Rise of the Runelords

Murder at the Glassworks

Burnt Offerings, Part 2

Fireday, 29 Rova, 4733

The Missing Bartender

The Rusty Dragon’s halfling maid Bethana Corwin contacted the adventurers to tell them that Ameiko Kaijitsu has gone missing. The bartender left the Rusty Dragon the night before for a secret meeting with her estranged half-brother Tsuto at the family’s Glassworks.

As a chill fall dawn breaks over Sandpoint, the party hustles out to investigate the Glassworks. The town is still waking up, with Gorvi and his streetsweepers still tidying up the previous day’s mess. The half-orc garbage man leers at the female adventurers as they pass by.

The windows of the Glassworks are shrouded with dark curtains and the doors are locked, but the furnaces continue to billow out thick black smoke. Amelia tries knocking on the front door, while Marcus circles around back to the loading doors where Ameiko was supposed to meet her brother.

Zavian asks on of the streetsweeps for information. He talks to a fellow in ratty hat who heard a woman’s scream at the Glassworks the night before. The vagrant notes that the place has been closed up for a few days, and figures that Lonjiku Kaijitsy and staff are working on a big project that needs privacy.

Marcus goes to loading entrance that Ameiko used and sees footprints going in but not coming out. He breaks a window and climbs in.

At the front door, no one answers Amelia’s knock. Astrid considers climbing the building. Lea pounds on the door and demands they open. There is no response. A crowd starts to gather as Lea begins hammering on the door while Zavian writes up a search warrant. Amelia hypnotizes the onlookers into leaving.

In the back of the building, Marcus finds bloody footprints leading downstairs. He finds smashes glass on the floor and sees movement in the forge room. A safe in back sits open and empty. Marcus casts a spell to shrink himself down so he can creep up to the forge room.

In front, Lea finally batters down the door and the party enters. No one answers their calls, but they hear noise coming from the forge room.

Goblins and Glass

The forge room is a hideous spectacle, littered with partially dismembered bodies, many of them half-cover in melted glass. In one corner sits a figure completely encased in glass.

Nine goblins putter around the room, playing with body parts and molten glass, or just smashing things in an idle, bored fashion. The noisy rumble of the furnace masks the sound of the main party forming up at the from entrance, while Marcus slips in the back.

The wizard is the first to act, dropping three of the goblins with color spray. The rest of the adventurers charge into the room after being blessed by Zavian. Amelia quickly charms a goblin into turning on its fellows, while Lea smites the most likely leader.

The goblins respond by throwing broken glass at Zavian and going after the adventurers with hot tongs dripping with molten glass. Lea avoids being burned, but Zavian gets scalded.

But the disorganized goblins prove no match for the adventurers, who take four of them captive (against Zavian’s wishes). Once the little monsters are bound and gagged, they investigate the glass-covered corpse in the chair. It is Lonjiku Kaijitsu. Inspection of the remains shows that he was stabbed to death, then posed on the chair and encased in molten glass. The other bodies in the chamber prove to be all that is left of the Glassworks’ staff.

Ambush Below the Earth

After this grisly discovery, the party redoubles their efforts to find the missing Ameiko. They follow the bloody footprints Marcus discovered down into the basement of the Glassworks. Almost immediately, they come across a walled in area that has been smashed open. Beyond, they find a small, dusty office in which someone has been sleeping for several days. Beside the office is a door that leads to a long, winding tunnel.

Figuring that is where the goblins came from, the party holds off investigating it further until they can inspect the rest of the basement. After they have rounded a corner, they are ambushed by a hidden band of goblins and their leader, Tsuto Kaijitsu. Goblin arrows nearly fell Amelia and Zavian is likewise dealt a solid blow.

In the ensuing fight, Tsuto nearly kicks Astrid’s head in but is thrown off at the last second. In a similar twist of fate, Marcus tries to bringdown Tsuto and his goblins with color spray, but they manage to resist the spell’s supernatural effects only to be nauseated by its undulating colors. Tsuto attempts an escape, but Zavian and Astrid give chase, with the fighter leaving him bleeding on the ground. Zavian grudgingly agrees to stabilize him and the renegade half-elf is chained up in the old office.

Tsuto’s Journal

Rifling through Tsuto’s possessions, the party comes across his journal. In it, Tsuto discusses the success of the raid, which was merely a distraction so that the bones of Ezakien Tobyn could be retrieved from the graveyard. The journal notes that a “real raid” will be happening as soon as Tsuto’s lover is able to release something called Malfeshnekor. The journal mentions two other conspirators, the goblin chief Ripnugget and the bugbear Bruthazmus.

Marcus quickly recognizes the woman in Tsuto’s drawings as Nualia, Ezakien’s adopted aasimar daughter who was thought to have died with him in the fire five years ago. Not only did she survive, but she appears to have become a Lamashtu cultist obsessed with removing her celestial “taint.”

The rest of the journal is devoted to plans of attack on Sandpoint and erotic drawings of Nualia that leave Lea blushing.

Rescuing Ameiko

After stowing away the prisoner and securing his journal, the party then tracks down the room where a badly wounded Ameiko is being held. They revive her and help her out of the building, informing her of her father’s fate. Lea and Zavian take Ameiko to the Cathedral for additional care, while the others carry Tsuto to the Sandpoint Garrison.

On his way out, Zavian puts down the captive goblins, saving his golden bolt for another day.

At the Garrison, Marcus, Astrid, and Amelia nonchalantly drop off the half-elf, reeling off his list of crimes to a flabbergasted Constable Wallas. The prisoner is quickly taken into custody and Wallas frets over the danger to Sandpoint and the paperwork he will have to do to process the case.

At the Cathedral, Father Zantus provides Ameiko further healing, though she refuses to accept more than one curative spell. Zantus, meanwhile, turns down Lea’s offer to pay for his services.

Ameiko explains that her brother helped the goblins get into Sandpoint. He said that he was working with a group of mercenaries out at Thistletop and that they had something big planned for Sandpoint. He told her she should skip town and then tried to get her to join him. That was when she hit him, at which point he called in his goblins and they beat the crap out of her.

While Zavian prepares for Alergast Barett’s funeral later that day, Lea escorts Ameiko back to the Rusty Dragon. The bartender promises them free room and board for the rest of their lives.

Over the next few days, Lea is never far from Ameiko’s side. The whole town comes together to wish her well. Meanwhile, Marcus uses the metal from the goblin dogslicers to craft a collection of maces that he sells to the townsfolk. He is approached by Shayliss, who wants to arrange another tryst. He invites her to dinner that night at the Rusty Dragon.


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