Rise of the Runelords

Against the Slave Lords

The Spires of Xin-Shalast, Part 6

Toilday, 26 Sarenith, 4734

Lea and Astrid spend some time asking around Kaer Maga’s Bottoms District trying to make contact with the abolitionist Freemen. They are finally greeted by a burly laborer named Symart, who is a Block Captain for the Freemen. He takes them to the Common House, a tavern and temple to Cayden Cailean that also serves as a meeting place for the Freemen.

Symart explains that the Freemen help freed slaves make a life for themselves, but in order to keep the peace with other Kaer Maga factions they do not officially condone raids to free slaves. He urges them not to visit the halfling woman two tables down.

The halfling, Sybil Lerke, is wearing an unusual outfit and carries a drum. She explains that there is a major shipment of slaves from the orcish city of Urglin arriving tomorrow night. The orcs have hired a group of mercenaries, the Catspaw Company, to provide additional security until the auction is complete that morning. Sybil is trying to organize an effort to free the slaves, but needs help dealing with the mercs.

Lea and Astrid are on board, so she provides some additional background. The mercenaries are led by a man named the Tattered Prince, who claims to be the true prince of Ustalav and is said to have made a bargain with dark powers. His second in command is a particularly tough woman called Pretty Meris. There is also a sorcerer with a fondness for lightning. Lea and Astrid thank her for the info.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Zavian visit the fabled library of the Therassic Spire to inquire after his grandparents. While waiting in the lobby, Marcus flips through several books and finds one that appears to contain an enemies list scribbled in the back, with several names marked off. Marcus recognizes one of the remaining names as Vea Semere, the half-elf smith in Ilsurian he was hoping to collaborate with.

Marcus’ maternal grandparents, Manda Fengwathil and Miranthald Fengwathil, are surprised but thrilled to meet him. They invite him to dinner at their home, while Zavian takes his cue to exit. Marcus brings his grandparents up to speed on events in his life and learns of their research into Thassilonian astronomy. They have come to believe that the stars are aligning for some sort of significant event that the Thassilonians foretold.

After bidding his parents farewell, Marcus regroups with the rest of the party at the Drunken Minstrel. The wizard makes use of the prying eyes spell to scout the Flesh Block, Kaer Maga’s slave market. Most of the eyes get taken out by a mysterious elven archer who seems to be another mercenary, but one is able to return. It provides Marcus with the layout of the slave pens. The eye also recognized the Tattered Prince speaking to an Osirioni woman. Based on this information, the party concocts a plan to raid the pens in the pre-dawn hours, after the slave shipment arrives.

That evening, Amelia does another spectacular puppet performance. Afterwards, Daelyn hooks up with her again. The following morning, the privateer captain gives her a wooden statuette of herself as a gift, so Daelyn would always be at her side in the Kodars. She urges Amelia to keep the statue on her person.

Wealday, 27 Sarenith, 4734

That morning, the Daelyn gives Amelia a wooden statuette of herself as a gift, so the captain would always be at her side in the Kodar Mountains. She urges Amelia to keep the statue on her person, then bids her farewell and good luck.

The party coordinates with Sybil and spends the day making preparations. In order not to make enemies in Kaer Maga, Marcus, Astrid, and Amelia decide to use magic to disguise themselves. Marcus looks like a female dwarven warrior, Astrid looks like a very handsome dwarven man, and Amelia looks like a raven-haired elf woman with hooked chain mail.

Oathday, 28 Sarenith, 4734

In the early hours of the morning, the party advances into Kaer Maga’s Downmarket. They approach the Flesh Block under cover of silence and sphere of invisibility. As they draw near, Marcus (with his true seeing) discovers that there is a also gang of invisible mercs perched on the pen. The cluster includes the Tattered Prince and the sorcerer. A couple visible orcs and mercs stand on guard at ground level.

The Rune Wardens decide to get closer, alerting the invisible mercs. Lea charges the orcs at ground level. Marcus launches a fireball at the invisible mercs, followed up by two more fireballs from Amelia’s necklace. Astrid then tosses the silence stone onto the clustered mercenaries.

The sorcerer flies up into the air to escape the silence spell, then unleashes chain lightning at the party. However, having been forewarned the Rune Wardens have resist energy to his favored damage type. Marcus takes out the sorcerer with a disintegration spell.

The mercenaries kick the silence stone away from them and the Tattered Prince strides forward with air walk. The prince mutters a single powerful word and Lea suddenly finds herself blinded.

Zavian uses stone shape to melt the wall of the slave pens out to become a barrier between the blinded paladin and the remaining enemies. Inside the pens are a variety of humanoids in chains, including the hulking form of a single sobbing hill giant woman. The slaves beg to be freed. Sybil’s rogues, as well as Nualia, Ameiko, and Vivi are approaching as quickly as they can with the aim of releasing them.

The orcs dash around the barrier to ineffectively attack Lea. Despite being blinded, she kills several of them.

From inside the slave pens, a scar-faced redheaded barbarian woman — Pretty Meris — charges Zavian. She is accompanied by two dwarven berserkers. Together, they block the entrance to the slave pens.

Amelia hits Meris with dominate person and the barbarian cheerily turns on her fellows.

Astrid cuts down an orc and intimidates a merc to flee. Mercenary cavalry shows up but can’t land a hit on her.

Marcus uses pass wall to take down the stockade. Sybil’s rogues and Team Girlfriend rush in to start unlocking people. The elf archer from earlier begins sniping at Marcus.

The Tattered Prince casts another spell and grows to giant size. Zavian takes flight to face him. The aasimar lands a vicious blow with sunspark and demands to know what fell god the prince serves. The Tattered Prince’s gigantic greatsword ignites and lights up with an unholy symbol as he tears into Zavian.

Marcus tries and fails to hit the elf archer with phantasmal killer. Astrid lands multiple arrows on the Tattered Prince. The prince is badly hurt, worse so when Amelia hits him with a sound burst. Lea gets her sight back, scares off the two mercs, and kills one of the mercenary riders.

The tide of battle has clearly turned in favor of the Rune Wardens, so the Tattered Prince tells Zavian he has the field. After a moment’s consideration, the cleric demands the mercenaries drop their weapons, the prince agrees if Meris is released back to him. Lea demands that they promise never to take a slaver’s contract or harm an innocent. The Tattered Prince immediately agrees. The remaining orcs are still creating trouble, so Marcus hits them with phantasmal killer.

Sybil’s people hastily release the slaves and hustle them out before the rest of the slave power arrives. The party talks to the hill giant woman Mazrina, who has learned her lesson from ignoring her father’s advice and going to Jorgenfist. After some back and forth, they realize she is Razmus’ daughter and tell her to seek him out at Fort Rannick. Zavian writes her a letter of introduction.

They regroup at the Common House. Amelia performs her puppet show. After partying, the Rune Wardens pack up and get out of town before the slaver factions can retaliate.


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