Rise of the Runelords

Dividing up the Spoils

The Spires of Xin-Shalast, Part 21

Sunday, 29 Erastus, 4734

Having plundered the dragon’s lair, the party seeks safe haven with the spared. Lea removes their lamia disguises.

The Spared provide them with the promised rewards, including a staff of healing, additional healing scrolls, and eight elixirs of the peak.

Marcus, Zavian and Lea decide to head to Korvosa to sell the loot and do some shopping. The rest of the group will recover in the Spared’s safe house. Lea decides to take Malakah with them.

They use Marcus’ shadow walk spell to retreat to the Fen of the Ice Mists. There, Zavian uses his magic to transport them to the Sarenite temple in Korvosa. They arrive during the sundown service on Sunday. Zavian, manifesting like an angel in the center of the temple, takes over the ceremony and manages to play it off smoothly.

Outside, Malakah is amazed at the intact city, so full of people, and right by the ocean. Lea promises that this is where she will stay once they rescue Nenet, and offers to take her to see Seleval.

Zavian and Marcus split off to do their shopping before the merchants close everything up.

Lea and Malakah arrive at the Cathedral of Iomedae just after their own sunset services ended. They encounter Laori Vaus the high priestess, who is happy to offer additional rooms for the lamias once they are ready. She tells Lea that after a bumpy start, Seleval and Zaelsar are doing well.

However, Seleval’s progress converting to be a cleric of Iomedae has stalled. She needs to go on a quest of atonement, but she is delaying it until Lea returns, since she is worried she might need to go help the princess. Laori asks Lea to talk to Seleval about the issue.

After the high priestess leaves, Lea is nearly tackled by an excited Seleval, dusty and sweaty from training with the Sworn Swords. She is delighted to see Malakah and the two greet each other by rubbing noses.

Seleval takes them both back to her quarters, which are fairly sparse. She has an armor and weapon rack, a writing desk and chair, and a small table with candles, a shrine to Iomedae, and a small portrait of Lea.

She explains that the painting was done by her sister Zaelsar, who has been studying at the Church of Shelyn and gotten into the Korvosan art scene. Though had to move to different rooms, Seleval continues to keep tabs on her sister and just make sure she doesn’t eat anybody.

Lea, Seleval and Malakah of them spend an hour catching up with each other. Seleval says she has been praying for the Rune Wardens’ safety, and has written Lea every day, sometimes several times a day. She digs out an enormous bundle of letters from her desk and gives them to the paladin. Lea promises to read through them and reply to a few by the time she returns with Nenet.

Lea asks Seleval about the atonement quest and Seleval admits that she has been putting it off until she knows that Lea and the others are safe and won’t need her help. Lea gets her to agree to stop delaying the quest, though she will wait until Malakah and Nenet get settled in before she starts on it.

Lea offers to have breakfast with Seleval tomorrow, and leaves Malakah there to spend the night.

Before the paladin can go, however, Seleval hastily retrieves a letter from the bundle, which she says should not have been in there due to its inappropriate content, which she wrote while drunk. Lea understands her embarrassment, and gives her a kiss on the forehead before departing.

The young paladin’s next stop is crashing a dinner party at Kyra’s Castle. Lea uses her Sihedron Ring to switch into appropriate attire, and then consults with the halfling spymaster about the signet rings recovered from the dragon’s hoard. Kyra drives a hard bargain for them, and the paladin comes away with only a slightly better deal than she could have gotten elsewhere.

By this point, Zavian is sending for her, and she reunites with the two boys, who had a busy day of purchasing. They head to Castle Korvosa to spend the night, and to confer with Valeria Endrin regarding the painting of Queen Domina recovered from the dragon’s hoard. The seneschal ultimately buys the painting for its historic value.

That night, while Marcus and Lea enjoy their comfy beds, Zavian returns to his demiplane and invites Belawara. The contract devil congratulates Zavian on eliminating her rival Gamigin.

She provides him with her copy of Elszevina’s contract and reminds him that he also needs to destroy the other copy that Elszevina has in order to void it. She also reminds him that at any time, he can invoke the second pact of his contract and gain access to a wish spell. In return, he must provide Belawara with Chellan the Sword of Greed within 24 hours of invoking the second pact. Zavian doesn’t think he’ll make use of that feature. Belawara notes that the Rune Wardens will have to get rid of the sword somehow.

The two of them flirt for a bit and exchange pecks on the cheek before Belawara makes her departure. Zavian realizes this is the first time Belwara has visited him in the flesh since she reappeared in his life.

Moonday, 30 Erastus, 4734

The next morning, they have breakfast with Seleval, although the space is a bit cramped for giant-sized Marcus. Lea gives Seleval a locket that she can use to check the paladin’s status, hopefully putting her mind at ease.

After bidding farewell to the lamia, the four of them return to the Fen of the Ice Mists to regroup with the rest of the Rune Wardens. Their final target in the Lower City is the rescue of Malakah’s friend Nenet from the lamia temple.

Malakah provides a map of the temple and the party debates their approach. They decide to enter through the secret door in the high priestess’ quarters and fight their way through the complex to Nenet’s room.


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