Rise of the Runelords

Elvish Intrigue

Fortress of the Stone Giants, Part 6

Toilday, 30 Abadius, 4734

The Rune Wardens have gathered in a tavern called the Wanton Warrior to plan their next move,but their deliberations are interrupted by a team of elvish commandos. The elves bear the arms and armor of the Isandari Ranger Guard.

The leader of the commandos, a stern elvish woman, orders the party to lay down arms and prepare to be searched. She claims the party has stolen an important item from Isandria.

“She wants to grab our stones,” Marcus deadpans, and his corny joke causes a wave of titters to spread across the room.

Thanks to some deft negotiation, the Rune Wardens manage to diffuse the tension and convince the elves to sit down to lunch with them. It turns out that the elvish commander is Galebrie, sister to their friend Galodar.

Verifying this mentally with Galodar, they also learn that Galebrie had a scandalous affair with a half-elf stable boy named Wesley. When they bring this up, she turns bring red and quickly cuts them off. This personal connection does fully persuade her of the party’s claims against Queen Tavara.

Galebrie explains that her team was sent by the queen to retrieve a disapparating gem that was stolen from Isandria by a red-headed half-elf. She also warns that the Sentinel Throne can track the location of the gem. To allay suspicion, they decide that the elvish commandos should travel with the party back to Sandpoint to reunite with Prince Eldrin and Galodar.

Wealday, 31 Abadius, 4734

The next day, Galebrie charters an elvish ship, the Green Sceptre, captained by Captain Egon Sarneiros. During the voyage they are stalked by dwarvish pirates, but the Green Sceptre uses a ruse in the night to avoid them.

Oathday, 4 Abadius, 4734

Upon arriving back in Sandpoint, the Rune Wardens learn that there was an incursion by elven commandos. Marcus’ parents prevented them from abducting Prince Eldrin, but the elves managed to abscond with something from the ruins of Old Light.

They also learned that Galodar has returned from his scouting mission to Isandria, and he brought someone back: Blacktree, Amelia’s grandfather. He explains that Queen Tavara and the Highborne faction orchestrated a palace coup. Officially, King Thalion has fallen ill and the Queen is acting unilaterally in his stead. The King’s supporters are being quietly arrested and the Blacktree has heard rumors that there is a stone giant ambassador in the palace.

The Rune Wardens work with the Blacktree to concoct a plan to infiltrate the Hidden Kingdom and get to the bottom of this intrigue.


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