Rise of the Runelords

A Paladin's Journal, Part I

A selection from Ser Lea's journal in AR 4733


Sandpoint, Rova 18th, AR 4733

I arrived in Sandpoint just a few hours ago. The last few days of traveling up from Magnimar have been rather uneventful, much to my dismay. I really don’t see what the fuss is over, perhaps the diviners were wrong. Perhaps they will sense this after the festival, and reassign me. For the town’s sake, I hope I’m right.

Speaking of which, this place seems rather quaint; almost like a smaller Veldraine or a larger Harse. I can’t decide which. People seem to move slower here though, none of the hustle and bustle of Magnimar or Korvosa. It’s not quite what I expected, to be honest.

I’ve met with the Sheriff, Belor I think his name was. I seemed to be taking his time as he looked over my credentials, but with all that is going on for the festival I suppose he has his hands full. He suggested I take a tour of the town and share any security concerns with him later this week before the festival when I could spare a moment. Odd sense of time, this place has.

I’ve decided to lodge here at The White Deer, which is where I’m writing this entry. The Shoanti man running the place gave me a few weird looks but was otherwise polite. Not that I’m unused to that. The room here is quite lovely, almost if it was recently renovated. He’s advised that I try his specialty tonight for supper, which after cleaning up I’ll take him up on his offer. It will be good to have a hot meal after being on the road with naught but a few rations the last few days.

All of this is very lovely, but I can’t seem to perceive any danger here. I’ve seen no bandits, no goblins, or anything out of sorts. A lot of fuss over nothing. I know it’s not becoming of a newly minted Paladin to be looking for trouble, but I didn’t become a paladin to play honor guard. I will remain vigilant though.

Before I go downstairs for supper, there’s one more item I’d like to record. I can’t stop thinking about the town’s sign. It a mirror just below the welcome sign that read “See yourself as we see you.” I stared at it for what felt like half an hour. I almost didn’t recognize myself. The young woman staring back at me looked brave and tough in her armor, with an unshakable confidence. If it weren’t for my eyes, I’d swear I was looking at hero from a bard’s tale at the beginning of her adventure. Definitely not what I expected on the eve of my 16th birthday. All of my hard work this past year is finally paying off. I’m sure nothing bad will happen to the town, at least while I’m here.

I’ll make you proud of me, Mom and Dad.

Sandpoint, Rova 19th, AR 4733

Today’s my birthday! Although no one knows who I am here. I imagine there isn’t a ceremony or party back home either. I wish I could see Mom and Auntie Laori, or Ryah and both Remmys. I guess I’m feeling a little homesick, it’s been a while since I’ve been back home. I even miss Dad and Telus a little, not that they miss me I’m sure.

I shouldn’t be so negative, especially after my morning prayers. I think I might stop by The Rusty Dragon for breakfast, I hear there’s a lot going on there. Then maybe stop by the new Cathedral. Or the Theater. Or maybe all of the above? Keeping busy is the best way of warding off bad thoughts, Laori always said.

Last night, I overheard that there’s another notable Korovsan in town as well. I’m surprised that’s news to people, but I suppose there’s not much gossip around these parts. Or maybe this person is larger than life. Still, it would be nice to reminisce about home for a bit, assuming she wouldn’t know who I really am. Maybe I’ll try to approach in private or something, that way I can make sure. Or maybe that’s too suspicious. Arg, this is why I hate noble intrigue! Even though I’m a Paladin, I can’t seem to escape Dad’s political entanglements. Especially after that near incident in Magnimar a few days back, I should be more careful. The last thing I need is Dad ransoming me out of Magnimar or worse. Perhaps I’ll ask this Ameiko person during breakfast if she knows her or where she’s staying and I can make heads or tails of it then.

I’ll pen more on this later, but for now: breakfast!


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