of the chamber, the mercenary captain Viorian Dekanti stands in gleaming golden armor, the cursed sword Chellan in her hand. Three storm giant warriors stand a health distance apart from her. And near the jeweled throne is Marcus’ father Flint, a bow in hand.

Flint shoots first, launching a volley of arrows into Marcus (and a couple into the green-haired storm giantess nearby). He denounces his likeness as crummy, and calls him a son of a bitch. Marcus is hurt by the insult.

Viorian moves up with supernatural speed and and takes cover behind a pillar. The male storm giant advances and unleashes a blast of chain lightning. The two lady giants hang back but unleash their own lightning blasts.

Marcus goes down, gasping “I’m sorry.” Flint is troubled by the sight, the charm effect on him weakening. Weird glowing motes linger around Marcus’ body. The tiefing rogue Reri also crumples unconscious to the ground.

Zavian rushes over to give Marcus’ giant-sized body the breath of life. The half-elf inhales the strange glowing motes and is healed back to full.

Marcus gets up and dimension doors over to Flint and the green-haired storm giantess. Flint considers but chooses not to attack him. Flint acknowledges that he may have made a huge mistake.

Amelia strikes up an inspiring tune and tries to cast dispel magic on one of the giants, but is unable to break the domination effect on them.

Lea channels positive energy to heal everyone but Marcus, bringing Reri back up. She gives everyone except Marcus smite and then advances towards Viorian, calling her out. The golden warrior beckons her forward.

Lamia matriarchs slide down the pillars onto the battlefield. One of them is Anshar, the ex-gladiator that Malakah vouched for. Lea persuades Anshar not to intervene in her duel. The other lamia refuses and tries unsuccessfully to attack. Another pair of lamia matriarchs drop down near Marcus and turn invisible, though he can still see them thanks to his permanent see invisibility.

Reri gets up and uses her shield to obscure herself and stealth.

Viorian unleashes a torrent of strikes at Lea. While only a few get through her defenses the paladin is pushed onto the back foot.

Flint formally switches sides, dashes over to the throne, and takes out the black lamia with a volley of arrows.

The jolly green giantess lays into Marcus with her greatsword. It doesn’t go well for him. The male storm giant moves up to take a sword to Zavian but can’t get through his defenses. The purple haired giantess goes after Flint, badly injuring him.

Zavian dispels the domination effect on the male storm giant, whose demeanor immediately changes.

Marcus uses illusion magic to place an illusory duplicate standing over his dad while turning invisible himself.

Amelia hits the green-haired giantess and one of the invisible lamias with glitter dust. They look fabulous.

Lea unloads a devastating strike on Viorian Dekanti, badly wounding her. The adventurers have discerned that she has been imbued with power from Karzoug, which has made her supernaturally tough but also left her vulnerable to their dominant runeforged weapons.

Viorian reacts by wounding Lea with a sudden strike from her sword.

The invisible lamia matriarchs move up to cast healing spells on their champion, to Lea’s displeasure. Anshar continues to sit this one out.

Reri tries to stab Viorian, but is foiled by her cloak of displacement.

Viorian presses the attack, leaving Lea on death’s door.

Also not doing great is Flint, who fires another volley at the purple haired giantess bearing down on him and the illusory Marcus.

The green-haired giantess realizes the illusion and is stabbed by the invisible Marcus. She calls out a warning to her companion, who hacks at Flint, but only manages to damage the throne and lose her weapon.

The male giant simply flees now that he is no longer dominated.

Zavian battles with the sparkly lamia, bringing her down.

Viorian slashes at Lea to no effect.

Marcus animates the sword, the chair, and various small items around the room. The chair goes after green hair, the sword goes after purple hair, and the little items go after the invisible lamia.

Amelia again tries and fails to dispel the domination from the purple haired giantess.

Viorian uses a magical sword attack against Lea, who cheats death thanks to her goddess’ blessing. Lea then lops off both of Viorian’s hands.

The invisible lamia matriarch attempts to cast a spell, fails, and makes a break for it. Anshar quietly urges Lea to finish her foes.

Reri begins to treat the shocked Viorian and prevents her from feebly chasing after the cursed sword. Flint uses this opportunity to retreat towards the rest of the party.

Marcus fires scorching rays at the fleeing invisible lamia, wounding but not killing her.

The giantesses tear up their animated harassers. Zavian dispels the dominate effect on green hair, confident that it’s the right move. Amelia frees the purple haired giantess. The storm giants flee.

Zavian helps Reri stabilize Viorian and bind up her wounds. Lea permits Anshar to leave, still unconquered.

Flint apologizes to Marcus and catches him up to speed. The party is made aware of the available exit options as they heal up and hastily loot the bodies. They are also warned that rune giant is sleeping in the adjacent chamber. And they hear giant-sized footsteps approaching from the hall outside…


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