Rise of the Runelords

Marcus the Ogre Slayer

The Hook Mountain Massacre, Part 4

Moonday, 11 Kuthona, 4733

The Rune Wardens have so far curbstomped the Graul family of ogrekin cannibals—blowing up their barn to kill their giant spider, avoiding their traps, and ambushing their matriarch Mammy Graul. Flush with success, they continue their home invasion.

Marcus discovers the Grauls’ kitchen and immediately wishes he hadn’t. While he recovers from the overwhelming nausea, Lea bashes down the door to the family room but doesn’t see anything of note aside from a creepy couch.

With nowhere else to go but down, the adventurers cover their noses and race through the gore-slicked kitchen and down the stairs to the Graul basement.

The stairs open out onto a cramped workroom with several sets of half-finished pieces of furniture cushioned in human leather. Astrid takes point and is ambushed by two rodents of unusual size, as well as a furious ogrekin berserker.

Although the enraged Graul deals out furious wounds to Zavian, the cleric manages to stove his head in with a mace. Astrid splats the donkey rats and the party moves on.

Zavian uses shape stone to bring down the wall between the workshop and the chamber beyond. This inadvertently reveals the Grauls’ nastiest secret: an enormous tendricolus plant monster that was once one of their own.

Lea rushes in to confront it, but is quickly caught in its jaws and paralyzed. Marcus keeps a flaming sphere on it, while the others bring the creature down. Astrid and Amelia investigate the Graul treasure. Meanwhile, Zavian and Marcus check up on Lea. While she is incapacitated, Marcus uses this opportunity to inspect her strange purple eyes.

The adventurers salvage what they can from the Graul household, including the gear of their Black Arrows allies. Amelia has a close call with a Graul trap on the creepy couch in the family room. Once she’s been tried for the poison, the adventurers set fire to the place and return to their camp in the Kreegwood while the farmhouse burns to the ground.

They reunite with the elves and the Black Arrows to plot their attack on Fort Rannick. Jakardros and Vale brief them on the layout of the fort and its vulnerabilities. The Rune Wardens decide that they will approach by air while the others launch a diversionary attack to draw away some of the ogres.

Toilday, 12 Kuthona, 4733

First however, they take a day to make preparations. Amelia ferries supplies between the camp and Turtleback Ferry on her hippogriff. Zavian uses his vivicarum spell to raise three vivicars of the dead Black Arrows from the Graul farm. One of the vivicars takes the form of Vale’s dead brother Victor. Vale is so troubled by this that he asks Zavian to dispel the construct and summon another one.

Shalelu and Lea gather bitterbark branches for the diversion. Lea asks the elf ranger about her reunion with Jakardros and learns that her suspicions were right. Jakardros left after the death of Shalelu’s mother not out of callousness but grief. The two have reconciled.

Shalelu and Galodar hear someone approach and stealth off to investigate. They return with a captive, a trapper named Rotibar who claims he was returning to Turtleback Ferry after checking his traps in the Wyvern Mountains. The party is suspicious, but Lea senses no evil on the man, who protests loudly about being detained.

Rotibar is troubled by the unnatural rains, and mentions that it may have riled up Black Magga in the Storval Deep. A more immediate concern was Rotibar’s sighting of a hill giant in the Valley of Broken Trees just north of Fort Rannick. The party decides to investigate once they retake Fort Rannick. They let the trapper go on his way.

Wealday, 13 Kuthona, 4733

In the pre-dawn hours, the adventurers set out for Fort Rannick, arriving in the morning, and begin to set their plan in motion. The fortress is built against a sheer cliff face, with a creek acting as both a water source and natural moat. But there are vulnerabilities in its defenses that they intend to exploit.

The two elves stealthily approach the secret cave entrance to the fort and ignite the bitterbark they had collected. The strong odor smokes out the shocker lizards who dwell in the caves, driving them up into the fortress.

The Black Rangers, bolstered by the trio of vivicars, launch a diversionary attack on the south gate of the fort. They are successful in drawing out the ogres. Perhaps too successful, as a dozen of the giant monsters thunder out of the fort after them.

The Rune Wardens, meanwhile, fly up to the abandoned giant eagle aerie that Vale had told them about. They descend through another secret passage down to the fort’s courtyard, where rubble blocks their way. The courtyard is full of enraged shocker lizards, which are being chased by several ogres.

Noting the crumbling guard post nearby, which they were told was ready to fall any moment, Zavian uses a shape stone spell to clear the way and undermine the base of the tower. It topples over onto a big brutish ogre and the rest of the party surges out into the yard.

Astrid hits the ogre guard in the north gatehouse with an arrow, and Marcus flies in to finish him off with two scorching rays. (One) Zavian and Astrid confront the smaller ogre, unwittingly attracting the attention of the shocker lizards as well.

The big brutish ogre Karly-Lop rises out of the rubble, only a little worse for wear after having a building dropped on him. Lea deftly leaps up onto the debris pile to confront him face to face.

Meanwhile, another ogre brute, Jolly, runs along the wall to assist his fellows. He and Karly-Lop have a cordial exchange about dealing with the carpetbagging scalawags who’ve stirred up this heap of trouble. But when Jolly tries to pull a chunk of masonry out of the wall to throw, he brings the whole gatehouse down on top of him.

Marcus slashes down the smallest ogre with his ranseur and unleashes the stored shocking grasp spell to electrocute Ol’ Randy. (Two)

Lea goes to toe to toe with the ogre brute Karly-Lop, confident that her valor and the Inheritor’s blessing will see her through. The two duel, but the ogre gets the upper hand. Karly-Lop’s wicked hook pierces through Lea’s mithral plate. She slumps to the ground on the brink of death.

Karly-Lop’s triumph is short-lived, however, as Marcus unleashes a barrage of magic missile that pummel the life from the ogre’s warped body. (Three) Zavian quickly revives Lea with the healing power of the Lawgiver.

Jolly, meanwhile, emerges from the ruins of the gatehouse. He surveys the scene. Amelia takes that opportunity to throw glitterdust in his eyes, blinding him. He shrieks that he hates fairy dust.

Crying that this is like the Shimmerglens all over again, the ogre brute runs blindly across the courtyard before slamming into the cliff face. He cleans the glitter from his eyes and makes a break for the main keep. Zavian and Marcus chases after him. Jolly forces open the main doors just in time for Marcus to hammer him with a volley of magic missiles (Four)

With the eldritch knight 4-0 against the ogres, the rest of the party has a ways to go to catch up and the gates of the keep are wedged open to them.


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