Rise of the Runelords

A Paladin's Journal, Part III

A selection from Ser Lea's journal in AR 4733


Sandpoint, 24 Rova, AR 4733

I struggle to write these words. What has taken placeā€¦I cannot fully express the frustration at my own folly and hubris. I wrongfully judged the danger present here in Sandpoint, and in my blindness a horrible goblin menace was allowed in to crash the festivities. We managed to push the vile little beasts back and caused a rout, but not without our own casualties. Many innocent lives were lost yesterday, and we are all still reeling from the loss.
What I struggle with most about what happened is…myself. Rather, my inability to aid those who were in need of saving. So foolish I was, that before I knew it I was among those needing rescuing. I am supposed to be a Paladin of the Inheritor! Not some Princ well, okay, technically I am but what I mean is damsel; I’m not some damsel in distress needing anyone to save me. But saved I was, by an angelic stranger who happened to be fighting nearby. As if by fate that night, three others joined us in the fight. Strangely enough, the other three appeared to be half-elves. We fated few gathered our strength and continued to push back against the raid, but there were far too few of us to save everyone unfortunately.

I must returned to my studies. Chammady always said that when I am troubled, to turn to the Goddess’ words, to The Acts, for guidance.

Sandpoint, 27 Rova, AR 4733

The last few days have been troubling indeed. I am humbled to say I am beginning to see the wisdom of the Sword Knights in sending me here as there is much to be done in here in Varisia after all. Upon my honor, I will get to the bottom of this nefarious plot. Graciously, I won’t be alone in this task, as I will be accompanied by the others who aided me during the goblin raid a few nights ago. Now that I’ve gotten to meet them properly, I think I have a pretty good impression of them:

  • Zavian: What the aasimar lacks in conversation, he makes up for in his staunch, unending devotion to law and order. I can definitely learn much from someone so gifted and versed in Abadar’s word. If only he’d be so inclined to share his knowledge, he always seems to be buried in a book when not investigating with us…
  • Astrid: Incredibly modest and friendly for a half-elf. There’s a sense of wonder in her eyes that simply is otherworldly. Her innocent and cheerful demeanor seem out of place in our line of work, but when her blades come out I would be remiss if I discounted them. She’s a far more capable fighter than I am, and I thank the goddess she’s working with us. I hope we can help her find what she’s looking for.
  • Marcus: If Astrid is a glowing exception to the stereotypes of half-elves and Elves, Marcus is certainly an irksome reminder of how they truly are most of the time. He’s haughty, rude and so dismissive of my views on things! At least his heart is in the right place, however bad he is at expressing himself. I like his Raven, Ash, far better than I like him.
  • Amelia: Many of the wild rumors and stories from court about her are certainly true. Trying to follow her steps is quite exhausting, but somehow fun all the same. I had a near outing with her, but after talking with her privately she agreed to keep my little ‘royal’ secret for now. It’s so good to have a fellow countrywoman accompany me on this quest, I feel less homesick every minute we chat.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our new accommodations provider, Ameiko. She’s been so gracious at letting us stay at the Rusty Dragon that I feel a little guilty in receiving such grand hospitality for nothing in return. She’s been a great source of advice and joy these past few days, and so very witty and charming. Spending my off time with her has helped me keep focus on the important work we’re doing here in Sandpoint.

Speaking of which, Astrid just stopped by to let me know that the boar that we brought Ameiko is ready downstairs for us. Gotta run!


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