Rise of the Runelords

Lamashtu's Chosen

Burnt Offerings, Part 6

Fireday, 13 Lamashan, 4733

Having infiltrated the goblin fort on the island of Thistletop, the party descends into the ruins below. The narrow staircase leads them into the war room where the next, massive raid on Sandpoint is being planned. The raid is scheduled for just two weeks away, but depends on the release from the “whispering beast” below.

The adventurers are interrupted by the wizard Lyrie, who cries out for aid. They rush to stop her, but get tangled up in their own enthusiastic efforts. Unable to participate in the crowded fight, Amelia bars the entrance to the chamber. A wounded Lyrie tries to flee, but she is dazed by Amelia and knocked unconscious. The adventurers bind her up and debate what to do with her. Eventually, Amelia slits her throat, while Marcus kills her cat familiar. Zavian puts away his golden bolt.

The ruckus attracts the bugbear mercenary Bruthazmus, who pounds on the barred door, then grunts and abandons it. With Astrid in the lead, the adventurers investigate. Unfortunately, Bruthazmus and six goblin spearwives are waiting for them in an ambush. Astrid gets a mouthful of flail as the bugbear brags that he will add her pointy ears to her necklace.

Lea advances into the room to confront the bugbear and Astrid strikes back, while Zavian buffs the party and then shifts backward. Marcus attacks the spearwives. But it is Amelia who tips the balance, disabling Bruthazmus with a sleep spell.

The adventurers quickly cut their way through the remaining goblins. One of the goblin wives attempts to flee and bumps into Orik. The fighter takes in the carnage and quickly surrenders.

After quizzing Orik, they decide to take the secret passage down to confront Nualia. They come across statues of what they presume to be a different Runelord, a man carrying a glaive. Amelia manages to disable a nasty trap on two of the statues. The party then comes across a strange pillar designed as if it were made from a stack of gold coins. Rather than invetigate further, they choose to do an about face and go after Nualia.

The deranged aasimar is waiting for them in a chamber lit by flaming skulls, accompanied by a pair of goblins and two hideous yeth hounds. Lea tries to reason with Nualia, playing on her relationship with Tsuto and the possibility she is possessed. Zavian demands that she face justice. Nualia dismisses both of them and commands her yeth hounds to attack. The hound’s terrifying bays send Orik and Nualia’s goblin attendants fleeing, but the adventurers stand fast.

One of the yeth hounds takes flight to harry Astrid and Marcus, while Lea and Zavian charge Nualia. Amelia hangs back to provide support with her magic. Nualia moves in to attack with her bastard sword and clawed hand, while her yeth hound companion trips Lea.

The fighting is fierce and savage. But Ash’s return heralds the arrival of Shalelu, who bolsters the adventurers as they press the attack. Zavian and Lea knock Nualia unconscious, while her hounds are brought down one by one. When the fighting is done, they strip Nualia of her weapons and armor and bind her up with manacles.

Reuniting with Orik upstairs, the party decides to rest in the mercenary bedrooms for the night, setting Orik, Shalelu, and Astrid to stand watch in shifts. The following day, the adventurers leave Nualia tied up under the watchful eye of Orik while they investigate the chapel to Lamashtu. The yeth hounds inside put up a fierce fight, their baying sending Zavian and Shalelu into a panic. However, the hounds are eventually brought to heel and the party profanes the chapel.

They then decide whether to explore the ruins further, or return to the surface to confront Nualia’s last co-conspirator, the goblin chieftain Ripnugget.


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