Rise of the Runelords

Angry Diplomacy

Sins of the Saviors, Part 11

Oathday, 26 Gozran, 4734

Having rested in the Vault of Greed, the Rune Wardens decide to investigate the animals they collected which they suspect are polymorphed. They discover that the two goldfish are indeed Warriors of Wrath who were pursuing the Mithral Mage following the battle at the Runeforge Pool five years ago.

They then seek an audience with Highlady Athroxis. They persuade her that they are enemies of Karzoug and that Marcus is favored by Runelord Alaznist. He tells her of the dream in which she named him as a champion. Athroxis leads them through her faction’s chambers and to the teleportation circle.

They return back to the snowy slopes of Rimeskull. Lea casts endure elements on herself and Amelia to keep them from freezing.

They reunite with their companions the lamia Seleval and the elven ranger Shalelu and learn of their adventures in the meantime. They encountered a vampire, which they hunted down and Seleval slew with a bit of help from the goddess Iomedae. Seleval also reveals Lea’s promise and wants her sister raised once they return to Sandpoint.

Shalelu helps the party plot a return course to Sandpoint by crossing the Nolands and the Velashu Uplands and heading to Riddleport to charter a ship.

Zavian has a vision where he encounters the contract devil Belawara in a flashback that becomes the present day. She offers him a new contract—do a task for her, she will release Elszevina from her contract (Zavian will need to get Elszwevina’s assent as well to void the contract.) She also offers him additional power.

Lea has a tough conversation with her bonded spirit Ell-Hayzar, who urges her to come clean with Ameiko and atone for her mistakes. She also emphasizes that Lea is not someone to be sacrificed or cast aside, as a person no less valuable than anyone else. She also acknowledges that the lamia has seen some progress. Urges that precautions taken for the sister, though. Lea agrees that she will take responsibility. “Don’t have literal congress with any more demons. You only get one.”

Fireday, 27 Gozran – Starday, 5 Desnus, 4734

Sailing back out the Steam River, they are confronted by more Nolander Barbarians who want additional weapons to restore the balance of power among the clans. The party ends up agreeing to craft items in exchange for trade. They get directions on how to safely cross south, disguised as pilgrims so the inland tribes won’t attack them.


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