Rise of the Runelords

The Expedition Sets Forth

The Spires of Xin-Shalast, Part 5

Fireday, 25 Desnus, 4734

While Shayliss catches the recently resurrected Katrine up to speed at the King and Axe, the Rune Wardens find a quiet corner plan their expedition to Xin-Shalast. Amelia reminds the party of their obligation to resurrect the Thassilonian soldier Nelevetu Voan who had aided them in the Runeforge.

Zavian casts the divination spell to consult Sarenrae about whether Nelevetu’s soul even wishes to return. He receives a vision of a black wolf trotting into the tavern carrying a Sarenrite holy symbol and depositing it at his feet, where it comes to life and flies into the air before both vanish in the sunlight. The vision is broken by the arrival of his father with a bowl of his favorite chili. Zavian interprets the vision faithfully.

The adventurers then realize that when Nelevetu crumpled to dust under the weight of the ages, it may have been considered a natural death from old age. Marcus consults the revelation quill as to whether resurrection would actually bring him back, and receives a cryptic but decidedly negative response.

Armed with this knowledge, Amelia asks around for a druid who could perform reincarnate on the remains. She ends up leaving flyers for a local cobblestone druid, Luma “Mouse” Derexhi. That evening, the druid arrives at the King and Axe. They use one of Zavian’s old love dens in the east wing as the ritual chamber.

Through a strange quirk of magic, rather than creating a completely new body for the man, Nelevetu is instead restored to a body identical to his last one, albeit a few years younger. Marcus quickly fabricates some closes for him. Amelia then fronts the cost for Marcus to permanently enchant Nelevetu with tongues so he can speak with the wider world. The man is disoriented, but grateful.

Starday, 26 Desnus, 4734

The following day, the party returns to Sandpoint where Katrine is reunited with her weeping parents. Despite making some clumsy remarks, Marcus is now clearly a permanent member of the Vinder family for his part in enabling this.

Sunday, 27 Desnus, 4734

The next morning, Nelevetu is introduced to Brodert Quink, who has many questions for him and also offers to teach him about the present day world and how it came about. Amelia gets an idea for another puppet show.

After making their farewells, the party—plus Nualia, Vivi, and Shalelu—return to Magnimar, where they hire the Maiden’s Folly to take them up river. Amelia secures lodgings in town for her hippogryph.

Moonday, 28 Desnus, 4734 – Moonday, 11 Sarenith, 4734

The river journey is largely uneventful. After a sudden microburst on tears the sail from the Maiden’s Folly, the party swiftly intervenes to salvage the situation and prevent delays for repairs.

On the night of Sunday, 10 Sarenith, after celebrating the Burning Blades holiday, Zavian is visited in his dreams by an impatient Belawara. The contract devil warns him that her offer is limited time only and urges him to review the contract.

Amelia spends the trip outlining her next puppet production: “The Lewd, Rude History of the Universe.”

Toilday, 12 Sarenith, 4734

The Maiden’s Folly arrives at the town of Whistledown on the shores of Lake Syrantula. Shalelu departs to make her own way north to Fort Rannick to spend time with her step-father Jakardros. Amelia visits the town to buy a masterwork dragon flute.

Wealday, 13 Sarenith, 4734 – Moonday, 25 Sarenith, 4734

The Maiden’s Folly continues its voyage across Lake Syrantula, now heavily patrolled by Magnimarian and Korvosan galleys. They pass through the lakeside town of Melfesh and venture further up the Yondabakari River, past the village of Abken and on to the foot of the Storval Plateau, where the adventurers disembark.

Toilday, 26 Sarenith, 4734

The clockwork horses pull Marcus’ enchanted wagon up the side of the cliff face, arriving at the skull-bedecked walls of Kaer Maga. Drawing on her mother’s stories of the city, Amelia directs them to enter through the Tarheel District. as the safest approach

Marcus scopes out the district, including its strange promenade. The party encounters their old pal Duli, who catches Marcus up on her mission in the city to get the key to Janderhoff’s Adamantine Gate further enchanted. After catching up, they part ways again.

The party heads to the Downmarket, where Marcus stops the cart to scout out the area. He finds a trinket shop run by a scarred, tattooed Keleshite man named Ashaar and realizes that he has a ring of X-ray vision mixed among minor items. He haggles for a bit and purchases it at a significant discount.

The party then sees a troll marching through the market examining its own entrails. It returns to a stone structure where other trolls dwell, likewise carving themselves open to inspect their entrails before their regeneration seals the wounds. Emerging from the structure are two familiar if unexpected figures: Daelyn and Arakos. They explain that they were consulting the troll augurs after a run of bad luck with storm giants.

Marcus is curious about the large object wrapped in sailcloth that is slung over Arakos’ back. He activates the new ring of X-ray vision and gets a good look at what appears to be an enormous key. He also inadvertently sees more than intended of Arakos, Daelyn, and Lea.

Lacking the tongues spell, he can’t read the inscription on the enormous key Arakos is carrying or the tribal tattoos on Daelyn’s arms, belly, and heart. He does notice that Lea is more wiry and less muscled than he’d have expected for a warrior. Marcus quickly pulls off the ring, realizing its potential for abuse.

Unaware of Marcus’ discoveries, Amelia takes them all to the Drunken Minstrel, a tavern in the Hospice District. At a quiet table, Daelyn explains how her crew salvaged a derelict storm giant ship only to be attacked by more storm giants near Roderick’s Cove, giants who carried off her ship!

Daelyn is determined to recover it, but the augur’s reading found that it was in the Kodar Mountains, stowed in what the party realizes is Xin-Shalast. Lea asks if the ship can be teleported. Marcus and Zavian concoct a scheme to shrink the Misericorde and then stitch it into a blanket for transportation.

They warn Daelyn and Arakos about the dangers in the Kodars, and the pair are only too happy to stay behind in Kaer Maga. Daelyn admits that she’s desperate for money and asks for a loan. Lea makes and then adjusts an offer, but Amelia steps up with the full 1,500 gold pieces.

Marcus then suggests the two privateers make scarce to avoid overhearing dangerous information. Daelyn promises to reunite with Amelia later, then leads her lizardman companion over to the bar. Marcus then uses mage’s private sanctum to ward them before presenting his plan to free some slaves before they skip town. Lea is on board with this plan and suggests they reach out to the anti-slavery factions in Kaer Maga to coordinate.

Lea and Amelia go to make inquiries about the abolitionist Freemen Society in the Bottoms, while Marcus and Zavian go to the Bank of Abadar to track down information on his grandparents. Marcus learns that the elder Fengwathils live in the Bis District and work at the famed library known as the Therassic Spire, named after order of Thassilonian astronomer-monks.

While the others run their errands, Astrid stays with the wagon to keep an eye on it, as well as Ameiko, Nualia, and Vivi.


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