Rise of the Runelords

Random Encounters

The Hook Mountain Massacre, Part 1

Toilday, 28 Neth, 4733

After traveling a few hours away from the ruined elf camp in the Mushfens, the Rune Wardens settle down for the night. Zavian uses shape stone to create a thin layer of stone to keep them out of the mud. Galodar asks after their adventures and is impressed with their accomplishments, but over the course of the evening it becomes clear that he and Shalelu do not get along.

While most of the party beds down for the night in their tents, Zavian keeps watch, his ring of sustenance warding off fatigue. The two elves settle in to trance on opposite sides of the camp, while Vivi strolls around, frequently casting her gaze up at the stars that twinkle in between the banks of clouds.

Then, quite suddenly, a thick mass of fog engulfs the camp, making it difficult to see beyond fa few feet. Zavian realizes that this is no natural effect just as he hears a sickening wet crunch from the direction where Galodar was trancing. Zavian dispells the fog and shouts in alarm, as the clouds part to reveal an aberrant marsh giant. The creature’s greatclub is smeared with blood, as Galodar’s crumbled body bleeds out on the ground. Vivi rushes to defend the elf, while Zavian circles around behind the main tent.

The rest of the camp lurches awake. Nualia stumbles out of the large tent in her underwear, bastard sword in hand, to find herself face to face with the giant. Lea comes running out of her tent, earthbreaker ready. The grotesque creature stumbles away from them, trampling over Astrid’s tent as she barely manages to avoid the enormous footsteps. Amelia starts singing an inspiring tune as she wriggles out of her tent. Marcus emerges and hurls a fireball at the giant.

This unfortunately attracts the attention of another marsh giant perched on a fallen tree a hundred some feet away. This giant hurls a boulder at Marcus and continues to pelt the camp with stones. Shalelu looses arrows back at him, but to little effect. Marcus’ spells have a sharper bite, but also make him more of a target. Amelia takes to the air in her hippogriff and pelts the distant giant with glitterdust.

Zavian intones a prayer for the party, while Astrid leaps up, trying to land on the aberrant giant’s back, but he ducks and she instead lands behind him. Lea charges the monstrosity and it strikes her with it’s greatclub. The savage blow nearly knocks her to the ground and cracks the club.

The giant casts the weapon aside and bellows “Mokmurian!”

Lea and Astrid catch the creature in a flanking position and begin to hack into it. Nualia charges the tentacled monster and ducks under its swing to catch it in the groin with her bastard sword. The loss of its little tentacle brings the already overbalanced giant to its knees, where Astrid delivers the killing blow.

The remaining marsh giant tries to make a break for it, but Amelia uses her hippogriff to ferry the eager warriors from the campsite to its position. Zavian and Lea heal Galodar and the others, but Astrid’s tent is a loss.

Astrid keeps watch for the remainder of the night while Zavian rests and talks with the two elves. She asks Galodar about her brother, her father and life in Isandria. Galodar explains that unlike Shalelu’s homeland in the Mierani Forest to the north, the main city of Isandria was kept hidden from interlopers during the elves’ millennia of seclusion at Sovyrian. This allowed them to move back in with relative ease.

(Shalelu notes that the Isandrians have not taken advantage of their good fortune to help their cousins in the Mierani Forest.)

But dangers still lurk in the wider forest, and it is the job of the Ranger Guard to secure it. The Guard lacks the resources to keep all intruders out, so over the years Isandria’s leafy expanse has played home to more and more unauthorized human settlers: bandits, refugees, and foresters. It has become a significant political issue for the royal court, which is divided between two factions.

The Highborne, favored by Queen Tavara, wish to expel the humans before they further pollute elven lands and culture. The Stalwarts support King Thalion’s position of toleration, which seeks to incorporate the humans into the realm and teach them proper elvish ways.

(Shalelu interjects to note that both sides are arrogant and xenophobic, even to other elves.)

The two continue to verbally snipe at each other for the remainder of the night while Astrid tries to keep the peace.

Wealday, 29 Neth, 4733

The party returns to Magnimar and immediately begins preparations to depart for Turtleback Ferry. Lea takes her leave of the group to escort Ameiko back to Sandpoint and hopefully meet up with Ser Chammady of Korvosa at Foxglove Manor along the way.

Astrid reunites with the Kellid smith Neshka to tell her of her first victory over the giants, the first of many Neshka assures her. Astrid’s shipment of mithral has arrived, allowing for the crafting of a suit of plate mail.

Zavian purchases supplies for the journey and also goes clothes shopping with Nualia, who is in a chipper mood after emasculating that giant.

Marcus collects the completed rod from the Seer Stone Academy and finishes some crafting projects over the next few days. He also takes some time to write a short letter to Shayliss, letting her know where he’s gone, and another one to his parents letting them know he may be out of town for Winter Week.

Amelia practices barrel rolls with her hippogriff. She’ll get the hang of it someday.

Fireday, 1 Kuthona, 4733

Having charted a boat to take them up the Yondabakari River towards Turtleback Ferry, the Rune Wardens board the Maiden’s Folly. The boat is captained by Captain Merrey Erwer, a Varisian woman whose swash is at least half-buckled.

She is happy to have adventurers aboard, as river travel has grown more dangerous in recent months. In addition to monsters from the Mushfens, river pirates have grown more active, and ships have simply gone missing out on Lake Syrantula. On their first day out, the boat is assailed by a vicious warm of mosquitos that Marcus brings down with a well-placed burning hands spell.

Disgusted by the sight (and smell) of the Mushfens, Zavian retires to the private cabin he secured for himself and Nualia. The two aasimar spend most of the journey in there getting intimately acquainted with one another, at times rather noisily.

Galodar and Shalelu, meanwhile, stay on deck as much as possible, but stick to opposite sides of the ship, barely speaking. Marcus buries himself in his studies and craft work, while Amelia soars overhead on her horse-bird-lion thing. Vivi, when left to her own devices, attentively watches the landscape pass by.

Moonday, 4 Kuthona, 4733

The night before, the Maiden’s Folly had pulled into Whistledown, a small town that serves as the gateway to Lake Syrantula. The town has as many gnomes as humans, and is renowned for its musical instruments, including windchimes that create a haunting melody at night when the wind comes of the lake. When dawn broke on Moonday, Amelia decided to stay in town a little longer and catch up via hippogriff.

As the Maiden’s Folly makes its way out onto the deeper waters of the lake, something very large bumps into it, sending the boat rocking. The jostling grows more severe, disturbing Zavian and Nualia’s recreation in their cabin, while out on deck Captain Merrey realizes that the boat is being attacked by four giant gar.

As the crew scrambles to their positions, Astrid leans over the side to stab at one and is nearly devoured. Galodar’s string of bad luck continues, as a gar snatches him from the boat and quickly swallows him. Marcus manages to scald three of the enormous fish with a well-placed fireball.

Inside his cabin, Zavian methodically dresses and equips himself, determined not to rush out disheveled.

Astrid skewers the brain of the giant gar that tried to eat her. The fish start to dive, but Marcus hits them with another fireball, killing the one carrying Galodar in its belly. Without a word, Shalelu dives into the water and swims towards the dead creature.

Zavian emerges and grants water breathing to the rest of the party. Astrid and Nualia swim out to the dead gar, where Shalelu manages to cut Galodar free. They bring the wounded elf back up onto the ship. He looks at Shalelu with newfound admiration and perhaps something more, but she doesn’t seem to notice.

Zavian and Marcus, meanwhile, deduce that if this is a hunting ground, there might be more wrecks below the surface they could salvage. After all, they’d already cast water breathing. They concoct a scheme to lower themselves on long ropes to scour the murky depths with a daylight spell. Only midway through do they realize that this plan effectively turns them into giant fishing lures.

Thankfully, there are no predators nearby and they are able to salvage three heavy barrels from a wrecked ship. The barrels’ unspoiled content turns out to be salt. they offer a cut of the salvage to Captain Merrey and her crew. The Captain is very grateful to them for saving her ship and says she’s never seen that many giant gar acting in concert.

Wealday, 6 Kuthona, 4733

After the fishing incident, the Maiden’s Folly turns north towards Ilsurian. Shalelu warns them not to display Magnimarian or Korvosan symbols. Ilsurian stands apart from both city-states, and its insular inhabitants are very suspicious of outsiders.

Marcus recalls that a renowned smith, Vea Semere, lives in Ilsurian and vows to visit her shop. Vea turns out to be a young half-elf woman who specializes in weapon smithing, to meet the constant demand for weapons from the Ilsurians, who prize them as symbols of independence. The two half-elves chat excitedly about smithing and Marcus suggests a future collaboration once his Turtleback Ferry business is done. On his way back to the boat, he has to remind himself to be faithful to Shayliss.

Zavian also goes ashore at Ilsurian to sell the salt, and notices himself being watched by the same stray dog that he’d seen watching him back in Magnimar as early as the Lord-Mayor’s feast. Yet every time he tries to catch the dog, it vanishes. He worries that some sinister being is tracking him.

Fireday, 8 Kuthona, 4733

From Ilsurian, they continue north up the Skull River. The Rune Wardens disembark from the Maiden’s Folly at the village of Pendaka. The rest of their journey is taken aboard the eponymous turtleback ferry, made from the shell of a giant turtle. The ferry takes them across Claybottom Lake to their destination.

It’s raining, and they learn from the ferryman that the winter rains have come early and haven’t let up. It’s the latest ill omen to strike the region. Some months ago, a pleasure boat named the Paradise sank in the lake, killing dozens including its proprietress. In the eerie Shimmerglens on the west bank of the lake, strange lights have been seen at night. And it’s been weeks since a patrol came down from Fort Rannick to the north.

After arriving at Turtleback Ferry, the party gets rooms at the only inn in town, the Turtle’s Parlor, while Marcus arranges accommodations for his wagons. The innkeeper, Cesten Orlandi, substantially overcharges them but Marcus doesn’t mind, as it seems the man gets little other business.

The Rune Wardens decide to wait several days in town for Lea to reunite with them after her adventures in Sandpoint.


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