Rise of the Runelords

Dawn of the Scarlet Sun

The Skinsaw Murders, Part 11

Sunday, 19 Neth, 4733

Since he has been forbidden entry at the Kaijitsu villa, Zavian asks Astrid to go inside and summon the other Rune Wardens.

He reintroduces them to Nualia. She is distracted by her vivicar duplicate, whom she and Astrid nave taken to calling Vivi. While the other adventurers are not exactly enthused to have their former foe join them, they press on to the ruined chapel in the Underbridge District. There, Captain Kasadei informs them that no one has entered or exited since the fiendish red gargoyle flew into the structure with his half-elf ally.

The Rune Wardens enter the wrecked building cautiously. Zavian deduces that it was once a shrine to the sun goddess Sarenrae, who otherwise has no temples in Magnimar. As they near the back of the building, they are ambushed by the fiendish red gargoyle, who swoops down to attack Zavian.

The Abadarian cleric finds himself assailed from behind by a vandalized statue of Sarenrae. The statue proves resistant to magic, forcing a more direct approach. Lea is knocked on her back by the gargoyle, but manages to pull the creature on top of her. Thus grounded, the gargoyle is mobbed and defeated, followed by the statue.

Completing their exploration of the grounds, they find a small cemetery out back, where four graves appear to have been freshly dug. They also discover a semi-hidden entrance to the catacombs below.

Astrid scouts ahead and notices an odd design scribed on the floor. Marcus identifies it as a glyph of alarm and Amelia defuses it. The party advances down the corridor and into a chamber that has been transformed into a shrine to the demon lord of lies and murder, Shax. Kneeling before the altar, devouring a human heart, is the half-elf cultist Zadendi.

Zavian challenges her and advances into the room, but she is soon joined by her demonic patron, Avalexi. The demoness eerily resembles a fiendish Sarenrae right down to the flaming scimitar, and she denounces Zavian for his heresy. Not merely for posing as a Sarenrite, for she claims he turned his back on the goddess. Lea tries to threaten the demon, but is dismissed with a “Quiet, child, the grownups are talking.” Avalexi calls forth four undead creatures that form a barricade between her and the party. She also rends open a brief portal to the Abyss, from which spills forth a babau demon that attacks Marcus at the rear of the party’s formation.

Lea and Nualia are caught up battling the undead, while Amelia hurls glitterdust at Zadendi and blinds the cultist. Avalexi flies across the room to attack Zavian. Marcus enlarges himself and battles the babau demon with his glaive. Swords clash and spells fly as the battle is joined. The demoness cuts through Zavian’s armor with her burning blade, while her own revealing outfit shrugs off blows from the cleric and from Astrid. Spells fizzle against the abyssal auras of both demons. The undead aren’t able to inflict much harm against Lea and Nualia, but take a good deal of killing. The cultist Zadendi, still blind, attempts to support the undead by channeling negative energy.

Finally, the tide begins to turn against the demonic forces. Despite the cultist’s efforts, the undead begin to fall and Nualia turns her attention to Avalexi. The demoness retreats back across the chamber towards the altar. Astrid gives chase, while Zavian tends to the party. Marcus retreats from the babau and casts haste upon the party. Lea takes advantage of this to charge Zadendi and delivers a furious blow that splatters the half-elf against the Shax symbol on the wall.

Astrid runs up the wall to leap at the floating Avalexi and slash her. Marcus rushes up to Lea to cast fly upon her. The paladin flies up and then brings her earthbreaker crashing down on the demoness. The remaining babau wisely teleports away.

After looting the bodies, the Rune Wardens report back to Captain Kasadei, who is impressed at their ability to bring down threats far beyond the abilities of her guards. She pays them the reward for bringing the killer to justice, and promises to inform the local Sarenrite community of their actions.

Having foiled another murderer, the party rests for the remainder of the day and prepares for the Lord-Mayor’s upcoming feast. Lea works with Ameiko to assemble a disguise to the event.

Moonday, 20 Neth, 4733

The feast honoring the Rune Wardens is hosted at Defiant’s Garden, an opulent palace perched on the most scenic spot of the Summit, with a view looking out across Magnimar. The palace was claimed by the current Lord-Mayor, Haldmeer Grobaras, as his official residence and he clearly spared no expense on this grandiose events.

There is live music, elegant dancers, patriotic blue and silver bunting at every table, and exquisite cuisine representing the finest of Magnimar’s culinary offerings. A veritable who’s who of prominent residents has turned out for this exclusive event, while the Rune Wardens are given pride of place at the Lord-Mayor’s table, which is located on a raised wooden dais.

Haldmeer Grobaras is a corpulent fellow dressed only in the finest silks and attended by a brass angel with a fiery halo. His chief bodyguard, an unsavory Chelish man, lingers nearby. The Lord-Mayor delivers a speech praising the party’s service to Magnimar, destroying the Skinsaw Cult (and thwarting its plans to assassinate him) and bringing down another murder cult.

Once the Lord-Mayor is done, Zavian asks for permission to speak and explains how the party’s actions have served the will of Abadar. he ends by plugging his family’s restaurant. Lord-Mayor Grobaras says that he should pursue a career in politics. Grobaras also asks Ameiko to pass his best wishes along to “Her Highness,” who he would be most interested to speak with.

Lea, meanwhile, is posing as Ameiko’s handmaiden and has some trouble stifling her reaction as the Lord-Mayor explains that he thinks that he and the princess would have a great deal in common. Lea takes some time out from tending to Ameiko to briefly say hello to Mira, who is among the guests.

The Lord-Mayor then introduces the elven bard Kassiel, who steps out onto the stage to perform a ballad recounting the party’s various heroics, all of which is painted as selfless service to Magnimar. The poetic license extends to the defeat of Xanesha, who is depicted as being slain on the very steps of Defiant’s Garden while attempting to assassinate the Lord-Mayor. Grobaras whispers that this is how you do public relations. The song will be sung far and wide, telling the tale of the Rune Wardens.

As the meal starts to wind down, Grobaras offers the party rewards for stopping the Skinsaw Cult and saving his life. He then asks if they would be interested in carrying out a task for him. Fort Rannick, located in the shadow of Hook Mountain near the distant community of Turtleback Ferry, has recently fallen silent.

Since the fort lies near the border with Korvosa, any large body of troops could be perceived as preparations for an attack. But a small band of heroes could investigate without elevating the already heightened tensions between the two cities. The Lord-Mayor offers to cover their travel expenses for the job. The party agrees, since they were going to head that way anyway to investigate Xanesha’s “sister.”

After hiring on the party, the Lord-Mayor decides to retire from the revelries and summons a team of sturdy porters to literally haul his chair away. His brass angel golem and his bodyguard follow close behind.

Shalelu, having overheard the conversation, asks to join them on the trip to Fort Rannick. She recently learned that her mother’s former lover, a man named Jakardros Sovark, is a member of the Black Arrows, the order of rangers that operates out of the fort. Jakardros abandoned Shalelu decades ago after her mother was killed by a dragon, and the elf woman has some pointed questions to ask him.

Ameiko, however, warns that Hook Mountain is ogre territory and she begs Lea and the others not to go. It comes out that Ameiko’s adventuring days came to a close when nearly all of her party were killed by ogres, vile cannibals who delight in torture and suffering. She warns that they are big, strong, fast, and more clever than they appear. Lea, however, insists that she’ll be fine, and with Iomedae’s blessing can overcome all evil.

The journey to Turtleback Ferry will take some preparations, and the Rune Wardens decide to deal with some other loose ends first, such as investigating the rumored Isandari encampment in the Mushfens.


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