Rise of the Runelords

Reunions and Farewells

The Spires of Xin-Shalast, Part 4

Moonday, 21 Desnus, 4734

Having returned to Sandpoint after many weeks, Marcus greets Shayliss. She is amazed at the skymetal amulet and even more impressed when she heres what it is and how the wizard came by it. Marcus takes her flying over town and takes joy in Shayliss’ wide-eyed wonder at what has become, for him, a trivial spell. Eventually the two of them retire to get more reacquainted.

Toilday, 22 Desnus, 4734

The following morning, Seleval seeks out Lea, tracking her down to the Kaijitsu manor where the paladin and Ameiko are lounging half-dressed taking a late breakfast. Seleval decides that this is a good time to press her case: now that they are back in town, the Rune Wardens had promised to resurrect her sister Zaelsar.

The adventurers decide that the best course of action would be for some of them to teleport to Korvosa for the resurrection, while Zavian heads down to Magnimar to do some shopping.

Lea, Ameiko, Marcus, Shayliss and Seleval teleport to Korvosa, arriving in the courtyard of Endrin manor. They startle the guards, but are ultimately welcomed by Queenie. After an awkward moment, she invites them to breakfast the next morning.

The quintet makes there way to the Cathedral of Iomedae, where they encounter a troubled man who has visions of a great evil rising in the north—a mountain that moves. Lea tries to reassure him, while Marcus starts to suspect the man’s visions are not about Karzoug per se.

Inside the Cathedral, they are taken to see Knight Captain Laori Vaus, the cheerful high priestess. Lea asks her to perform the resurrection and bill her father, which the elf is happy to do. She takes them to a special chamber, while Seleval nervously acknowledges that Zaelsar might not be in the best of moods when she returns. In an attempt to put her at ease, Seleval assumes her true lamia form.

In a lengthy process, Laori weaves a new body for Zaelsar out of her ashes. The red-headed, tiger-furred priestess is disoriented, but quickly attacks Seleval for betraying her. Lea uses a spell to try to break up the fight, with limited results.

In response to being attacked, Seleval plops her cat butt down on the ground and just starts sobbing. “I just wanted my sister back!”

At sight of the waterworks Zaelsar’s mood immediately changes. She moves to comfort Seleval and apologizes to her “little sister.” Seleval gives her a cloak to cover her human torso, and brings her up to speed on events. Zaelsar is not happy at all with the situation, but is unwilling to abandon her sister. The tiger lamia renounces the faith of Lamashtu as well, but refuses to join Seleval in following Iomedae.

Nonetheless, Laori invites them to stay at the cathedral, where Seleval will undergo training and instruction by the clerics and the Sworn Swords. The lamia sisters will have to hide their true forms, however. Marcus fabricates an outfit for Zaelsar based on her original revealing clothes, only afterwards realizing how inappropriate the clothing would be. Zaelsar likes it, though.

Lea and Marcus also realize that their girlfriends had also lost siblings, so seeing the lamia revived might be a sore point. Ameiko says that given how he treated her, Tsuto can wait to be revived.

Lea also treks out to Kyra’s castle to check in on the halfling family and make sure that Kyra’s daughter Becky had made up with her mother.

Wealday, 23 Desnus, 4734

The next morning, the quintet meets with Queenie at the Sticky Mermaid for breakfast. It’s Chowder Day, which seems to have quite the following in town. Queenie and Lea bury the hatchet. Seleval looks happier than they have ever seen her, grinning from ear to ear. Zaelsar is grouchy and curt, but enjoys the chowder.

When the adventurers prepare to leave, Seleval gives Lea a tearful farewell and prays for her safe return while Zaelsar looks embarrassed. Seleval also provides the party with a map of the lower Xin-Shalast, though she admits some information may be out of date.

Once they are ready, Marcus casts teleport to bring them back to Sandpoint. But something goes wrong and they do not end up where they are supposed to. Shayliss is incredibly frightened by this turn of events, even after Marcus determines that they are just nine miles north of town. They spend the hike back bickering. Marcus slowly realizes that this is the first time that Shayliss has seen his magic fail.

Oathday, 24 Desnus, 4734

The next morning, Marcus works on his projects at Das Korvut’s place. Eventually, Shayliss comes by to reconcile. Marcus promises to resurrect her dead sister.

With Zavian returned from Magnimar, the whole party gathers to consult with Brodert Quink about the location of Karzoug’s ancient capital of Xin-Shalast. The scholar has a lead for them to follow. Two dwarven prospectors from Janderhoff, the Vekker brothers, claimed to have found the lost city, but their expedition vanished in the mountains. Brodert Quink believes that if the party can find the brothers’ camp on the banks of the Kazaron River in the Kodar Mountains, they may find the secret of Xin-Shalast’s location.

The Rune Wardens consult with Shalelu about the best route to take to the Kodar Mountains, which are on the opposite end of Varisia. They decide to take a route that passes through Kaer Maga.

Fireday, 25 Desnus, 4734

The party heads down to Magnimar to make preparations for the journey. Zavian also reaches out to the Bank of Abadar to commission a resurrection of Shayliss’ sister Katrine Vinder. The ritual is performed by the head of the Bank, the glad-handling Proctor Jyronn Imikar. Katrine is restored to life and is shocked to learn that months have passed.


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