Rise of the Runelords

Kreeg Cleanup

The Hook Mountain Massacre, Part 9

Sunday, 17 Kuthona, 4733

The Rune Wardens and their stone giant prisoner exit the throne room. Amelia, still pretending to be a polymorphed ogre, demands to speak with the entire Kreeg clan. They are taken to a large common room, where the Kreegs have built an enormous forge to mass produce giant-sized weapons and armor.

Amelia, still under the effects of glibness, addresses the crowd of ogres. She holds Barl Breakbones’ head aloft and says that he had refused Mokmurian’s command to send the ogres to Jorgenfist — because Barl thought they were too weak. But she knows the Kreeg ogres are the strongest clan on Hook Mountain and tells them to report to Mokmurian at Jorgenfist immediately. The bamboozled ogres hastily pack up their weapons and set out.

With the ogres seen to, the Rune Wardens set their sights on the coven of annis hags responsible for the region’s unnatural weather. The three hags are gathered around a repulsive and bubbling cauldron as Astrid stealthily spiderwalks over the chamber’s domed ceiling. She overhears the hags muttering in Giant about their concerns over Barl’s leadership of the ogres. Once in position, Astrid charges down the ceiling to maul one of the hags from behind with her double-bladed sword Echo.

After Astrid’s ambush, the hag coven traps her in a force cage. Lea barrels into the room and hammers one of the vile crones with her earthbreaker. Marcus tosses a fireball at them, causing the cauldron to explode. The shrapnel finishes off one, breaking the coven’s group powers.

While Astrid pounds futilely against the walls of the force cage, Zavian assists Leia in bringing down another annis hag. Amelia hangs back and uses her wand of magic missiles.

The last hag summons up a hazy blue fog and tries to escape, but her fog cloud is dispelled and the adventurers finish her off. The death of the coven and destruction of their cauldron has put an end to the region’s unnatural rain.

From there, the Rune Wardens investigate the shrine of Lamashtu where the slain ranger commander Lamatar Bayden still lurks. Advancing into the chilly, fog-shrouded chamber, Lea is ambushed by the frost wight. After slashing her with icy claws, Lamatar fades into the mists and teleports away.

He reappears by the Lamashtu altar and fires chilling arrows and the adventurers before vanishing again into the fog. When he reappears again, Lea and Astrid charge him. Lamatar’s frozen body shatters under the fury of their blows. Lea harvests his frozen heart and stuffs it in the party’s bag of holding.

Zavian and Lea then tip over and smash the Lamashtu shadow. Their iconoclasm complete, the party prepares to leave.

In the entryway to the clanhold, Marcus retrieves the enormous Sihedron medallion from the 40-foot-tall ebon giant statue, causing it to crumble into dust. This reveals that it was actually a giant’s corpse, preserved under the medallion’s gentle repose spell for so long it fossilized.

Zavian uses stone shape to bring down the clanhold, sealing it off from the outside.

Wednesday, 20 Kuthona, 4733

The Rune Wardens return to Whitewillow in the Shimmerglens to return Lamatar’s heart to the ghost of his nymph lover Myriana. She uses the last of her power to reincarnate Lamatar as a handsome half-elf. The ghostly nymph passes her inspiration onto Amelia and then bids Lamatar farewell as she fades away. The reincarnated ranger vows to take up her role as protector of the fey portal in Whitewillow.

Thursday, 21 Kuthona, 4733

The party returns to Turtleback Ferry aboard the eponymous ferry and discover that the village is disturbed by a flight of hippogriff-riding Sable Company Marines from Korvosa. Jakardros has arrived in town to treat with them.

The Marine Captain Kel Kalandra recognizes Lea as a princess and delivers a letter from her father. He writes urging her to return home, where she is needed.

The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of two stone golems that wade out of Claybottom Lake. They are reinforcements sent by the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar. The golems react with hostility to the sight of Korvosan forces on Magnimarian territory. The Rune Wardens talk the golems down and then transfer command of them to Jakardros. The ranger intends to put them to work rebuilding Fort Rannick.

Prince Eldrin, now re-equipped with Black Arrows gear, catches with Astrid as the party prepares for the return trip to Sandpoint. Eldrin will being going with them, as the quickest route back to Isandria runs through Sandpoint.

Nualia returns, alone, at the last minute. Zavian takes her for a walk by Skull River to bring her up to speed and learn what she has been up to on her vision quest.


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