Rise of the Runelords

Attack of the Clones

Sins of the Saviors, Part 7

Toilday, 24 Gozran, 4734

Upon entering the Shimmering Veils of Pride, the Rune Wardens are confronted with hostile duplicates stepping out from mirrors on either end of a mirrored hallway. A well-placed fireball from Marcus sears one group of copies, but more importantly destroys their mirror which causes them to wink out of existence. The other MirrorMarcus uses stone shape to protect its team’s mirror and battle is joined.

Astrid tears up MirrorAstrid. Lea’s attempt to get inside her duplicates’ heads backfires. Marcus and Amelia work together to bring down the second mirror, but not before it unleashes a second wave of murderous duplicates.

Once the party regains their hearing after her shout spell, Amelia breaks out a new song to soothe their injuries. They then press on into the next chamber, an enormous cathedral with ivory floor tiles and mirrored walls. At the center of the room is a stepped dais with an enormous, wise-looking peacock perched atop it.

Approaching the peacock causes seven voices to speak in unison, warning in Thassilonian that the master is in his study and is not to be disturbed. The Rune Wardens are then beset by what they discover are seven identical wizards. Amelia’s glitterdust proves vital to revealing the invisible wizards, who are bombarding the party with fireballs, scorching rays, and unsuccessful mind affecting magics.

The seven wizards look human but when cut down they dissolve into snow. Zavian and Marcus bring down one each, while Astrid and Lea tear through the others. Amelia finds a hidden door at the back of the room, while Marcus determines that the giant peacock is just an illusion.

Beyond the hidden door is a cozy chamber lined with bookshelves bulging with tomes about Thassilon. The room also holds a chair with a richly dressed man who looks like an aged version of the seven duplicates outside. After a momentary inspection, Zavian pronounces him dead of old age. Although the body looks as if it died but moments ago, the layer of dust over it suggests it has sat here for some time.

Amelia skims through the journal in the corpse’s lap, which proves to be the diary of Vraxeris, the master of the Shimmering Veils of Pride that the succubus Delvahine had sent them to contact. Vraxeris writes of strife between the different factions of Runeforge after the pool in the complex center stirred to life.

Vraxeris learned this was Karzoug’s doing and had been developing a plan to strike back at the Runelord of Greed. This involved crafting runeforged weapons using components infused with the associated sins of pride and lust: a shard of mirror from the peacock hall and some of Delvahine’s “equipment.” Vraxeris was unable to complete this task, however, as his attentions turned to finishing his 205th clone before dementia could overtake him.

Exhausted from their battles, the party rests in the study, barring the door to the next part of the complex with a chair, and wedging Vraxeris’ body up against the secret door. They also pause to take stock of their treasure.

Wealday, 25 Gozran, 4734

Upon completing their rest, they press further into the Shimmering Veils of Pride. They find two storage rooms where Vraxeris had been keeping his dead clones. Over 200 corpses, all about the age of the one in the study, and in the same state of preservation. Zavian suspects that some quality of the Runeforge has prevented the bodies from decaying.

In a wrecked library, the party finds only a single salvageable tome. From there, they open the doors to what turns out to be a very spartan bed chamber, which contains six naked duplicates of Delvahine. The succubi simulacra let out howls of anger at this intrusion.


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