Rise of the Runelords

Runelord Interrupted

The Spires of Xin-Shalast, Part 24

Oathday, 2 Arodus, 4734

The party scopes out the spires on Mhar Massif. All signs point them towards the Pinnacle of Avarice, the enormous tower just below the mountain peak.

Inside, they fight four cloud giants. After killing one, Amelia and Zavian liberate the others from domination using dispel magic. The giants ask them to free their compatriot, the Countess Zatrya, and provide intelligence on the the Pinnacle.

The adventurers come across a spectral manifestation of Karzoug in a closet. Amelia shuts the door on his monologue and they move on.

They unlock the doors to the interior of the tower complex. Karzoug manifests in the hallway and says “You little shits didn’t let me finish!” and tosses a fireball at them.

The adventurers drive their Runeforged blades into his spectral image, dispelling it.

They move to investigate a pair of golden doors to the west. Inside, they find Karzoug’s throne room. It is guarded by Viorian Dekanti, three storm giants, and Flint.


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