Rise of the Runelords

Stones Over Sandpoint

Fortress of the Stone Giants, Part 1

Fireday, 29 Kuthona, 4733

Having learned of an impending stone giant raid on Sandpoint, the Rune Wardens are racing back to the town to assist in its defense. Zavian and Nualia arrive in town ahead of the rest of the party. Zavian offers his services to the authorities, while Nualia goes around town apologizing for her past efforts to burn it down.

While working on bolstering Sandpoint’s defenses with his magic, Zavian is approached by Lord Titus Scarnetti. The Scarnettis offer him 5,000gp to direct some of his efforts towards bolstering the defenses of their manor, which lies outside Sandpoint’s defense perimeter. Zavian takes the gold and steps away from his work on the town for a while.

Starday, 30 Kuthona, 4733

The rest of the Rune Wardens reach Sandpoint the following day. They quickly split up to visit their friends and loved ones. Amelia drops in on the Pixie’s Kitten to check up on Kaye Tesarani and her girls. Lea heads straight for the Rusty Dragon Inn to see Ameiko, who is not at all pleased with how the paladin ran off to ogre country without so much as a goodbye The dressing down becomes literal as Ameiko has Lea dress up in a frilly barmaid’s outfit to help her tend bar. Amelia quietly spies on the lover’s spat.

Marcus makes a bee line for the Sandpoint Grocery, where he finds Shayliss and her father Ven, who is boarding up the shop in preparation for the attack. Shayliss arranges for Marcus to escort her to the Rusty Dragon so she can pick up lunch. She is unhappy at how Marcus had vanished for weeks with only a single letter offering vague information on his whereabouts.

Astrid and Eldrin briefly interrupt them, but sensing the tension, the elves quickly retreat.

Marcus apologizes for treating Shayliss with the same thoughtlessness his parents treated him. Shayliss reaffirms that the two of them are still exclusive. Marcus offers to take her with him on the party’s next expedition, which excites her. She tells him that she’s learned how to make use of magical scrolls and wands. After playing a game of “find the dagger” in a side alley, the couple arrives at the Rusty Dragon, where Lea the barmaid begrudging serves them.

Astrid and Eldrin, meanwhile, toured the town, which the prince finds delightfully quaint. The two of them arrive at the Rusty Dragon, where they confer with Shayliss about the fate of Eldrin’s comrade Dace. The Ranger Guard was taken away by Inquisitor Inrolod, an ally of Eldrin’s mother Queen Tavara. The prince plans to send Galodar to infiltrate Isandria and see what the state of things are. Astrid persuades Eldrin to lie low at the Rusty Dragon for now. Eldrin is also impressed with the “public humiliation ritual” that Lea is undergoing.

Zavian and Nualia are strolling through the city when they run into Gorvi, the foul-smelling half-orc who runs Sandpoint’s street sweepers guild. He is overjoyed at Zavian’s efforts to involve the street sweeps in making up for the lost labor at the outlying farms. Gorvi shakes the aasimar’s hand vigorously, and slobbers over Nualia’s demonic hand. He insists on accompanying them to the Rusty Dragon, but just as he is starting to creep on Lea he is forcible escorted outside by Ameiko.

After Marcus escorts Shayliss back to the grocery, he stops by Das Korvut’s house. The old smith is holding up well enough, and tells Marcus that his parents were in town. The two adventuring archers left town last week on some mission for the Sheriff, and are overdue to return.

At noon, the Rune Wardens gather at the Sandpoint Garrison for a war council with Mayor Kentra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, the heads of the Four Families, Lieutenant Belvar Korrinas and the mercenary captain Viorian Dekanti, whose Black Talon company was sent to reinforce the town.

Belor and Viorian offer competing strategies for protecting Sandpoint. Viorian suggests a defense in depth approach that would sacrifice much of Downtown, but offer more protection for the defenders. Sheriff Belor notes that this would ruin the livelihoods of many in Sandpoint. He suggests setting up defenses that would funnel the giants towards a few key points, where the defenders would hold out against them. In both versions, the Rune Wardens would serve as a strike team to charge in wherever they are needed.

After some careful thought, aided by Zavian’s divination spells, the adventurers settle on Belor’s approach, but insist on evacuating the civilians to the sea caves. They arrange to have the Sandpoint Watch guard the North Gate, Viorian’s mercenaries protect the Tanner’s Bridge, and Lieutenant Belvar’s soldiers hold the Sandpoint Bridge.

Having gleaned from Zavian’s petitions to Abadar that the giants will attack during the day, the party settles in for the evening. That night, Ameiko discovers the strange markings on Lea left by the divine magic that saved her from death on a Kreeg ogre hook. Ameiko holds her tight and the two reconcile (mostly).

Oathday, 28 Kuthona, 4733

That morning, Lea switches into the barmaid’s outfit and helps serve breakfast to the rest of the Rune Wardens. They’ve only begun to tuck in, however, when the alarm is raised at the North Gate. The giant attack has begun!

The adventurers leap onto their horses and ride for the gate—all save Lea, who is struggling to get into her armor. Ameiko givers her a hand, proving disturbingly adept at swapping out the paladin’s outfit with great haste.

The Rune Wardens have only made it halfway across the town before another attack begins on the Tanner’s Bridge. Zavian, Amelia, and Nualia peel off to support Viorian’s mercenaries while Marcus, Astrid, and the elves press on to North Gate. Lea, trying to catch up, hears strange roars coming from the Tanner’s Bridge and spurs Prince Shadowmist in that direction.

At the Tanner’s Bridge, two stone giants are driving four dire bears across the bridge. Acting fast, Amelia casts grease on the bridge while Zavian buffs his companions and Viorian’s mercenaries. The first grease spell sends two of the bears face-planting onto the bridge, and a second casting stops the second pair of bears just as they reach the end of the bridge. Lea leaps up onto the barricade to hammer down at the beasts. The stone giants lob boulders at the defenders.

At North Gate, a trio of stone giants are also hurling stones at the defenses, though it will take them some time to batter down the heavy wall. But they are overshadowed—literally—by the arrival of the dragon Longtooth. The red wyrm swoops down from the north with a fearsome roar, passing over the gate and continuing onto the Sandpoint Garrison. It belches flame onto the stone building, before landing upon it to gloat at the terrified humans. Here and there, Viorian’s snipers loose arrows at the dragon, but only occasionally find any weakness in its red scales.

Meanwhile, south of Tanner’s Bridge, a trio of stone giants punches through a weak point in the riverside defenses that Zavian had ignored in favor of the Scarnetti mansion. The giants, lead by an enormous warrior carrying two massive pickaxes, begin marching through town towards the ruins of Old Light.

At Tanner’s Bridge, Zavian uses control water to unleash the Turandarok River, sending a tremendous flood surging over the bridge. The four dire bears and one of the stone giants are swept away. Leaving the remaining stone giant to Viorian’s forces, Amelia, Lea, Zavian, and Nualia rush to intercept the other three giants. They can hear more fighting taking place further south at the Sandpoint Bridge.

Meanwhile, the red dragon takes wing and sets the Sandpoint Cathedral on fire. He pauses once again to gloat over his handiwork.

At the North Gate, Eldrin, Galodar, and Shalelu take up positions on the wall. Astrid and Marcus use magic to clear the wall and try to creep through the foliage to flank the three attacking stone giants. They are spotted, but the giants are not able to bring them down with boulders before the pair enters range. Astrid charges the nearest giant, while Marcus lines up a lightning bolt.

Zavian, Nualia, Lea, and Amelia catch up with the stone giant intruders at the intersection of Crab Street and River Street. They see one of the giants grab an old woman off a balcony and stuff her into a sack. The leader of the giants, who stands a full head and shoulders above the other two, demands that the adventurers get out of his way if they wish to live. They refuse.

Lea flies up to attack the lead giant, Teraktinus, while Zavian and Nualia attempt a daring rescue of the old woman in the sack. Emphasis on attempt. The skirmish devolves into a clumsy brawl as Amelia hurls glitterdust at the giants, blinding the one carrying the old woman. A command spell from Zavian further throws off the giants. Although Teraktinus gets some good knocks in, Lea ultimately bludgeons him to the death.

The red dragon Longtooth arrives too late to rescue the stone giant leader, but he does manage to douse the adventurers with fire. Zavian chooses to use his magic to protect Nualia rather than the old woman and only belatedly attems to save her.

Lea, armor still smoking, air walks up to face the dragon and smashes her earthbreaker into his head, chipping of the tip of one of his horns. The wounded Longtooth knocks the paladin aside and flees the scene.

Astrid and Marcus, having dispatched their own stone giant trio, reunite with the other rune Wardens and together the party rushes down to the Sandpoint Bridge, where a scene of carnage awaits them. The Magnimarian soldiers put up a good fight, but Lieutenant Belvar and most of his men are dead.

All of a sudden, a woolly mammoth charges across the bridge towards the town. Mounted atop its back is the slumping figure of a stone giant. The mammoth comes to a stop at the end of the bridge and the giant topples off, revealing its back to be full of arrows. riding behind the giant are two figures, a man and a woman. The deftly disembark, with the woman sweeping her arm up to take in the mammoth.

“Look what we found!” says Clairian Arrowsong, Marcus’ mother, while his father Flint brushes mammoth fur from his cloak.


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