Rise of the Runelords

Killing Mokmurian

Fortress of the Stone Giants, Part 17

Fireday, 9 Pharast, 4734

The Rune Wardens stand on threshold of Mokmurian’s lair. The giant lord sneers at them from his throne at the far end of the great chamber, while his runeslave bodyguard stands watch on the stairs. Piles of books, alchemical tools and arcane reagents are scattered about the room, while four pillars hold up the hundred foot tall ceiling.

Zavian and Mokmurian trade threats and the stone giant lord summons up an obscuring and surprisingly dense fog that surrounds the party. Lea presses through the fog towards the throne. Mokmurian responds by calling up a noxious yellow-green cloud around her.

Zavian and Astrid manage to rise above the thick fog—the aasimar takes flight and the half-elf spiderclimbing up the wall. Zavian casts a silence spell on giant lord’s throne to thwart any further spells. Mokmurian, however, flies up into the air beyond the spell.

Meanwhile, the alien hounds the party had been fighting reappear to attack Astrid and Zavian. Their gaze attack has no effect on the cleric and their claws have trouble against the fighter’s armor. The hounds then teleports away. The stone giant runeslave tosses boulders at the adventurers, but misses.

Mokmurian flies forward until he hovers over the noxious cloud, and casts mass reduce person on the Rune Wardens at the chamber entrance. Amelia and Seleval shrink down to halfling size.

The noxious cloud leches away Lea’s health, so she rushes out of it and charges up the stairs to attack the stone giant runeslave. Little Amelia ducks behind a pillar and strikes up an inspiring song. Little Seleval air walks out of the heavy fog. Zavian hunts down one of the alien hounds with his flaming scimitar Sunspark.

Marcus, meanwhile, slips out of the cloud and casts dispell magic on Mokmurian. Unable to remove his stoneskin buff, he strips away the giant lord’s fly spell. He starts to rapidly descend into his own noxious cloud. Astrid looses arrows at him but has trouble penetrating his defenses.

Little Seleval successfully casts blindness on the stone giant runeslave. Mokmurian’s lair, meanwhile, summons up a freezing cloud around Lea and the runeslave. The giant lord himself retreats into the heavy fog, but not before Little Amelia blinds him with glitterdust. He lurks in the fog, trying to scrape the glitter from his eyes and casting a spell. Lea presses the attack on the blinded runeslave, striking it down.

After clearing the glitter from his eyes, Mokmurian rises up into the air and begins slinging spells at Marcus and Lea. The half-elf wizard shrugs off a blast of_disintegrate_, while the paladin is blasted with several scorching rays. The paladin ducks behind the big throne. Sensing weakness, Mokmurian orders his hounds to attack the paladin. Seleval enlarges herself to return to human-size. Marcus blasts Mokmurian with enervation, sapping his strength and vitality.

Two hounds teleport over to flank Lea, slashing at her. The monsters claw and bite. Lea strikes back, bashing one of them to death. Seleval, who had been trying to hack at Mokmurian, races across the room towards Lea but can’t quite reach her. Zavian blesses the party, inflicting more harmful effects onto Mokmurian.

The third hound teleports in to join the attack on Lea, stepping over its dead fellow. This time the creatures find a weakness in her armor, their teeth and claws sinking deep. Trapped in the silence spell, Lea dies without a sound.

Mokmurian now directs his ire towards Marcus, ultimately striding up to the wizard to bash him with a club and unleashing a stored vampiric touch. Marcus is incensed at these copycat tactics, and also at the grievous wounds. The giant lord shrugs off Astrid’s arrows and Little Amelia’s spells.

Zavian casts air walk on Astrid to make it easier for her to close to melee range with Mokmurian. Seleval scoops up Lea’s body, kicking one of the snapping hounds as she goes. Mokmurian orders the hounds to go after Marcus.

Little Amelia casts cacophonous call on Mokmurian one more time, but this time the spell takes hold. The giant lord begins projectile vomiting and staggers away from Marcus. He tries to flee the room but Zavian seals the exit with stone shape. The giant starts running around the room, trying to keep the party at the distance until the spell wears off.

Seleval rushes up to Zavian, Lea’s lifeless body in her arms, and demands that the cleric “fix” the paladin. Working together, they manage to channel enough divine energy to draw Lea’s soul back in her body. The princess remains unconscious, while Seleval begins pumping healing spells into her.

Unable to do much on his own, Mokmurian repeatedly uses his lair’s powers to try to charm Astrid but each time she shakes it off. The fighter manages to cut through the giant lord’s stoneskin. Little Amelia brings the chase to a close by ensnaring Mokmurian with a charm monster.

The charmed Mokmurian is led into the center of the room, where Marcus hopes to interrogate him. Before the questioning can get very far, the giant lord is possessed by Runelord Karzoug. He mocks the party and promises to return soon to awaken the armies of Xin-Shalast. His energies burn the life from Mokmurian, who falls dead to the floor. Marcus curses furiously, having lost his chance to ask questions.

Seleval is terrified that the Runelord saw everyone. She explains that when Karzoug stirred to wakefulness five years ago, he sent his prophetess the Most High Ceoptra into Xin-Shalast to bring the lamias to heel. Seleval’s mother and some the other senior lamias refused, believing that the Runelords’ time had passed. Most High Ceoptra transformed these rebels into lamia hungerers, a fate worse than death, and did so without breaking a sweat. And Ceoptra is a mere servant of Karzoug. The thought of being noticed by the Runelord terrifies Seleval to the bone.

Amelia and Zavian try to bolster her spirits, while Marcus appeals to her anger at what happened to her mother and points out that she has nowhere left to go. Seleval is somewhat heartened, but still troubled, although she admits that she has no other options but to press forward. She is hanging onto the unconscious Lea like a safety blanket throughout this.

The party plunders Mokmurian’s corpse and his lair. They find some magic items that are useful to spellcasters, as well as a second bag of holding that contains Mokmurian’s voluminous spellbooks. They also find the key to the strange bronze doors you’d passed by earlier.

Among Mokmurian’s possessions the adventurers find a map and notes suggesting that he was trying to retrieve a foundation stone from the ruins of something called a Hellstorm Flume. He could use the stone to discern where “the traitor Xaliasa” dwelled and hopefully recover his key to the “Runeforge.” All of the Hellstorm Flume ruins on the map are located out to sea except for one, which is located in Sandpoint.

While the others poke through the room, Zavian tends to Lea’s wounds under Seleval’s watchful gaze. The lamia thanks him for his help and warns him that Lamashtu is still angry with him for taking something precious to her.


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