Rise of the Runelords

A Paladin's Journal, Part IV

A selection from Ser Lea's journal in AR 4733


Sandpoint, 30 Rova, AR 4733

If the previous days have been any indication, the days of peace and relative quiet for this town have ended. This is especially true for my dear friend Ameiko, her father murdered by her brother. Lonjiku wasn’t a good man, that anyone could see, but he didn’t deserve to die. Nor did Ameiko deserved the harm she receive at the hands of her brother and his goblins. I just thank the Gods we arrived in time. Never before had I had such righteous anger flow through me as we battled against Tsuto and his goblins. Although it made my heart sink to see Ameiko in such a state, it felt good to rescue someone on time, and to bring those who committed such evils to justice that day.

And now, at last we have a solid lead on our masterminds for the current troubles. It seems for the moment we can rest a bit easier knowing we’ll be on the offensive against this Nualia. Perhaps we can make this town safe again.

I must cut this short, however, as I am needed by Ameiko’s side. Her whole world changed these past few days, and she’s going to need time to process all that’s happened. For all that she’s done for me, I have to be there for her in time of need now.


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