Rise of the Runelords

Astrid's Revenge

Fortress of the Stone Giants, Part 12

Oathday, 8 Pharast, 4734

While the party rests in the extradimensional space in Marcus’ rope trick, Astrid takes first watch. An hour into Zavian’s watch, Galenmir arrives to collect Conna. Zavian overheats and recalls the giant’s conversation, has Astrid translate for him later. He also notices a strange greatsword on Galenmir’s back. He also notices the haunt grow more aggressive.

Lea has a troubling vision of the evil in this place, glimpses of its history, the summoning of creatures beyond this reality.

As the party prepares to descend, Astrid, Zavian and Amelia notice a large flying eye scope out the room. as soon as he hears this, Marcus is rushing out. He telekinetically punches the eye. Lea and Zavian follow, to temporarily banish the haunt with positive energy.

The party debates their next move, and decide they should use guerrilla tactics to pick off Mokmurian’s lieutenants before going after him. But their deliberations are disrupted by the sound of approaching giant footsteps. The adventurers duck into cover as Galenmir and two runeslave hill giants march down the tunnel.

In the ensuing battle, Zavian blocks Galenmir’s line of retreat and the stone giant summons reinforcements in the form of a bullette and a stone giant. Galenmir’s sword hits hard, and imbues him with a smoky shroud that partially obscures him from sight. As the party wounds him, he starts burning runes (three out of seven) from the sword to stay upright.

Amelia nauseates the bullette with her cacophonous call and it burrows into the earth. Lea is kicked to the ground. Galenmir kicks Astrid into the bullette hole. Marcus blasts Galenmir and the hill giants with a fire ball, then goes toe to toe with the other stone giant. Amelia nauseates Galenmir and he tries to flee, but Lea and Zavian knock him to the ground, hanging half into the hole. Astrid kills the bullette and then kills Galenmir. The other stone giant is also slain.

But two more stone giants rush over and then immediately flee for help. The party, with Galenmir’s body in tow, chases after the stone giant running to warn Lokansir.

The stone giant waits to ambush them just inside the door. But he has a hard time trying to hit Zavian. Lea and Marcus get into the mix. That’s when the enormous hill giant Lokansir emerges, just barely avoiding smashing Lea and Zavian.

Astrid charges up to it and gets some knocks from Lokansir. He lays into her and Lea, but eventually the half-elf cuts him down. The remaining stone giant surrenders. With reinforcements closing in and no way out of the chamber, the party concocts a plan to hide. Marcus sculpts a hole in the wall and casts rope trick in there, then covers it up with an illusory wall.

While Zavian hides in the alcove, the others gather in the center of the room while they await the reinforcements.

Two red dragons burst into the room, with a pair of lamias behind them. Using glibness to sell the lie, Amelia loudly announces the party is fleeing for the surface, then dimension doors them into the alcove and they flee up into the rope trick. After a moment, the sound of the dragons recedes.

The Rune Wardens then settle in for a magically-assisted rest. Lea is visited in her dreams by her bonded spirit, Ell-Hayzar, who chastises her for contemplating the murder of the stone giant prisoner. The spirit warns that Lea is walking a very fine line and that she is held to a higher standard than expediency.


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