Rise of the Runelords

Into Shahlaria

The Spires of Xin-Shalast, Part 14

Wealday, 25 Erastus, 4734

Posing as several flavors of giant, the Rune Wardens have managed to talk their way into the fortress of Shahlaria, only to be confronted in the courtyard by the storm giant lord Nenzir.

Stone-Amelia uses glibness to convince Nenzir that Cloud-Grenja’s throat was injured by a poison cloud and her failed attempt at ventriloquism was merely to save face.

Nenzir is interested in questioning this new cloud giantess about the adventurers she supposedly tangled with. He also asks if she knows about locks. His questions are interrupted when the lamias call him over to the Misericorde, where they have discovered yet another hidden compartment.

Unfortunately, they haven’t found the key Nenzir is looking for. Marcus notes that the ship has no magic aura. Amelia notices that it still has the figurehead with the dagger driven in its neck. Everyone recalls that Daelyn’s lizardman first mate Arakos had a giant adamantine key strapped to his back when they last saw him in Kaer Maga.

Amelia convinces Nenzir that the whole team has experience dungeon delving and breaking locks. He decides to quarter them all in the keep for the evening and directs them to seek out a Captain Suratova for lodging

After their interactions with Nenzir, the party comes to suspect that he is under some sort of dominate spell. They quietly wonder about dispelling it, and whether the storm giant’s evil acts were simply coerced by magic.

Captain Suratova turns out to be a fire giantess overseeing a team of fire giant craftsmen. The smiths are forging magic weapons as well as a great adamantine key. Suratova secures a room for the party to stay in, but is distracted by an industrial accident with the key. It appears that forging a replacement is proving quite challenging.

The Rune Wardens retreat into their quarters just before Marcus’ mass enlarge person spell wears off, dropping them all to normal size but still disguised as giants. They use rope trick to hide within the room and plan to use napsack to rest up quickly. The tiefling mercenary Reri borrows Zavian’s ring of invisibility and goes off to scout out the complex.

The lamia Malakah admits that she feels like she made a big mistake by backing the party—strangers to her—in the face of immense danger. Lea tries to reassure her but just comes across as creepy. The simpleminded lamia is ultimately comforted by meat provided by Zavian and cuddles from Amelia and Lea.

Marcus spends some time peering through a crack in the door to watch the fire giants as they smith. Reri returns, having gotten a general rundown of the castle, but not able to reach Nenzir’s room.

Suratova notifies the party that it is dinner time. They beg off, pretending that the cloud giantess “Tyriana” hasn’t recovered enough to eat. They note that Suratova doesn’t think highly of Nenzir.

The fire giants on duty head off to eat, while a new shift takes over. The Rune Wardens ask the next fire giant officer, Lieutenant Volstag, where the bathrooms are and then leave. Noting that Volstag is eyeing them suspiciously, Amelia casts modify memory on him. They leave behind an illusory wall to make it appear that they are all asleep in their room.

Following Reri’s directions, the adventurers make their way up to the lamia’s room. They find several more plundered magic items, as well as a hidden chamber with yet more treasure. They set an ambush for the lamias, posing as housekeeping. However, the lamia sorceress Priseris immediately dimension doors away with her companion Aurore.

The Rune Wardens are left concerned that their cover has been blown.


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